Rejuvenate: Re-energize your mind and body

Rejuvenate: Re-energize your mind and body


On a few occasions during the week, you may feel overwhelmed – by information, work schedules, and the number of people you meet. In such circumstances, your energy is sapped, and you find it difficult to focus and concentrate on your tasks.

This could be a minor irritant, but it grows larger in proportion if ignored. In some cases, it may even lead people to an extreme state of depression. There then arises a need to rejuvenate and re-energize both your body and mind. A bit of self-pampering will surely do some good!

13 ways to re-energize your mind and body

Here are some excellent techniques that you can adopt to keep you in good health and spirits.

1.) Meditation

Meditation is one of the methods to get you out of negativity, stress, anxiety, or depression. It has become very popular among many individuals, and even influential people vouch for its benefits.

When our body is experiencing stress or threat, it gets into a fight or flight mode inducing an adrenaline rush. This causes an increase in pulse rate and blood pressure, heavy breathing, and excessive blood flows into your muscles.

Meditation, however, enlists an exact opposite reaction from the body. The muscles relax; the breathing, pulse, heartbeat, and blood pressure are all at normal levels.

Choose a place devoid of any distraction and try out various meditation techniques that you can learn from a trainer or the Internet.

Some types of meditation commonly practiced are Metta meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Breath awareness meditation, Transcendental meditation, Zen meditation, and Kundalini yoga.

2.) Walk

Find some peaceful areas around you to take a walk. It could be a park or trails that could soothe your disturbed and agitated mind.

Take in the beauty of various seasons during your walks— watch the birds, the trees, and the sky around you. Enjoy the serenity of nature. You will find your stress moving away.

3.) Exercise

1. Hit the gym to keep your muscles in shape. You can do it early in the morning before leaving for work or in the evenings when you are free. Adjust the intensity of workouts with your stamina and fitness levels

2. Sitting still in the office and working for hours together may cause severe damage to your bones, muscles, and joints. Take a five minutes break, every two hours, to do some stretches even when sitting in your seat. Stretching eases muscles while increasing blood flows into them.

4.) Read

People who enjoy reading can take up a book to relax. There are many self-help books, inspirational books, books of fiction, poems, etc., that can not only prove informative but can also help you relax for a few hours.

5.) Meet your family and friends

1. Family is one of the biggest support systems for most individuals. So, when you are stressed out and need a change, take a vacation and spend some time with your family. It could be any of your well-wishers - parents, partners, or children

2. Take a break from work and meet the friends you value most. They can help you relieve stress by talking about how they got rid of such problems. Long-term friends can help you relive your old care-free days by reminiscing about them. You can also get away from the ground by going on vacations to distant places with your friends

6.) Food

Erratic food habits can sometimes disturb your schedule, causing irritability, indigestion, and sometimes illness. Taking healthy food or drinking some smoothies and/or juices of fruits and vegetables can soothe your stomach and reduce irritability.

Likewise, taking brain food – a cup of coffee, tea, consuming a handful of nuts, and eating dark chocolate could bring some temporary relief. Taking supplements as per your doctor’s suggestion could prove to be of advantage in such situations.

7.) Bike trip

Remember how carefree you were in your youth, driving your cycle around the city to meet your friends.

You can do that again to augment energy. You will not only see new places and new people you have never visited before, but you will also feel re-energized to take on a new task.

8.) Write down what you feel

Sometimes penning down feelings can help your mind find relief from extreme stress or even depression. Journalizing has proved to be effective in many cases and for many people.

You can write your journal on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis or when you feel stress. The following steps can be followed for the same.

  1. Write your concerns and anxieties.
  2. Describe your current situation
  3. The detail on how it affects you
  4. Read through and analyze what can be done to ease your problems
  5. You could also write your plans or goals you want to achieve in future
  6. Another option is to write a list of gratitudes that could dispense your negative state of mind

9.) Aromatherapy

Pamper yourself with some Aromatherapy. The fragrances that waft around you can enliven your mood and increase concentration in whatever job you have undertaken.

  1. Purchase your favorite incense and spread aroma around your house
  2. You can also make your own aroma by boiling together cinnamon sticks, apple peels, cloves, orange rinds, etc.
  3. You can also use fragrant candles for this purpose.

10.) Take a peaceful nap

A short nap or an afternoon siesta sometimes does the trick! After a long morning’s work, you can take a nap of 10 – 15 minutes just after lunch.

When you get back to the balance work for the day, you will surely be as fresh as a lily.

11.) Massage

Massage therapy has many benefits, perfect for rejuvenating and re-energize both your mind and body. People who have taken massage have experienced a reduction in stress even after many weeks of this therapy.

  1. It improves blood circulation by loosening muscles and increasing blood flow.
  2. With an effective massage regimen, you can reduce stiffness and back pain.
  3. Massage stimulates soft tissues in the body, which can then release toxins more easily.
  4. Massage loosens muscles and helps improve flexibility
  5. This therapy enhances sleep because there are no more stiff muscles that can hinder relaxation
  6. During a massage session, lymph nodes are also stimulated. As lymph nodes are in charge of our body’s defense systems, your immunity automatically increases when these cells are stimulated.

12.) Gardening

Some individuals feel relaxed while gardening.

If you are a plant-lover, then planting seeds, trimming, weeding, clearing dry leaves, watering, mowing are some activities that can help you rejuvenate yourself.

13.) Paint, Color

If painting appeals to you, then you can bring out your canvas and colors and paint. There are also numerous adult coloring books to bring out your creativity.

So, the next time you feel tired or lack the energy to move further, first relax. Take a momentary or a short-term break from your work and try out any of the methods mentioned above. After following the method, you will realize your weariness melting away, giving way to a fresher rejuvenated you!

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