11 Best random acts of kindness ideas for every day

11 Best random acts of kindness ideas for every day


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    February 17th of every year is ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ day. But you don’t have to wait till that to begin kindness.

    Every day is a chance to offer some form of kindness to yourself, to your home, to your family, and the community.

    Here are random acts of kindness ideas that you can follow in life. We know you will like it.

    Random act of kindness ideas for the community:

      Plant a tree. Water them daily.

        Buy mud/clay balls filled with seeds. Throw them wherever you go like on highway sides, near water places, lands, and wherever suitable.

          Be kind on social media. The social media platform is becoming the core place of negativity these days. Be responsible and decent. This is the best random act of kindness we can do every day.

            Dispose of your wastes responsibly. Proper wrapping and disposing of garbage is a way of showing kindness to garbage-collectors who take out the trash for us.

              Separate the garbage into degradable and non-degradable categories. You are doing a kind job of making the work easier for the sanitation-workers and garbage disposers in your locality.

                You can buy food-tokens/coffee-tokens offered by the eateries. The less-fortunate people can use it when they need it from the shop.

                  Buy food for the homeless. Give used clothes in good condition to the homeless in the locality. If you decided to give, give it well.

                    Make it a policy to gift recyclable, eco-friendly, and degradable items to people.

                      Give chances for local craftsmen, plumbers, and other laborers in case you need something to be fixed at home. Tip them extra. You are showing kindness as well as supporting their livelihood.

                        Support local artisans from your community.

                          Donate used clothes, shoes, bags, etc. to charity if you no longer use them. Don’t hesitate. Sometimes we don’t throw away things even if we know we no longer use them.

                            Radom act of kindness ideas at home:

                              Have at least one meal together with your family.

                                Volunteer during household chores.

                                  Do your part in keeping the home clean.

                                    Put the things in the same place where you take them.

                                      You can make a preferred subscription on magazines, media streaming, etc. to family members.

                                        Have a get together with your family member’s friends when possible. Not just our friends and co-workers. Let your family members bring their friends and have a good time. This is a simple and warm random act of kindness you can do.

                                          Treat them with little gifts now and then.

                                            You can book music shows/concerts, give spa appointments, coupons, gift cards, comic shows, etc.

                                              Do your part every day to make your house a home.

                                                Little acts of filling the water bottles, re-filling the water-reserve, cleaning the countertops before eating, gardening, etc. will take the load off from your family members. It’s a kind thing to do to your home and family.

                                                  Random act of kindness ideas at work:

                                                    Be encouraging and accepting of new co-workers.

                                                      Always show constructive criticism. It’s easy to raise a voice. But it takes strength to compose you and express it constructively.

                                                        Wait till your co-worker comes for lunch. You can reserve a seat and order lunch. It an easy random act of kindness.

                                                          Place a note of appreciation on someone’s desk/workspace.

                                                            Be generous in giving appreciation to colleagues in front of others.

                                                              You can stick a note of appreciation on chocolates or sweet boxes and give it to office helpers, office-assistants, guards.

                                                                Support colleagues who are struggling with their work in any way suitable.

                                                                  Try to cut down waste in the office. Bring your coffee, mugs, spoons, and other essentials, and avoid coffee cups, plastic spoons. Reduce paper consumption.

                                                                    Use electricity as you use at home. Don’t leave chargers, plug points, electronic devices hanging with the switch-on. Devices consume electricity even in standby mode. It’s a kind thing to do at work and to the environment too.

                                                                      Share positive reviews and good qualities on colleagues over a professional network. It will help them grow.

                                                                        Random act of kindness ideas for strangers:

                                                                          Try to be kind to people from customer-service. That’s’ their job, and it’s just a call for us. Be nice to people who call us even if it’s in the unlikely places or time. It’s a random act of kindness.

                                                                            Let people cut your line and check out while shopping.

                                                                              Let people cut you in traffic and leave first. Let people go before you from parking lots.

                                                                                Give compliments to a stranger you see while traveling, shopping, etc.


                                                                                    Tip generously to less-fortunate workers.

                                                                                      Give your seat to the elderly, to one’s carrying heavy. Just give to someone standing.

                                                                                        Exchange cards on special holidays to all the strangers you meet that day.

                                                                                          Hand out cold beverages, food to construction workers toiling in the sun.

                                                                                            If you are waiting in line for paying bills and if you see less-fortunate people waiting too, you can pay their bill too.

                                                                                              Random act of Kindness ideas if you are running a Business:

                                                                                                You can send little gifts for every purchase customers make.

                                                                                                  You can send a handwritten ‘thank you’ note along with the purchase to customers.

                                                                                                    You can place hand-written positive notes at the cash counter. Let customers pick one when they pay the bill.

                                                                                                      Make your employees happy. You can offer a month of lunch and snacks, so they don’t have to bring anything from home. They are responsible for good business like customers.


                                                                                                        The world is hard outside. The least we can do to make it better is to do some random acts of kindness to people around us.

                                                                                                        We hope you can pick a handful from these random acts of kindness ideas shared here. And we are in good hope that you will begin doing it.

                                                                                                        Remember, folks, when it comes to a random act of kindness, don’t overthink or squeeze your brain for ideas. Every simple thing you do can make a wonderful difference in people’s day. Kindness is one thing that spreads instantly.

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