Still I Don't Know What to Do with My Life- 7 helpful tips

Still I Don't Know What to Do with My Life- 7 helpful tips


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    Oh, God! Why always me?

    Why do all these chaotic things always happen to me?

    Why can't I do anything appreciating in my life?

    What do I do now?

    These and numerous questions like this frequently bother every one of us. There is one moment in everyone's life when we think we don't know what's wrong with me, we aren't able to figure out what's going on in life what's my purpose in life, but don't worry, it's not just you every human out their faces this. Somewhere at that point in life, everyone thinks that I know what I want but don't know how? What to do with my life? What is my existence all about?

    How do I figure out what to do with my life?

    How do I figure out what I want to do in my life? To figure it out, the first thing we all have to do is that we need to understand we are lost somewhere, and we are not on track and wandering away from our purpose. We need to sit alone in peace and ask our inner self questions.

    "Hey, tell me, what do you want?

    Will you be happy if I do this or that?

    Will you be getting maximum satisfaction if I do this?

    What should I do with my life?

    What should I stop doing?

    The answer should be either a big yes, or a hell no. There should be no in-between.

    What to do once you get the answers?

    While thinking about how to figure it out, we need to accept what our mind honestly says. Yes or no. Then we have to drop the things out of our life for which our mind clearly says no. once we are done with what we don't want to do, it is not difficult to figure out what do I do now. And all along with this, let me tell you one more thing that, until we are lost somewhere, we can't get to where we always wanted to be.

    How do I find my purpose?

    Finding the purpose of life can be very easy for someone or maybe too difficult a task for someone, depending upon how they deal with life. Honestly speaking, there is nothing like figuring out in life; it's just about listening to your mind what it says about you.

    Let's look at those small tricks you can start with to find your purpose in life.


    The easiest thing we all can start with is talking with people who are around us, whether they are your friends, classmates, your relatives. Try to get their opinions on how you can find your purpose. The plus point of talking with elders is they have a great experience of life. They may or may not be educated, but they have learned a lot from experiences, and we all know that experience teaches more than books.


    The second thing we all can do is self-study or exploring ourselves. For that, we need to give time to ourselves. We need to be in place and ask ourselves a question that could let us towards our goal to extract the best from ourselves. We need to explore ourselves.


    The third thing you can do is reading. I always suggest to my friends that they either read books or start reading. People both teach a lot of things. Because when we read a book, we read who is ultimately a human. And if you cannot concentrate on reading, start observing the things around you even, they can teach you a lot of things.


    To reach your actual goal, put up yourself in multiple things first so that you will be easily able to eliminate what you don't want.


    We get happiest or satisfied if someone appreciates us for our achievements. So just like appreciation, we take feedback for our faults positively and work on ourselves. We have to keep in mind that we should not be offended by negative feedback; instead, we should ask people for feedback and suggestions.

    What are the best things you can do with your life

    ➣ We should keep ourselves away from virtual life as much as possible. Today's youth is engaged in social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp for more than half of their day; being on a screen for excessive time can keep us away from doing productive things.

    Do not multitask more than your capacity. In today's competitive world, we often hear that you get yourself more than one source of income. But, sometimes multitasking causes exhaustion, also doing it without proper planning and strategies cause us good at nothing.

    Prioritize your health. We all know that there is nothing more important than our health. If we are healthy, we can work more efficiently tomorrow than today.

    Be true to yourself. Never lie to your heart about your dreams and desires. Be committed to the goals and promises that you have made to others.

    Spend time with your loved ones as much as possible. We all work and earn for our families, and there is well-being, but just earning money is not enough. We should spend quality time and express love towards our loved ones.

    Be at peace and give time to yourself in a hectic schedule. We forget to give time to ourselves and work like machines. But as humans, we need mental peace. So, at least for an hour, separate yourself from the rest of the world and spend time alone.

    Value your existence. Sometimes we interact too much in a toxic relationship which makes us believe that we don't have our own existence and purpose in life without that person. This is not the way you live. You should value your existence and self-respect.

    Be self-centered, not selfish. There is a big difference between being self-centered and selfish. Self-centered is when you think for yourself without harming someone, and selfishness is a venue to make decisions for yourself at others' harm.

    What should I do with my career?

    There are many things or situations that drag us in this situation. And make us feel like, I don't know what career I want. I don't know what I should do with my life? Let's understand this with a story and what we can do about life to make it as we want.

    There is a girl named Kartika, who is really a good poet and author. She writes poetry and articles beautifully. She always wanted to be an author and a good poet. she wanted the world to listen to her poetry with all their heart and appreciate her for it.

    Still, Kartika's father doesn't like it, and he always wanted her to be e a Civil Servant, and he even forced her many times to do that. Here she made her first mistake, she made herself do what she never wanted to do, and she pushed herself towards too much hustle. Even after studying for two consecutive years and appearing thrice for the exams, she could not qualify even for the prelims exams.

    Then she talked to one of her college professors and told her everything. The first thing that the professor told her is that preparing for the examinations was her biggest mistake. She was not interested in it at all and made herself comfortable with things that are not absolutely adaptable for herself; then, Kartika accepted her mistake.

    It was the first step towards her achievement when she decided to talk to her father and tell him that she couldn't do it anymore. She requested him not to force her anymore and let her do what she wants.

    The reason behind telling this story:

    Why did I tell this typical story? Yes, it has a reason. These are the small mistakes we often make in our life and then regret. While choosing a career, we are supposed to give preference to the things we are passionate about. No one knows our passion and what we like better than us. So, at least while deciding about a career, do not let others force your choices. Ultimately you are going to regret and blame yourself more than you do to others.

    Decide where you are and what to do next:

    Now, what about those who have already chosen a career out of their likings but are losing their interest in it. So, for those people- They can start trying new things in which they are developing interest. They can also take a break from their current profession and look at how much it matters.

    What to do with the rest of my life?

    "Yesterday we were something that we can never

    Tomorrow we will be something we never know

    But today we can be everything all we want."

    This is the biggest beautiful truth of life. We can do everything we want for the rest of our life. Often, we feel what I should do with the rest of my life? I don't know what I want? I just don't know what to do with myself. All we can do is try to put effort into it, which would be e-drive us towards approximate consequences that we want.

    Let's start with things that will guide you that what should you do with the rest of your life

    # Do not hold onto the mistakes you have made in the past

    We all do to this mistake in our lives that we keep remembering and regretting repeatedly, so the better you can do is not repeat it and take it as a lesson and walk ahead.

    # Learn to forgive others and yourself

    We often do that we judge others on their wrongdoing and keep hatred in our hearts. Also, we hold on to our past mistakes, which don't let us make dynamic decisions. Forgiving doesn't take anything; instead, it makes you feel better about yourself.

    # Don't be greedy

    Greed takes you nowhere. We should be aspired towards things but not be greedy. Dreams and desires should be able to make you grateful for your achievement. It should not let you snatch anything from others.

    # Listen. Think. Understand

    We all have lost a few relations, opportunities, and respect due to our rude and hurtful words. So, before you talk about anything, listen and understand from other's perspectives and then reply.

    # Do not let others force your choices

    Life is yours, so it becomes how you make it. You know what's better for you. So surely take advice from others, use them as an information source and take your decisions on your own.

    # Don't assume short term goals as ultimate

    We often see that getting married, starting a family, getting a new home or car, and traveling the world are the ultimate goals of people, but they should not be. Learning new things, taking risks, helping others, and many like this. The things that give you inner satisfaction, you should settle for this.

    10 things we can do to make the best out of life in three phases


    1. Get yourself a mentor.

    Often, we keep doing things all by ourselves, which is not possible to do all the time. Sometimes getting a mentor is advisable to decide what to do next in your life.

    2. Make short term goals:

    Once you recognize what your goal is, divide it into short-term goals and then divide the short-term goals into small chunks as your daily task be committed to your daily routine, which you have made.

    3. Observe and learn from small things:

    Generally, we avoid observing and looking at the things happening around us. Still, sometimes those are the things which teach many things and can give effective lessons of life.

    So after deciding your short-term goals and long-term goals, keep observing what you are doing jot down your daily achievements. What you can't complete in a day would be a good tool of self-assessment.

    4. Convert all you should's in musts:

    Do not procrastinate. Do what is your today's task before you go to bed. Procrastination would lead to regret. So before regret enters your life, turn all your should's in musts.


    5. Set your limits:

    Once you are done with the self-assessment, you will be able to limit your choices. Which will give you a clarified plan of what to do next in your life. Once necessary things are cut off, it is not hard to decide what to do.

    6. Be adaptable for changes:

    When you decide what to do, you need to change your goals to extract based out on yourself. You need to leave the outdated things aside and learn according to today's needs.

    7. Get used to with hustle:

    Always remember one thing 1-minute comfort of today can cause 2X hustle tomorrow, so you better get yourself used to with more hustle today and keep your distractions away.


    8. Start earning (even a smaller amount):

    Try to earn some money whether from the part-time job are working from home or from anything you are better at it and can get money from it. Earning even a small amount of money can keep your financial aspect of life.

    9. Keep exploring yourself:

    As we discussed above, we should keep learning every day. There are many small things which you can start with learning. Even after a name is getting into your passion, there could be things in which you can develop your interest for others, so even after getting all you want, never stop exploring.

    10. Do those things first which you are afraid of:

    One of my sisters-in-law once told me never to be afraid of doing anything. Either it will work, or you will learn something. Never Goes in vain do those things first. You are afraid that it will destroy your fear from the root.


    Firstly, keep in mind whatever you are feeling is normal. We just need to find the solutions that are have already arisen with that problem. Keep yourself calm and find it. Better than getting into too many thoughts, start taking action. You can make it far better than you think...!!

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