Top 20 Online Courses in Communication Skills

Top 20 Online Courses in Communication Skills


Excellent communication skill is essential. It will help you to put your point of view. And your choices too in front of others. You cannot explain each sentence if your communication skill is not good. Communication skill reflects your personality. No one is perfect. If you are not good at your communication skill, you can work on it to make it useful.

How to improve communication skills? It is a big question for many people. People try to enhance their communication skills. But the right method is essential. Many ways will help you to improve your communication. When you see the importance of communication skills, you will turn to it. Communication skills improvement is not a hard thing to do. There are various activities. Also, many courses too. It will help you improve your communication skills.

In this article, I will cover some online courses. It will help you improve your communication skills. So, let's get started.

1) Dealing with Difficult People at Work and in Life

Every day, you meet many people. Some are free to talk. But few may felt very rude. Their way of speaking may hurt you. Their behavior might disappoint you. And you don't know the way to handle them. This course module will teach you why difficult people are difficult to understand. And why they are challenging to handle. You will also learn the techniques to tackle them.

2) Modern Business Writing

Writing is an essential part of communication. The module will teach you the principles of business writing. Such as, what do readers want from your hand? How to become a great writer? The structure is vital for a great report; how to choose the best words for your essay? Etc. The course has five modules and 25 topics to cover.

3) Winning with Communication- Master Your Communication Skill

This course contains four modules. It will cover all the topics to enhance your communication skills. The system will start with the introduction of communication. And end with the mastering of the communication skills. Communication skills are easy to learn. It is available as a certification course. Nothing can be best than this offer. You cannot avoid it if you are serious about learning the trick.

4) Personal and Business Networking Skills for Greatest Success

Success has a different path. And everyone has to walk on the way. Some cross the path through hard work. And some cover it through smart work. This course will take you to your destination through smart work.

The course will teach you the rules and tricks to get success. It will teach you the basics of personal skills.

And it will cover business networking skills. It will leave you the height of success.

5) Business Etiquette and Professionalism

Professional behavior has a principal. Everyone has to follow it. The course will teach the techniques of greeting people. Also, planning and attending business meetings. It is an essential side of communication skills. You meet new people. And it is a good gesture if you treated them special.

6) Presentation Skills

At every level of life, presentation skills matter. You cannot take it for granted. This course is beneficial for trainers. It is also useful for a speaker, a meeting facilitator, or a seminar discussion leader. Your role doesn't matter. But this module will help you to improve your skill.

The course will teach you the secrets of nonverbal communication, which is essential. The entire module will work on your presentation skill.

7) Diploma in Communication Skills- Revised

The diploma course will aim for your communication skills development. It will cover communication as an interpretation—also, the communication channels, and barriers to effective communication. You will learn the basic rules of body language. You will examine the essential practices of listening and speaking. The module will teach you the importance of silence.

The course will teach you the techniques to improve your ability to speak and listen. You will discuss the importance of body language, context, and culture. In the last, the course will focus on the various communication styles. You will learn the essential rules and principles of communication.

8) Communication Skills - Perception and Non-Verbal Communication - Revised

This course module will aim at your perception. Also, it will teach attention and nonverbal communication. This module will teach you how our vision affects our perception? The course module will teach you communication through images. Today's communication depends on imagination. And this is what this course will cover.

9) Introduction to Communication Skills

The course will begin by discussing hard skills and soft skills. The course module will teach the basics of communication, which are essential in our daily life. It will explain the difference between verbal and nonverbal communication. You will study the barriers to communication. It is an excellent module for your basic knowledge.

10) Technical Writing Essentials

What is technical writing? What are the essential points to write convenient technical content? This course will cover the writing process. Also. The professional specialized writing techniques. The course has many of these topics. Do visit, and have a look once.

11) Public Speaking

The first element in public speaking is confidence. And the course will start with the same thing. It will teach you the techniques to know your audience. Also, Outlining your speech, and delivering it without being nervous, are the key factors.

12) Create a Powerful Presentation with PowerPoint

This course will cover the techniques of creating presentations using PowerPoint. It has the most essential six key ideas to make your presentation effective. Once you go for this course, you will get to know all of them.

13) Presentation and Speaking Skills for the webinar

During the webinar, no one connects direct. So, it becomes essential to engage everyone. And these things, you will learn in this course. The course will help you to understand the presentation skills during webinars. It will also cover the speaking skills. So, don't get late.

14) Communication Skills and Group Work and Networking

Every relationship will undergo differences after a point. But, this course will teach you the importance of communication in maintaining relationships. Also, most of the time, more issues are visible in the group task. This course will teach you the art of group work.

15) Communication Skills- Persuasion and Motivation

Persuasion and motivation are the main factors in this course. It will focus more on the essential motivation techniques. You will learn the art of influence, which affects our daily life.

16) Interpersonal Communication and Development Key Traits

This free course module will focus on emotional and social skills. Social skills include attitude, knowledge, and abilities to control emotions. This course works more on your inner talents.

17) Developing Key Traits and Survival Strategies

This certificate course has essential points to focus on survival strategies. It will focus on the process of motivation. It will also cover persuasion and negotiating skills. These skills are necessary for survival.

18) Diploma in Effective Writing Skills

Writing is an art. It is a saying; Writing reflects your heart. This diploma course helps you to improve your writing art. It will make your writing more effective so that it is reachable to the audience.

What are the essential points for persuasive writing? Can you engage your reading audience to look at your content? These are the part of this course.

19) Types of Communication

We only know verbal and nonverbal communication. But it is beyond these things. Communication is a big topic to discuss. It involves facial expressions, attitude, behavior, and so on.

This course module will cover all the basic techniques. And it will also cover the advanced characteristics of communication. It will teach you to build and maintain relationships.

20) Language Learning

You don't speak more than hardly three languages. This course is a must for you. This is essential for a person who works for international clients. You cannot speak every language. But if you want to learn many languages, then register on the site and start learning.

These courses are available at Alison courses, which is the best online site for learning. The best part of these courses is, all are available for free. They will not cost a single penny from you. You need to register on the website. And improve your communication skills with these fantastic courses—all the best for your journey of improving communication skills.

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    Enhance your skills

    If you are passionate about your career, you will take communication skills seriously. Good communication skill is a vital part of your life. It is essential in personal as well as professional experience. Communication is the only way to exchange emotions.

    You can not survive without a conversation. So, the discussion should be neat and clean, so that each person can get the exact meaning. When you put single words in a row, speak it in a rhythmic flow, it becomes the sentence. And the sentences got importance. When they get to pair up with emotions, and this is how a conversation takes place.

    Now, when you know the importance of communication skills. So, if you lag in any area of conversation, start work on it. Nowadays, we are stuck in our home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, you can not go out. What to do then? I have an alternative.

    Why don't you try for the online courses? Yes! Many sites offer classes to improve communication skills. Today, I will cover the top 20 sites, which provide online courses to strengthen communication skills. Please have a look.

    1) Class Central

    It is one of the most preferred sites by the seekers. The site works in the direction of providing online education. They aim towards making education available for everyone. They primarily offer online courses for free. But, when you are interested in learning more, you can subscribe to their service. You can review the terms before you subscribe.

    They provide courses from the best universities. Class Central provides around 300 online courses; improving communication skills is one of them.

    2) Alison

    It is where you will find countless courses; a single platform is enough to make you ready for the competition. It offers around 20 online courses to improve your communication skills.

    They cover each part of your communication skill. The time starts with the basic and ends with the ultra pro mode. It is the best about the website; every course is available free of cost.

    The classes are categorized into several modules, and each module will cover an essential topic. You will not feel regret visiting the site. You will get excellent results at the end of the courses at Alison. Do visit, and learn.

    3) Edx

    Edx works with the mission of enhancing online education. It provides learning through advanced teaching. Until now, around 20 Million students have joined their courses. It is a platform, who collects the best of the teaching talents. It is working in transforming traditional education to the advanced level.

    Students join this platform across the world. So, teachers are also available from around the world. It has all the courses enough to improve your communication skill. Also, the terms are generally in various languages. So, do visit and find the best time for you.

    4) Skill Share

    This site offers few recommended courses for free so that you can guess its productivity. It provides various methods via thousands of classes. It also covers creative writing skills, designing, and so on. When you subscribe to their plans, you will get all the access to each class.

    It has a record of all the satisfied students with their learning. If you want to grab this chance to learn communication skills techniques from the best teachers, don't be late.


    It is a platform that will help you to learn creative skills with the best assistance. It has a video library and top-quality course classes. You will have access to these things when you subscribe to their services. But it has some free class sessions too. It is working in online education for the last 20 years and still a leading one.

    It has helped students, leaders, IT professionals, and so on people to get the desire. It is a tutorial with the five languages. So, if you are looking for any of the best sites for online courses to improvise your communication skills, visit as soon as possible.

    6) Google Digital Garage

    How to communicate more actively at workplaces to achieve the goal? Is there a primary focus? It provides you the certificate too once you finish your course. The process is so simple-Enroll in a class, master a skill, and get the certification. It has some free videos you can visit for reference.

    7) Volunteer Minister

    The courses are available in more than 15 languages. It is one of the old platforms for learning communication skills. Though it is old, it has successfully maintained its status. It provides various courses; soft skill is one of them. It has a few free time, and the rest is paid. The site also has a book library, where all the books related to the system are available.

    8) British Council

    You will find each course helping to improve your communication skills. It is not only for the students; they have recently designed the systems that are helpful for the seekers and professionals. By the end of the course, you will see the difference in your communication. Even though they charge a fee, but your every penny worth it.

    9) Scholarship Corner

    The website provides the courses with free certificate. The duration of each class they provide is approximately two weeks. Throughout time, you will discover the best strategies to improve your conversation skills. The University of Leed designs the courses. So, you will have the best methods indeed.

    10) FutureLearn

    It is a highly trusted site by the students to work on improving communication skills. The site mainly focuses on professionals. So, their course is specially designed for working professionals. They want you to improve your communication skill to match your work intensity. So, the website. The times are free of cost. So it would help if you are no worried about a penny.

    11) Free Study

    It is a place for many courses; soft skill is one of them. The courses are available internationally. And still, those are free of cost. The best universities design them. It is working since 2007. It is a learning site. But it’s a scholarship resource for international students too. So, it can not be a bad deal.

    12) The Knowledge Academy

    The Knowledge Academy is the world's largest network providing online learning and training. They have excellent teaching facilities; their network covers 1000+ locations across 190 countries and delivers 30,000 courses.

    13) Free Video Lectures

    It is a place for several courses design by known universities. On soft skill topics, they have 20 courses enough to make you up to date. You will have to subscribe to their service to access each course. As its name implies, the system will be given through the videos.


    It is all on one site for degrees and diploma courses. It has many high schools, bachelor and master's courses for each subject. They make sure about your progress. So, the regular test has been taken by them. Once you choose a plan for you, you will have unlimited access to the video lessons.

    15) Train smart

    It is a training and development providing site. It conducts various workshops on different topics. It is not limited to a single category. Anyone can enroll in the course.

    16) Learning Tree

    It is a tree having multiple soft skill courses. Also, you will get the certificates after you complete the syllabus. Some courses are free, and the rest are paid.

    17) AMA

    AMA stands for the American Management Association. It provides certification courses to polish your soft skills.

    18) Academic Courses

    It is a certificate and diploma courses providing a platform, which covers almost every subject. Their primary focus is no improving communication skills.

    19) Coursesity

    It is a single place with multiple benefits. Coursesity is a place where you will get many topics covered from the soft skills. The courses are paid. But your investment will worth it.

    20) Dale Carnegie

    A total of 107 courses is available at this place. Each class will aim at your soft interpersonal skill. Each category has several subcategories, so nothing lefts behind.

    Here, I covered a few top sites that offer online communication courses to improve your soft skills. I hope you find this information useful.

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