New Year's Resolution For Students


When A New Year will approach and it would be the best time to reflect on the positive and negative aspects of our behavior. For a student, New Year is ever so important. Most of the students make a resolution every New Year to boost them with new energy and vigor. This helps to improve them and eases their transition to college. Every student makes the resolutions according to one’s wish and understanding. Sometimes, they make a mistake in selecting the resolution.

Here are some of the resolutions suggested by some International College Counselors:

Health Resolutions:

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind – this is a truth. So the first thing you need to do is to make a resolution related to your health. If you love to eat junk food, make a promise to yourself to cut its intake to a certain level. Similarly, make other resolutions like exercise more, get good sleep, wake up early, go for a walk, etc.

"A healthy body leads to a healthy mind"

Academic resolutions:

After health, the second most important thing is a good academic record. This is what helps you earn your livelihood in the end. So set up your academic goals very cautiously. For this, you can do many things like setting up a homework routine and timetable for studies, keeping your school material ready, etc. But to do all of this, the most important thing is avoiding procrastination.

Procrastination is as bad as avoiding the coming train on the track while crossing it. It happens to most of the students that they underestimate the time that it will take to get the things done and in the end, they regret not doing their best. Sometimes, the procrastinators have to stay awake the whole night and do their practical writing and schoolwork altogether. This is not so good actually. Doing the work earlier and before the time keeps your mental status and body in balance.

The other important thing in the academic goal (study goals) setting is to make a commitment to yourself for giving your best efforts for getting good grades. The grade is not the only parameter for measuring the intelligence of a person. But a practical truth is that grades are essential for getting admission to a good college. The educational system is such that if you are intelligent, but your grades are not good and you fail to get a minimum percentage, you will not be given admission to top colleges. So it is necessary for you to get good grades.

To get good grades, it is necessary to start early. If you have good grades from the beginning, you will be in a secure zone (even if something bad happens unprecedentedly) till the end. In comparison to college grades of high school matters more.

Relationship Resolutions:

Satisfaction in our life is directly affected by the quality of our relationships with our near and dear ones. So setting up relationship goals is also an important part of our life. The best way to provide a good air to any relationship is to become a good listener, gossip less and spend quality time with family and friends. So, this year, try to include these relationship goals in your New Year resolution list.

Resolutions pertaining your Personality Development:

If you are not satisfied personally, how will you be happy? If you focus on personal growth, I am sure, you will be successful in all your endeavors. It is that happiness defines our success! For personal growth, you can do various things like learning a new skill or hobby, leaving your addictive habits like using excess mobiles or surfing on social networking sites. So set your resolution like for example, I will start to learn guitar this year and I will learn that much ( specify your requirement) by the end of the year.

The above-defined resolutions are just the guidelines to help you develop your own New Year resolutions. When you make a resolution list, set the ideas of resolution in measurable units or goals. For example, instead of writing your resolution of studying hard or more, write ‘I will study for at least two hours a day’ or ‘Weekly 14 hours of study time’. When you see the results visually, you are able to stick to the regime more dedicatedly.

The last piece of advice is that set realistic goals. Because if you fail to achieve your goals, you end up feeling frustrated. In the end, you may quit, which is the worst.

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