how to fall asleep fast - simple and easy tricks

how to fall asleep fast - simple and easy tricks


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    Insomnia is one of the most serious copies of chronic ailments. During the past few years, this disorder has been observed to rise rapidly. Many drugs claim for a solution. Well, it may provide temporary results, but none provides a permanent solution. Insomnia is a consequence that shows up when something in your system is wrong. Issues like high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure give rise to such disorders.

    Keeping everything in account, we shall provide 8 ways on how to fall asleep.


    Not all of us are tolerant of heat. Many elderly people and even youngsters can't sleep in a hot environment. When it comes to taking a nap, you can't even think about that. Therefore, you must regulate the room temperature before you sleep.

    Well, you may not afford an air conditioner, but there are hacks that you can use. Before going to bed, wash the floor with a wet cloth. Keeping in rubbing by pouring more water, and open the ventilators. The heat will get evaporated in no time. So, want to know how to fall asleep fast? Just regulate your room temperature.


    If you want a deep sleep, wash your feet before sleeping. Your feet bear your weight all day long. Besides, it is solely responsible for your locomotion. Therefore, keeping your feet in good condition is your responsibility. When the resting hours arrive, try to cool your feet. Wash them with a mild soap before going to bed.

    We recommend you to use an exfoliating scrub if possible. On laying down, you'll feel refreshed as ever. So, how to fall asleep faster? Wash your feet before sleeping.


    One of the most probable reasons behind your sleeplessness is low physical activity and lethargy. You may not be aware, but lethargy might invite depression and anxiety. So, to resolve such issues, yoga remains in ideal practice. There are several exercises in yogic science to improve your physical activities. The most important are the early morning stretches. Spend 15 minutes of your valuable time, and practice it daily.

    You'll be benefited by an oxygen upsurge that will help you to sleep faster. So, how to fall asleep fast? Make a schedule and abide by any means.


    Try to attain a habit of walking and running daily. Our body is designed for locomotion, not to remain idle for long. Therefore, don't just sit idle, do something exhilarating. Take a walk to the nearby park or the beach. Start your trip by walking slowly with short steps. After some time, increase your speed by taking longer and faster steps.

    We don't recommend you to run from the beginning, as it will lead to muscle cramps. Also, remember to exhale as you catch up speed. Do this, and you feel tired easily. It is one of the ways to fall asleep.


    Mediation is the solution to every problem. Our perception of life is in our minds. Therefore, to bring calmness, we need to practice mindfulness. In that case, mediation is the most effective way. It transcends your perception more dynamically. Sit in a cross-legged posture, and turn your chin upwards by closing your eyes.

    On doing this, you'll have a natural focus between your eyebrows, which is very important. Now take deep breaths, and concentrate on it. Notice the nature of your breath with utmost observation. Mediation is an ultimate guide on how to fall asleep fast.


    Don't sleep during the day. Sleepiness is a consequence when feel tired. Being a necessity, don't fulfill it too early. Night sleeps are more important than a day's sleep. Taking naps in the daytime can delay your night's sleep. So, you'll be waking up for a long time. The next day, you'll feel an incomplete night's sleep. Eventually, this becomes a habit, forming in circles. Sleep is just like hunger.

    If you do heavy work, hunger and sleep are mere consequences. If you fulfill them early, it won't be any use in time. So, not sleeping during the day is one of the ways to fall asleep at night.


    Have you wondered why reading makes you sleep? Well, reading triggers the sleep hormone. An engaging story can make you fall you to fall asleep fast in no time. But, you must have the proper selection of books to acquire the benefits of reading. Without proper selection, things won't work the way you wish.

    For instance, a moral story will make ease of your sleep. But, if you read a horror one, you'll be up all night. And even if you sleep, there will be horrific nightmares that will haunt and wake you up. Once you are awake, it might be difficult for you to regain sleep. So, if you want to know how to fall asleep fast, practice reading.


    Want tips on how to fall asleep faster? Well, maybe you should adjust your sleeping posture. An improper posture can lead to incomplete sleep. You might face issues like neck strain, body pain, and other uncomfortable issues. Therefore, we recommend you to always sleep straight. Face towards the ceiling, and add a gap between your legs. Relax and keep your hands on the bed at your sides.

    On doing this, you'll fall asleep faster than you could even imagine. Besides, your spine will remain erect without any uncomfortable issues. This sleeping posture is recommended by many doctors and therapists. So, make it a habit of sleeping straight.


    Sleep is a consequence. If you want to sleep, you must not think about sleep. Taking care of several factors will make you sleepy. Lack of proper sleep may invite anxiety, depression, and even hallucinations. Thinking consumes calories too. So, it becomes a necessity to provide rest to yourself. On taking care of these 8 factors, you'll know how to fall asleep fast. For better results, maintain it a habit.

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