Don’t give up: Believe in yourself and see the magic you create

Don’t give up: Believe in yourself and see the magic you create


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    When giving up good for us?

    You might be trying to accomplish the wrong thing. And bad things should get eliminated from your life.

    So, when you are doing something, and I'm saying you do not give up easily on it, I would like to suggest sometimes when giving up is the best way to deal with the situation.

    However, lets here discuss such situations when giving up is the right decision for you.

    1. When you know in your heart that it's not going to work out

    Whatever you are doing, no one else can tell you how it is going, except you. A simple example would be, when you have your dinner, only you will know how much you can eat.

    In the same way, only you can tell us that what you are doing will work or not. Whether you are doing the right thing or the wrong one, your heart will know the reality. And you can't lie to it.

    So, if your heart is saying, No, this thing is not going to work at all, you need to give up on it. And, it could be anything. Relationship also.

    2. When you don't want that thing or person anymore

    This is the direct and most highlighted indication; to understand, you should give up on something.

    When something or someone (it can be a relationship or a person) is bothering you badly, you can't get over those things, you can't focus on your work, you continue thinking about it, and you don't want yourself to get tortured due to that thing, it's better to give up on it.

    It would be best if you give up on something when deep down inside of yourself you know that you don't want that thing anymore in your life.

    3. When the only reason you haven't quit already is that you are worried about what other people will think.

    One of the most common reasons for not doing things or eliminating something from your life is what other people will think about it.

    Well, it is not only your problem. Everyone out there is thinking the same thing. And, in this case, when your heart and brain both are denying the presence of the particular thing in your life, why you have kept holding it in your life. You should quickly give up the item, which is making your life hell.

    4. When your inability to accomplish your goal is making you hate yourself

    Such things are worst than failure. When someone fails, it's obvious to feel bad about not succeeding. But if the same thing makes you hate yourself, it means the items are not suitable for you.

    It can't be only the thing. But, it can be the relationship also. Nothing should make you feel hated. And, if the items are not working for you, and you started hated yourself for this, it's better to quit it.

    5. When pursuing this path, or staying with this person, is preventing you from going down a road that would make you happier

    You should take care of your happiness so that you can make other people happy.

    If doing something or being with someone, you don't feel like enjoying their company or doing the work, the things or the person is giving you every emotion rather than the happiness it's high time to cut off from the item.

    When you pursue something or your goal, you feel excited. Even if it is a relationship, you should feel happy and relaxed when you are with a particular person.

    Contrary, if in both cases, if your emotions are opposite and you cannot feel happy with the work or with the person, it is not meant for you. And, it's better to quiet it.

    Remember, you should be the driver of your happiness and not the other things. And if doing something or being with someone stops you from pulling you back at the sadness, then giving up is the best option.

    6. When the idea of giving up floods you with relief

    Often, you would be having this idea, give up doing something, or be with something, and this thought is giving you pleasure and making you feel relaxed; you should quickly give up on it.

    It may happen to you when you are stressed doing something. And you don't want to do it again. If something is bothering your schedule, your life, and your mind, quitting is the best decision if it is affecting your health mentally and physically.

    So, check out the thing; what is the thought that is making you feel depressed? Just go with the giving up of the idea.

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