5 Things to Instantly Delete From Your Life To Feel Better

5 Things to Instantly Delete From Your Life To Feel Better


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    Clutter and procrastination can cause serious stress, so let's tackle them head-on! Find out our list of the 5 most important items you should delete from your life now for a fresher start.

    A cluttered life can leave you feeling overwhelmed and can lead to procrastination.

    Take a breath and tackle these two things head-on by deleting the five most important items from your life now!

    Learn how to create a fresh start and feel more in control by clearing out clutter, limiting distractions, and setting achievable goals.

    1. Negative Self-Talk.

    Negative self-talk can be one of the biggest sources of stress for many people.

    Whether you’re berating yourself for not achieving a goal or comparing yourself unfavorably to others, these thoughts can have an incredibly destructive effect on your life.

    Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations and self-talk that will help you reach your goals and feel more in control.

    2. Comparison is the thief of joy

    Don’t compare yourself to other people – focus on self-improvement instead.

    Everyone is different, and life is not a competition; try to focus on fixing your weaknesses and let go of the need to constantly measure up with everyone else around you.

    Comparison will only take away from the joy you could be experiencing in your own life, such as when tackling goals, trying new hobbies, or celebrating achievements big and small!

    3. Jealousy

    Jealousy blocks the ability to experience genuine happiness and joy.

    It’s important to separate your own ideas, goals, and dreams from that of others.

    Work on accepting who you are with all your unique qualities and also accept that everyone else is also unique.

    Appenhancement won’t get you far in life; focus on improving yourself for self-fulfillment rather than looking to obtain any external validation from people around you.

    4. People-pleasing

    People-pleasing is an inevitable trap that far too many of us fall into.

    We want to receive approval and recognition from those around us, so we compromise or sacrifice our own values, beliefs, and decisions for the sake of the relationship.

    Over time, it can lead to feelings of unhappiness, resentment, and a lack of confidence in one’s self.

    Start by separating yourself from this habit by setting certain boundaries and not allowing yourself to be manipulated through guilt or pity.

    Additionally, reexamine your priorities on a regular basis so that you’re always staying true to yourself and living in alignment with your goals.

    5. Self-doubt

    Self-doubt can be a major obstacle in achieving your dreams and goals.

    It is those small doubts, insecurities, and negative self-talk that can become barriers to success.

    To avoid self-doubt from preventing you from achieving your best, practice positive affirmations to encourage yourself on a daily basis.

    Replace any negative thoughts with positive self-statements and maintain an optimistic outlook on life.

    Additionally, take time out to assess why these doubts exist and develop strategies to overcome them.

    Tackling the root cause of self-doubt will help you take back control of your life and be the captain of your own destiny.

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