How to Live in the Moment and Stop Worrying About the Past or Future

How to Live in the Moment and Stop Worrying About the Past or Future


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    Are you not living in the present? Whether you like it or not, you are. The problem is that you are living in your mind. That is the reason behind your will to live in the moment.

    There are many tissues and organs in the human body. But, you only live in the brain. Your perception of life is only what your brain coordinates. Well, that's not a bad thing. Make your mind to take instructions from you. Not the other way round.

    8 ways to achieve a living moment

    Keeping everything in account, we bring you 8 ways to achieve a living moment.


    The ultimate aim of every soul is to attain happiness. Every task you are doing is to make you happy. But, many don’t know the proper definition of happiness. They gather materialistic things and think that it could make them happy. Unfortunately, they are wrong. Those materialistic things cannot quench their thirst for happiness.

    In turn, it makes them more impatient. You must gather things only for your survival. However, living a luxurious life isn’t bad. But, it might steal your present moment. Therefore, minimize your possessions to live the moment.


    Many will come and advise you to smile. "Keep a smile in your face," they will say. Well, that's the most impractical way to live at the moment. Smile is not an act, it's a consequence. Don't think of smiling as something that you do.

    Think it of as a wonderful happening in your face when you're blissed out. To make this happen, you must learn to be happy alone. Never give the privilege to others for deciding your feelings. Doing it might invite problems in your life. This may snatch your smile from you. In turn, it will prevent you from living in present.


    To live your moment, you must enjoy it. Being human, know how to rejoice. Some moments are very rare in our lives. Moments of victory, achievements are such rare times. Don't let them go in vain. Live each rare moment by thinking those as your last memories.

    You won't have to pay a single penny to do that. If you haven't had tears of ecstasy rolling down your cheeks, you didn't experience life. If you don't enjoy your moment, tasting the essence of life won't be possible. So, don't keep yourself in restriction.


    Your actions portray your personality. Therefore, you must add joy to your work. However, there is another way to achieve it. Focus on your area of expertise. On doing that, you'll learn to love what you do. With engagement in work, you can live the moment. There will be hindrances in your path. Overcome those with engagement.

    However, people will be a mode of distraction too. But, know you are, and your needs. Any sort of distraction will cost you your productivity. So, love your work and live your moment.


    Well, you must learn to practice mindfulness. In this case, mediation will be of immense help. With ancient roots, this practice has a lot of offer. It teaches an individual the utmost sense of discipline. Mediation is a vast subject that ranges from zero to infinity.

    You can meditate on anything and anyone. Sit in a cross-legged position comfortably. Close your eyes, turning the face upwards. Now, imagine someone dear to you. Focus your entire concentration entirely on him/her. Practicing this daily will also deplete your anger gradually. Thus, you'll learn to live in the moment.


    The breath is the phenomenal reason behind your life. Being a tool, it has the potential to nurture human life. However, it functions is three stages: Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually. Anger outbursts are a result of excessive stimulation of the hormone ‘cortisol.’ I recommend you to take deep breaths. On doing this, the oxygen levels in your blood will gradually rise.

    This phenomenon will relax your Central Nervous System. In turn, it will create enough space for innovative ideas. Moreover, counting the number of breaths also works. You'll experience the present dynamically.


    Want to live in the present? If yes, then learn to overcome fear. It is a parasite that feeds your self-confidence. If not eliminated, it can unleash havoc to our lives. Fear is not about the present. It's always about the future.

    To excessive stimulation of adrenaline, we get agitated. In turn, this creates the reverberation for fear to develop. It occupies the room of joy by eliminating it. Being a genetic phenomenon, you can't eradicate fear. You can only overcome it. In this way, you can create the space for self- confidence to grow.


    Don't keep yourself too busy. Give yourself enough time. Being too busy is a type of restriction, where you restrict yourself from freedom. However, being busy isn't bad. But, everything has got its limits. The human being is a resource, and so are you.

    To nurture it, you must provide time and energy. Well, many people can't manage time. Out of greed for money, they overwork by thinking in profit. But, they are missing the essence of living in the present. I've met several people who can't come out of their minds. Living on earth seems like being in hell. So, to live life fully, give yourself time to refresh.


    The world is not what you think and react. It is what you observe. Don't rely upon the thought process completely. A thought is a mere information that you've gathered by your five senses. Whatever you sense, keep it for reference.

    Keeping thoughts aside, just observe life as it is. Without creating any disturbance, be still. All you have to do is observe without any judgment in mind. These 8 ways will help you to be still and calm. Follow these steps and learn how to live in the present.

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