Don’t give up: Believe in yourself and see the magic you create

Don’t give up: Believe in yourself and see the magic you create


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    Why do I give up too easily?

    I'm sure some of you might have suffered from this issue. You don't want to give up. But apparently, you give up. Maybe, sometimes giving up is the right decision. But it can't always be. With the section mentioned above, you have learned how to stop yourself from giving up so easily. But, it's also essential for you to know why this happens to you if you give up easily.

    No one of you wants to give up on anything. It involves too many things, like your hard work, investment of money (if any), emotional investment, time investment, and so on. And when you have to give up, you have to deal with all these things.

    Here, let's try to figure out why you would quickly tend to give up.

    1. Unrealistic expectations

    Expectations are a must. Let me say you want to study medicine. So, with this decision, you might have some expectations like you'll be a particular surgeon, you want to treat patients, you want to have a stable life, and so on.

    These expectations are evident. Your every decision is biased with your particular expectation. But, you should realize that you should have realistic and practical expectations.

    Being a doctor, you will be treating patients indeed. But, you can't help out the case where the patient is so severe. And they have very little life left. You could try to make their life easy. But you can't bring someone's life back. This will be your unrealistic expectations.

    Anyway, you need to understand that you should expect the real things. And if you start expecting the make-believe stuff, you would probably lose hope and interest in something.

    2. Too much choice

    It's not at all bad having the backup plan for anything. Even if someone is preparing for a particular exam, which is too tough to clarify. At the same time, they are trying so hard. They may clear it. But, they also should have a second plan in case they fail.

    Till here, the journey is on the right track. But, what if someone has too many options. From a career point of view, someone wants to become an engineer, but they also think of going with Law. On the other side, they like dancing, so somewhere they want to be a dancer. They have an interest in journalism. And so on.

    This way, the person has too many options or plans to go with. In this race, they can't decide what they should do. And what will be the best thing for them? Such conditions can make you give up on elements.

    3. No actionable plan

    So, you have made the plan, like, what business do you want to set up? You know, how it will be going, how it will work for you? What will you get from your company? And so on.

    Well, that's the great thing that you did. But did you also prepare the actionable plan that will be working for you? If yes, it's great.

    We often see people saying I will do this; I want to do that, planned that thing, etc. But, after a while, when you ask them about the same plan, they say, I didn't do that. Or the thing didn't work for me.

    What is the reason for this?

    The reason is apparent. They didn't have an actionable plan to go with. And that's why they gave up on their virtual project.

    4. The negative perception of failure

    Who wants to fail? No one, right?

    We have a nasty attitude towards failure. Our society sees a failed person with a very negative mindset. This attitude of the community has made the loss a curse for everyone.

    Therefore, a negative perception is built up in the mind of people about failure. No one is ready to face loss.

    So, when someone fails in something, they give up on that thing. On the other hand, those who stick to their goal even after getting failed get to succeed.

    5. External positive validation

    Let me say the external positive element would be praise.

    Mostly, people do certain things to get praise for it by others. And, here, they start having hopes and expectations from society. At the same time, the community keeps changing its opinions.

    When your success or goal is biased with the external components, you won't focus on it. By the time you are getting society's attention for your work, you will work on it.

    Once people stop praising you for what you are doing, you won't get motivated to work for it. And you will give up on it.

    6. External harmful elements control you

    We human makes the harmful elements more critical for us than the inner self. No matter how your inner self wants you to say, you are the best; you are beautiful, you can do it; the external elements you set up for your happiness don't let you do this.

    You let external elements control your happiness, your actions, and your success. When you do this, you already failed to make yourself believe that you can work with your plan. And, when the external elements say, you can't do it, something is beyond your reach, you give up on your plan.

    7. You don't deserve it

    You already have made an aura, where you have listed particular things that what you deserve and what you don't deserve.

    Nothing is like that, you can say; you don't deserve it. You deserve everything that you work for. You need to believe in yourself. And keep doing your work.

    Whether it's a relationship, or something else, if you work on it, want to make it better, you anyway deserve it. It's your perception that you don't deserve it, and you give up on it.

    8. Motivation isn't vital as a discipline

    Motivation is anyway required to get succeed. Without cause, no one can even live up to a single day. If someone doesn't have the reason to live the day, they won't struggle for food.

    At the same time, motivation is not enough for success. You need to be disciplined to get succeed. Reason can have too many sources, right from your family, to your loved ones or a role model. But, you can get success only when you are disciplined.

    Discipline helps you to move towards your goal. To understand this point, go back to the time when you felt motivated to do something. But, as you could not discipline yourself to do that thing, you gave up on that.

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