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Narayana Murthy was born on August 20, 1946, in Karnataka. He had to work hard to reach the position that he is in today. Narayana Murthy was academically brilliant in studies. He loved Physics and Mathematics. In addition, he wanted to gain more knowledge in these fields.

Later on, he went on to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Degree from IIT, Kanpur. Though he was born in a poor family, he always had high hopes to make it big in life. He opened a company called Softronics, which failed in the early stages.

Though he experienced failures, he never gave up on his dreams. In 1981, he, together with six other professionals, created a company called Infosys. Today, Narayana Murthy is listed as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time.

Lessons Learnt:

- Though he was born in a poor family, he always had high dreams.

- Persistence always pays off.

- It does not matter how many times you fail, but it's important to remember never to give up.


Train your mind to remain calm

Remember, we cannot influence the actions of others, but we always have control over our own reactions.

To maintain a sense of calm and tranquility, it's important to train our minds to stay peaceful even in difficult situations.

By focusing on our inner peace,

We can maintain a sense of control and serenity, regardless of what life throws our way.

Always keep in mind that the only thing we can truly control is ourselves.

Let's use this power to cultivate a sense of calm and serenity, no matter what challenges we may face.

Don't let the actions of others destroy your peace of mind. Train your mind to remain calm in any situation.

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Motivation Quotes for the Day

How can I motivate myself to do my best?

Motivation is an important part of success in life. It helps us achieve our goals and overcome obstacles. Learn how to stay motivated and find motivation for yourself.

Here are some motivational quotes to help get me going.

There are many ways to motivate yourself. You can use inspirational quotes, affirmations, mantras, and other positive thoughts to keep yourself focused and inspired.

"I am what I think. All that I am arises with my thoughts. With thought, I make the world." – Buddha.

In addition to using motivational quotes, you can also use affirmations to help you stay motivated. Affirmations are statements that you repeat to yourself regularly. They can be used to boost self-esteem, improve confidence, and encourage healthy behavior.

"The secret of happiness lies in taking full responsibility for everything that happens to us." – Epictetus.
"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." – Lewis Carroll.

If you need the motivation to start something new:

  1. Try looking at the big picture.
  2. Think about what you want to accomplish and how far you want to go with it.
  3. Think about why you want to achieve those goals. Once you understand why you want to work toward them, you'll be motivated to keep going.
"You must learn how to love yourself before you can learn to love others." – Lao Tzu.

It's easy to feel discouraged when things aren't going well. You might even feel like giving up.

However, there are ways to stay positive and motivated.

One way to do so is by thinking about the bigger picture.

What do you want to accomplish?

Why do you want to accomplish it?

Once you understand why you're doing something, you'll find it easier to stick with it.

Motivate Myself To Work Hard

You have to be motivated to do anything. In fact, motivation is one of the most important factors in achieving success.

Motivation is an internal drive that pushes us forward toward our goals. It helps us overcome obstacles and stay focused on our tasks.

Here's how to get yourself going.

If you're feeling unmotivated, try these tips to help you get back on track.

1. Make a list of what you need to accomplish.

2. Break down each task into smaller steps.

3. Set realistic deadlines for each task.

4. Reward yourself when you complete a task.

5. Focus on the end result instead of the process.

6. Don't compare yourself with others.

7. Keep a positive attitude.

8. Be grateful for everything you have.

9. Take breaks every hour.

10. Get enough sleep.

Set Goals.

Setting goals helps you stay focused and motivated. It also gives you something to work toward.

Reward Yourself.

If you set yourself up for failure by not setting goals, then you won't achieve them. Instead, reward yourself when you reach milestones along the way. This will help keep you going.

Find Meaningful Work.

Finding meaningful work is an important part of being successful. It gives you purpose and meaning in life.

Focus on the Big Picture.

If you focus on the big picture, you will find yourself more motivated to achieve your goals. This means thinking about what you want to accomplish rather than focusing on the small details.

Firstly, detachment (letting go) is not about withdrawing. It simply means seeing things from a different perspective while remaining fully involved.

It’s about releasing our need for the object of attachment. We still give it our all, but without being entangled in fear and anxiety.

Consequently, detachment means more involvement without being attached to the outcome. It’s like stepping outside of who we are and seeing things objectively without the ego’s immersion.
Love As Energy

It means love as energy is something very pure and profound, but when our thoughts turn it into a feeling of pleasure (as a feeling of being loved brings pleasure), then it brings pain too (pleasure always is followed by pain), then love becomes wasted energy.

So the fault lies in our thoughts. Ultimately this also points toward controlling our minds.
Narayana Murthy -Infosys


Narayana Murthy was born on August 20, 1946, in Karnataka. He had to work hard to reach the position that he is in today. Narayana Murthy was academically brilliant in studies. He loved Physics and Mathematics. In addition, he wanted to gain more knowledge in these fields.

Later on, he went on to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Degree from IIT, Kanpur. Though he was born in a poor family, he always had high hopes to make it big in life. He opened a company called Softronics, which failed in the early stages.

Though he experienced failures, he never gave up on his dreams. In 1981, he, together with six other professionals, created a company called Infosys. Today, Narayana Murthy is listed as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time.

Lessons Learnt:

- Though he was born in a poor family, he always had high dreams.

- Persistence always pays off.

- It does not matter how many times you fail, but it's important to remember never to give up.

Harry Potter Series - J K Rowling


J K Rowling had a tough beginning but soon rose to fame due to her passion. Her story is one of the most popular success stories out there. When Rowling turned 25, in the year 1991, she lost her mother. This incident happened six months after she started writing the book.

Later she moved to Portugal and began teaching English. Soon she got married and gave birth to a daughter. After 13 months, she divorced him. By now, she had written three chapters of the book. By 1993, her situation became miserable. Being a single parent with no money in hands made it tough.

It took her 5 years to complete her first book. Then began her struggle to get the book published. Top 12 publishing companies turned down the book. Later on, Bloomsbury agreed to publish it. It became an instant hit among children. It also received the British Book Award for Children's Book of the year.

Lessons Learnt:

- Never let failures stop you. It is impossible to get everything in one go. You fail and learn. But never give up.

- Stay true to your dreams. In this case, her passion made her reach heights.

- Success won't come to you overnight.

The giant company Uber - Travis Kalanick's


The giant company Uber was born when it's found Travis Kalanick's could not find a cab to reach his conference in Paris. It was then it struck him a great idea to roll out cabs to lower costs. Previously, Travis had two failed ventures.

Hence, this was the reason investors weren't interested in his idea. However, as things progressed, Ubercab first launched in San Francisco. It was a great success instantly. After having tasted success in San Francisco, they decided to expand the business. They opened in other US cities and internationally. Today Uber has a net worth of USD 69 billion. It is also the most valued tech company in the world.

Lessons Learnt:

- Hold onto your dreams and wait for the right time.

- Not each person has a fixed time to achieve success.

- Your previous failures aren't a determinant of your success.

- Every person starts small.

Do what you like


“Money is not a motivating factor. My motivation comes from playing the game I love. If I wasn’t paid to be a professional footballer, I would willingly play for nothing”

– Lionel Messi

When you do things that you are passionate about, the money will never be your problem. It’s a practical lesson that we see. Those who are moving towards their goals and dreams will agree with this. They know how money is least of their problems while chasing their dream will matter the most.

What’s most important is that you should ‘like’ what you do. That itself is the only true motivation. If money motivates you, the soul in what you do dies. You can keep the true spirit up only when you play the game you love. Otherwise, everything you do will seem unconnected with you.

Let me ask you a question. Ever wondered about how you feel when you work on things that you love? It’s amazing, right? Working towards your goal is always incredible.

Making a DIY that you love will give more happiness to you instead of making presentations in your office. On the contrary, those who love to do office works will find other things less impressive.

The point here is, true motivation is not in money. Motivation comes from the things that you like. Of course, money is important. But, make sure you settle with a game that you enjoy playing on life’s grounds.

Things got even better when what you do becomes bankable. So, do what you like. That’s the only encouragement you will need!

Hire Character Train Skill


“Hire Character. Train Skill”

– Peter Schultz

The two central entities for a positive life are your character and your skill. With good skills, you can knock the doors. But only with a good character, you can step inside, stay there and prosper. If you look around you can see this.

Good skill and a Moral character have always taken people to heights. A good life is guaranteed once you realize that your character is the main key. Plus, with good skills, you can secure yourself and walk confidently against life’s odds.

The character should complement your talent. Another thing I like to talk about here is the Skill part. Finding ‘what your skill is’ is different from ‘training’ your skill.

First, find it. Then, Train it. There will always be one thing that you will be good at. There will be one thing that you enjoy doing from your heart. That constitutes your skill. It can be anything. It could be your writing, your baking, your business, the work you do, a hobby of yours, etc.

Find it. Train it. Apart from all, Skill doesn’t always have to be something big like we see on TV or read in papers. Running your everyday life without hassle is a skill. Handling relationships at work and personal is an excellent skill. Leading your life against all difficulties is a skill too. In the end, remind yourself of this powerful one-liner.

Bravery is not the absence of fear


“Bravery is not the absence of fear. Bravery is feeling the fear, the doubt, the insecurity, and deciding that something else is important”

- Mark Manson

Life is travel as we all have heard it. It’s true. You see flowers, thorns, greens, and stones in no particular order while traveling. Sometimes you walk, you run and sometimes you fall and you get hurt.

To walk further is secondary, but first, you need to get up. That is the bravery you need. This quote is a simple reminder to you about what constitutes bravery in real life. No fancy words, but it’s the practical truth. When you fall, you know deep inside that you need to get up and walk somehow. But, something’s stopping you from getting up.

It could be your fear, your loss, desperations, insecurities, embarrassments, and most importantly, self-doubt. We all have been through things in life. But still, here we are, living amidst all difficulties. This is a visible example of what bravery is from you, from me and everyone around us.

It takes some time to heal and to get back on track. Take that time. Spend that time in composing yourself and making peace with whatever happened. Start fresh as every day is a new chance. Open your mind and heart towards enhancing you physically and emotionally. In this way, you bring bravery. You see something else is important in life than all other stuff bothering you. That is when you get up and walk.

Are you living in the present


“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present”

- Laozi

Take yourself a minute and think about how you feel now. Do you feel peace, a sense of comfort and content? Or do you feel restless about something? Or is your past haunting you emotionally?

If you are in a state of peace, you are doing well. It means you are taking things the right way. For those who feel nervous or depressed, let me ask you a question.

What good does worrying about the future do?

Can you see your problems solving themselves when you are depressed?

The answer to both the questions would be ‘No’. Recover from this duality of upsetting about the future and feeling dejected about the past. Instead, invest in your present. I can recognize you saying ‘it’s easier said than done’. But, let’s be clear.

What options do we have other than picking ourselves up! If you like to make a better future, start by taking care of your present. Start doing things that you like. Concentrate on things you want to achieve in life and work. Count your blessings.

Appreciating our present will help us recover from the bitter past we had. Make peace with your past. Stop worrying about what will happen in the future. Life is full of surprises and unexpected turns. The present is what you have in hand. Make it useful. As an end note, let me tell you an easy way, “Shape your present in such a way that it enhances you physically and mentally every day”.

True beauty is about


“True Beauty is about who you are as a human being, your principles, and your moral compass”

- Ellen DeGeneres

Often we get into crossroads of what is actually right and what seems right from our side. In the same way, there’s a constant battle between ‘beauty gives confidence’ and ‘beauty is from the inside and not outside’. When all of it seems true, where do you draw the line?

This quote is a wonderful answer if you ask me. Let me discuss why this quote can be so impactful to you. Whatever your life situation might be, understand what is wrong and what is right and act accordingly.

Don’t let your moral compass down. If you do so, all your ivy-league education, the money, the looks and everything you have becomes meaningless. There’s no place for beauty when your mind and heart are against good moral compass.

Another thing that I feel most important is, if you keep succeeding as a human being, day by day, you become the most beautiful person. To succeed as a human being you don’t have to put in any hard efforts. Just Be who you are, Be Good and Do Good! That is enough.

Start building your life principles on the foundation of trust, honesty, respect, loyalty and being good to people around you. Remember, be good as a person, build your life principle’s right and set your moral compass straight. You are already beautiful the way you are, and as a little reminder, remember this quote.

Learn from failure and not from success

People often look at success as the end goal. All the efforts and resources are directed towards succeeding. However, what happens when even after all the efforts and resources are utilized and yet success is not achieved?

In these cases, people feel disheartened. They feel like they have lost everything and there is nothing left to do now. However, this is not necessarily true. You can still grow if you are not successful.

Without failures, we would miss out on the lessons, insights, and opportunities to sharpen our skills. Often success is celebrated and failure is frowned upon. But in reality, they are two sides of the same coin. It is said that failure is a stepping stone to success.

It points out our mistakes so we can improve on our weaknesses. They make us more capable of becoming successful in our next attempt. And these are some skills that the only failure can teach us, not a success.

Why do we learn from failure and not from success?

Failure is often said to be the best teacher. Failure teaches us things that success can not. Some of these include –

Failures give us insights about our past mistakes

When we fail, we are often presented with detailed insights about what went wrong. You have a detailed analytics report about what you did and how it affected you and your goal. These insights are actually very important. These insights form a strong foundation of knowledge. They help us understand where we went wrong and helps us to prevent repeating these mistakes.

When we can clearly see where we went wrong, it becomes easier to understand, manage and fix those mistakes in our next attempt. With every failure, we gain more awareness which helps us perform better the next time.

Failures develop in us the skill of resilience

Failure also teaches us to be resilient. This is the most important skill when it comes to achieving great things in life. A resilient person is someone who can stay strong in difficult times without giving up. A resilient person bounces back from failures and tries a more effective strategy for success. A resilient person is someone who learns from his or her failure and strives to do better when the next opportunity presents itself.

Only failures can truly teach us how to be resilient. They give us hard lessons through the necessary experiences. Failures teach us how to handle defeat without giving up. It teaches us how to start again.

Failure teaches us to pick ourselves back up when we fall. It teaches us how to start over from scratch. Failures provide us with the tools necessary to develop the skill of resilience.

How does social media affect personal development?


Some people almost feel compelled to use social platforms even if has negative effects on their personal, social and psychological well-being.

This often impacts personality development negatively as people miss out on the opportunities to grow while trying to chase social media updates. People neglect what is present in front of them for the virtual world. This leads to a lack of social and general awareness border lining on absolute ignorance.

Sometimes, they get so obsessed with the likes and fame on social media that they go to extreme lengths to achieve social media popularity. In recent times, news all over the world is filled with instances where teenagers got into serious accidents trying to take a perfect selfie for social media.

Students often neglect to study for spending time on social media. This has serious consequences on their education. The addiction makes it difficult for them to balance the virtual world with reality. They lose the sense of time and fail to draw the line between what is present in real life and what appears on the screen.

This leads to a sharp dent in the individual’s personality making him or her mentally and physically weaker. They exhibit a lack of self-control and extremely poor social skills. They succumb to mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

This makes things further difficult for them which in turn affects their personality for the worse. They also drift apart from their friends and family and spend most of their time online. They start isolating themselves from the social world to create an online presence.

This stunts their social growth and adversely affects the development of a healthy personality.

How do you develop a powerful personality?


One’s personality influences everything from the way you dress, the way you talk, the friends you make and the kind of life you live.

Define your core beliefs

Your core beliefs are the strongest foundations of what defines you. Everything you experience in life eventually comes down to your core beliefs. Your perspective on life and subsequent experiences stem from your core beliefs.

But how do you understand what your core beliefs are?

Basically, your core beliefs are what you believe about yourself and your life to be true. These are mostly intrinsic in nature. They are subjective meaning, they are dependent on your perspective and attitude.

Everyone has different core beliefs. Some of them may be similar but they are never exactly the same. Hence at the root level, every single person is different.

Your core beliefs are very strong and often motivate you to take certain actions.

Internal Motivators

When it comes to building a powerful personality, this motivation is also an integral part of the building bases of life. People with higher levels of motivation have a strong personality with defined goals for life. They tend to have an intrinsic drive to achieve things in life. They do not give up in times of difficulty and work-hard to gain substantial rewards throughout their life.

This is what others often see as a strong personality. They refer to such people as being a high achiever and look up to them. These people often go on to become famous public speakers, life coaches or business owners.

One of the key aspects of this personality building is to have strong core beliefs and understand how they motivate you. Once you are aware of these important facets of life, it becomes easy, almost automatic to develop a strong personality.

How do you remember all the information from personal development books?


Once you read personal development books, it is also important to apply what you have learned in your daily life. But how can you apply those lessons in your life without remembering them? The first step is often the most important. That is remembering the content.

Take Notes of everything you learn through these books

One of the most effective ways of remembering what you have learned is to take notes. Taking notes is fairly simple yet so effective when it comes to applying lessons in everyday life. It does not require much time and saves a lot of effort in the future.

You can take notes online through notepad apps for the sake of convenience and easy accessibility. However, if you like the tactile feel of the process, you can opt for writing the notes by hand. This may require you to keep a notebook. The good part about having these notes written down is that written content is better remembered than what you have just read or typed. As writing is a slow process and also involves a lot of senses, the content becomes strongly fits into the memory.

Another advantage of the written content is accessibility and future reference. We can not always expect ourselves to remember all the lessons at the same time. We often lose important points after a certain period. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have everything written down somewhere so you can easily access it whenever required. All you have to do is open a notebook and you have all the information in one place.

You can also make an index to keep track of what is written and mention the page numbers to further increase the ease of access.

What are the best ways to develop the intellect personally and socially?


Read high-quality complex books and research papers

It is often said you are what you read. The better stuff you read, the more your mind grows to accommodate it. People who read complex books and research papers have significantly higher intellect than those who engage in easy reading.

However, if you have never attempted reading complex papers, do not start with heavy stuff as this may be difficult initially and discourage you from trying. Instead, start with the material that is one or two levels higher than your usual reading level.

If you are used to reading page-turners, start with something that is just slightly more complex. However, if you have strong experience of reading complex research papers, take it a few notches higher by reading deep, detailed analysis papers or philosophical content that takes a lot of time and effort to be understood.

Make friends with people who are more intelligent than you

Another helpful and effective way to boost your personal and social intellect is to make friends with people who are more intelligent than you. When you hang out with such people, you learn a lot of new things.

You are exposed to a lot of information that you did not know before. You start picking up on their knowledge and start becoming more intelligent yourself. You also start thinking like them which sets your thought process into motion toward developing your intellect. You become more aware of things and move closer to a better understanding of what is happening around you.

Intellect is not a permanent concept. It is fluid. It can be developed as well as diminished. Your intellect depends on your daily mental and physical engagement.


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Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast related topics discuss the similarities and differences of things such as ideas, opinions, concepts, items, points, etc.

Learning From Failures

"It’s good to have a failure when you are young because it teaches you so much. For one thing, it makes you aware that such a thing can happen to anybody, and once you’ve lived through the worst, you’re never quite as vulnerable afterward.”

- Walt Disney

Celebrate Success. Learn from Failures.

Life hacks

Life hacks are such simple tips and tricks that save an incredible amount of your time. They improve your productivity and help you find quick fixes to annoying situations.

How to fall asleep

A sound and healthy sleep are extremely important. By giving rest to your body, you are in a way helping yourself to feel good and make your body and brain function more effectively.

Gratitude journal

Gratitude is the positive element in you that lets you express your thankfulness for people or things. Gratitude forms an important trait as it defines your attitude. Gratitude attitude also defines who you really are, what you think you are, and what others think you are.

Law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality.

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Hello There, Welcome to the SELF-LOVE GROUP!Read encouraging stories and share your experience to create a community where we support each other.You are not alone!Become a member of the community today. Benefits:Here you will get all your solution to develop yourself. Self-Love is essential to living happy, healthy, and peacefully but the problem is that everyone doesn't know how to care for and Love themselves because pampering yourself is needed for your soul and heart. Without loving yourself on your own, no one can love you. And for success and achievement, loving yourself also matters a lot.* You will get...

Organize Your Life And Take Action

Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day or dollars in the bank? Is your car usually running on empty, and your trash can full? Do you find yourself marking a cross in front of every task on your to-do list?Having enough time for work, family and friends, workouts, and doing everything you want to — if this seems like a mission impossible to you, don't stress out. The key to having it all is simple; better organization. Once you learn how to better organize your life, you'll have time for anything you want to do. This...

Reforming Zone - Motivation Dose

Hello there,Welcome to Reforming Zone!Get your daily dose of motivation to achieve your goals in life. Stay inspired and blessed through the positive words of the wise. Read encouraging stories and share your experience to create a community where we support each other. You are not alone!Become a member of the community today. It's FREE!Purpose of the group:Motivation is a thing that leads to positive change in life. To achieve your goals, you need motivation. Motivation comes from a desire to change. When you're motivated, you know exactly what you're striving for. It helps you clarify your goal, so you...

Believe in yourself

Hello There, Welcome to the Believe in yourself Group.You probably know a friend or colleague who has an incredibly negative outlook on life. Believing in yourself means having trust in your abilities. This means believing that you are capable of doing something — within your capabilities. You can overcome self-doubt when you believe in yourself, and you will be able to take action and accomplish your goals when you have confidence in yourself. Share your experience and read encouraging stories to create a community where we can support each other.Join the community today.!Why Should Join this Group?Believing in ourselves triggers...

Productivity and time management

Hello There, Welcome to the Productivity and time management Group. Managing time and being productive are two of the most difficult tasks nowadays. Probably one of your friends or colleagues is experiencing an extreme problem related to this. Productivity is the amount of work done in a given time period. A person is more productive during this time if he or she gets more work done.In addition, time management helps you prioritize your tasks in order to ensure that you have enough time available to complete every project.If you don't rush to finish your work ahead of a deadline, the...

Growth Mindset lead you to Success

Hello There, Welcome to the Growth Mindset lead you to Success.The first step towards achieving success in any field in life is having the right mindset. If we can set the right attitude, we won’t need to worry much about anything else.We need to develop a growth mindset as circumstances change. Share your experience and read encouraging stories to create a community where we can support each other.Join the community today.!Why Should Join this Group?A growth mindset believes that intelligence can be expanded by new learning and experience, while a fixed mindset believes intelligence is set at birth. People with...

Positive psychology to be happier

Hello There, Welcome to the Positive Psychology to be Happier.We live in a world that has a deep famine of positive psychology. You probably know a friend or colleague with an incredibly negative outlook on life. While there are just things that we cannot control - some of them are beyond our control - there are many positive things that we can take control of, with positive psychology helping us find and develop these habits. Share your experience and read encouraging stories to create a community where we can support each other.Join the community today.!Why Should Join this Group?Positive psychology...

Active Listening: Learn how to listen Attentively

Hello There, Welcome to the Active Listening Group.Perhaps you know a friend or colleague who has a highly challenging problem related to this issue. Active listening is an important part of communication because it helps people understand each other better. It also allows them to build trust with one another.Active listening is a skill that we should all learn. It is a form of communication where both parties actively participate in the conversation. The listener does not interrupt or talk over the speaker but listens attentively to what he or she has to say. Active listening skills help us to...

Emotional Intelligence in Workplace

Hello There, Welcome to the Emotional Intelligence in Workplace Group.You probably know a friend or colleague who has an incredibly negative outlook on life. The ability to understand and manage your own emotions and those of others is known as emotional intelligence. It helps people make better decisions and solve problems. In the workplace, emotional intelligence is essential because it enables employees to get along well with each other and achieve goals together.Share your experience and read encouraging stories to create a community where we can support each other.Join the community today.!Why Should Join this Group?At work, emotional intelligence plays...

How to influence people

Hello There, Welcome to the How to influence people Group.You probably know a friend or colleague who has an incredibly negative outlook on life. Influencing people is when someone changes your mind about something. It's like being persuaded to do something. You may not agree with the person trying to persuade you, but if they can convince you, you'll probably change your mind.Share your experience and read encouraging stories to create a community where we can support each other.Join the community today.!Why Should Join this Group?Influencing people is important because we all need someone who will listen to and help...

Boost your career: soft skills are the key to success

Career is the only thing that keeps motivating us to wake up in the morning. A person is considered a successful being if they have built their career. After all, starting from our first day of school, we put the first step towards building a career. And, if you are here, it means you are damn serious and passionate about your work. Purpose of the groupThe group 'Boost Your Career' might have to be the usual one. But, as you came to polish your skills and try to find ways to build a strong base for your career, the group...

Unlock Your True Potential: Enlight the power within you

Unlock Your True Potential: Enlight the power within youBelieve in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself. -Roy T. BennettThis quote directly mirrors your potential that you are not identifying. It's just like, "You have it, and you don't know it."Are you aware of the potential or the strength that you have? Well, I know, very few people realize that if they push their limits up to specific points, they can get what they want. What your potential is, you can't even imagine of. Unless you apply your entire possibility to work, you can't get...


  • How to stop taking things personally

    1. Look for root causes of taking things personally.

    2. Validate the emotions behind taking things personally.

    3. Break your chronic worry habit.

    4. Practice cognitive flexibility.

    5. Take a rain check on your personalizing.

    6. Practice perspective-taking.

    7. Ask for what you want assertively.

    8. Set better boundaries for hypercritical people.

    9. Spend more time with genuinely supportive people.

    10. Nurture your passions.

    Reference from NickWignall and article is 10 Powerful Ways to Stop Taking Things Personally

  • Body language tricks

    1. Try What's Known As A "Power Pose" To Increase Your Energy.

    2. Put Your Hand Out First For A Handshake.

    3. Do Rest Your Hands On The Table.

    4. Use Gestures When You're Feeling Nervous.

    5. Project More Confidence With Your Posture.

    6. Remember To Make Eye Contact.

    Reference from Bustle site and article is "Amazing Body Language Tricks You Should Be Be Using Every Day"