110 easiest ways to live your life to the fullest and make your live the life you love

110 easiest ways to live your life to the fullest and make your live the life you love


We are the saddest generation with the happiest pictures on social media. I read it on an Instagram post. But how true is it? Indeed, or not at all? After reading this, I feel attacked because, somewhere, I found myself in the same state of life. We get such thoughts not because we don't live life to the fullest, but because we never tried to know how to live life to the fullest. We never recognize what the way of life is.

110 ways to live life to the fullest

There is not any rocket science in living life happily. It can be the easiest hacks that could be done with your personal, professional, mental, financial, or social life. To get the happiest life that we want is as easy as taking one small step on staircases at a time. Let's have a look, how you can live your life to the fullest and be the best you can be.

Define your happiness first.

1. Learn your definition of living life- To live life to the fullest or find what is best in life, first, you have to ask yourself what is the thing that will make you ultimately happy.

2. You have to decide- What is the moment when you feel, this is the way I live. Until you are well known for the definition of your way of life or how to get the life that you want, you won't be able to find your life to be fulfilled with all your dreams.

3. One more thing to keep in mind is that once you get the definition of your pleasure, do not think about what others will say; just go live your way.

4. Do not copy someone else’s lifestyle. Define it differently for yourself.

5. Recognize what’s the point in living. “Ask yourself, what should I do for a living?”

6. Lead your life the way you want.

7. Do not ignore realizations. Whenever you realize any good or bad thing about yourself, accept and work on it.

8. Stop judging your personality. Do not look at yourself from other’s perceptions.

9. Once you recognize what makes you happier, try to do it again and again.

Small gestures that make you live with satisfaction:

10. Saying thanks with a smile. We all were taught to say thank you in late childhood. Saying is very common, but it's impactful.

11. Being honest is the best thing you do yourself and others.

12. Respect your junior and youngsters. Even if you are elder or wiser than others, do not let others feel insulted or useless.

13. Talk politely to everyone. Our words and gestures define our character.

14. Value everyone's existence in your life. Respect the feelings of others standing in front of you.

15. Meet everyone with a smile: Smiling at someone doesn’t take much effort. Greet everyone with a charming smile on your face.

16. Do not hesitate to apologize. If it’s your mistake, apologize for it politely. Do not hesitate or let your ego stop you. Accept the faults and learn to say sorry.

17. Learn from your juniors or youngsters. It indirectly makes them happier.

Find what delights you most…!!

18. Write appreciation for yourself. Write appreciation for yourself, the things that made you proud of your accomplishments.

19. Learn to say no. Trust me. This is the most crucial thing you will ever learn in your life. Whenever you don’t feel to do anything, bring all your courage together and say No.

20. Notice what’s best in you. The most underrated things we all do in our lives. We all should take time and notice what is exceptional in us. Once we recognize that, we will never compare ourselves with others.

21. Trust the universe. The universe has put the energy in us that no one else has; this will give you intrinsic motivation directly.

22. Put yourself at risk: You put yourself at risk means you allow yourself to try new things. Do not be afraid of failures; you won't fail; you will learn.

23. Go on a solo trip: surely everyone in their whole life should at least have one solo trip. Solo trips help us to find our new lives and work as therapy.

24. Do yourself a favor whenever your body and mind ask for a break.

Mental exercises that you can follow

While dealing with life, your mental attitude matters the most.

25. Control your anger: Anger triggers many unwanted things in our life. It puts us in annoying situations. Try to control and calm yourself whenever you are about to burst.

26. Don’t be conservative: Do not hold on to rigid thoughts. Keep your mind always open for new thoughts. Never stick to outdated thoughts that would decline your growth.

27. Do not get criticized: Criticism is one of the indirectly entertained ideas; even if someone wants to change your mindset or your decisions, don't let them do that.

28. Don't give excuses to yourself: Giving excuses to yourself is like refusing to accomplish the dreams that are the ultimate goals of our lives. So, never give up on that and keep chasing your dreams.

29. Be in today: Keeping the past thoughts in mind as memories are ok but entertaining them all the time and letting them impact our present is not ok. Therefore, do not be in past thoughts unnecessarily.

30. Be thankful: Always keep gratitude in your heart for everything you have, and be inspired for what you want. Start and end your day by expressing gratitude.

31. Think about one thing at a time: Do not let your mind rush into things, even if you are multitasking. Don't get confused with the things ultimately. It will put you in chaos and stress.

32. Tell your mind every morning that you are the best: Start your day by listening or reading to good affirmations that will decide a good path for a day. Starting your day with good vibes can lead you towards achieving your goals with enthusiasm.

33. Learn to leave things and thoughts behind. The things that destroy your peace throw them away.

Financial aspects

34. Follow a budget: The financial crisis is one of the major things that could drag us towards stress and depression. Therefore every wise person should have a well-planned budget for himself or herself.

35. Educate yourself: Learn about Finance before investing anywhere for your better future. Always make sure you are having factual and up-to-date information about today's investment world.

36. Pay your Debts first. Take only debts that you can pay on your own.

37. Do not compromise on schedules. Always follow the financial schedules that you have made for yourself.

38. Avoid unnecessary spending. Even if you get excess money, then you have expected, still, avoid unnecessary spending.

39. Earnings < Luxuries: Never let your luxuries exceed your savings or earnings. There are many people out there who spend too much money on luxuries like having dinner out, getting expensive cars, and so on.

40. Recognize your wants first. Do not get confused between wants and luxuries.

Social aspects that can make you live your best life

41. Accompany with others: Ask for a company when you need someone and also give your company to others when they need it. Surely, we should give time to ourselves, but sharing our time with others can make more impact on our thoughts or mood.

42. Keep good relations with people: Maintain good relations with people around you. Surrounded by loving people will keep you happy. Being nice to others is one more principled habit you can inculcate.

43. Ignore the stereotypes: We all have faced these typical stereotypes in our lives. They never let you improve by standing out. So, better ignore them and do what you want.

44. Show empathy to others: Listen to others whenever someone wants to share something with you. Be kind to them.

45. Help those who are in need. Give those a helping hand who are in need, if you can.

46. Don’t keep any expectations. Even if you have good or close relations with someone, do not expect too much from anyone. Expecting can make you weakest.

47. Do not force your opinions or thoughts on others. Never make others agree to your thoughts with coercion. It won’t let others talk to you anymore.

48. Respect other’s feelings too. Do not hurt anyone with your harsh words.

49. Take the initiative to talk to others. Taking the initiative to approach others is one of the best things you can do to enjoy your social life to the fullest.

50. Invite others to your home. Have small parties or snacks together. Inviting others shows your good values and generosity.

51. Make time for your loved ones. Sometimes keep your chores away and make them feel important than work.

52. Spend for others This is one of the affectionate things you will ever do, sometimes we should keep practicality away and spend it on our loved ones.

53. Socialize as much as you can. It increases your communications and, ultimately, relations with people you meet.

54. Meet your friends whenever possible.

Make your personal life full of fun and peace.

55. Don't get engaged in virtual life excessively. You may not believe it, but virtual life makes us believe in baseless beliefs.

56. No need to fake the feelings. If you can't be nice to the people behind their back, just stay away from them.

57. Do not make big commitments if you can't keep them. Think twice before promising something to someone. It could put you in complex situations.

58. Don't stress yourself on small things. Take the things easily and work on them with clarity and specification.

59. Prepare a bucket list. We all are well versed with the term what a bucket list is. Set your priorities and start working on them as soon as possible.

60. Remember, today is the only day you can work on your dreams, today and right now. Don't wait for tomorrow to start.

61. Do not keep jealousy in your heart. It could make you unsatisfied with everything. You could not have everything in this world; accept it.

62. Don't talk bad about others behind their back. If you don't want people to gossip about you, don't do it, either.

63. Learn at least one art form. Whether it's drawing, dancing, crafting or singing. They teach us the true way of living

64. The phase of 19-25. This is one of the crucial stages of our life. Do not make major decisions at this moment without thinking much. Take advice from your elders or someone you believe in.

65. Accept the failures with a big heart. You don't always have to win. Recognize what your failures want to teach you and give it one more try.

66. Give time to the things you love to do. Let your hobbies flourish.

67. Stay away from people who drive your mood towards negativity and pessimistic thoughts.

68. Decide your moral values and do not compromise on them. Your values make you stand different from others, so never leave them for anything.

69. Don't be an attention seeker. Never do anything for the sake of attention. Make yourself better; it will grab their attention indirectly.

70. Hustle and know what is best in life. Make it memorable and make yourself proud whenever you look back at it.

71. Sleep with satisfaction and wake up with charisma.

72. Go easy with life. You don't need to have things pre-planned. When plans want you to go with the flow, just go with it.

73. Think for yourself before anyone.

74. Don't just be alive, life. Ask yourself that, what should I do for a living. What your heart firstly says yes for, just do that.

75. Don't hate haters. Take their words as challenges. And prove your grace.

76. Accept yourself with your flaws and mistakes. Define yourself first the way you live, don't repeat them.

77. Tell yourself every day, you are fulfilled with everything you want.

78. Inculcate the habit of reading. Read whenever you are alone.

How healthy life makes you live fully

79. Have healthy and nutritious food. Because good food keeps us fresh and energetic throughout the day.

80. Schedule an exercise. At least for 15 minutes a day, give time to your body. Try to work out even at home.

81. Meditate. Let your body be in silence and comfort.

82. Follow a schedule. Don't make frequent changes in your daily or health routine.

83. Get a complete sleep of 7-8 hours.

84. Say no to intoxication and other drugs. Control yourself from falling into these things.

85. Never ignore unusual body symptoms.

86. Go for a walk.

87. Do not have junk food frequently. It could cause your health badly.

88. Make small changes in your unhealthy routine as much as you can.

89. Do not listen or read the news frequently.

90. Don’t compromise on health.

How to live your life to the fullest without money

91. Enrich your life with self-esteem and self-actualization needs.

92. Be generous. Keep your giving hand bigger than taking one. Giving someone something gives us inner satisfaction.

93. Be an expensive character rather than buying expensive luxuries. Be a good personality that everyone will fall for.

94. Have a walk in nature. Nature has given us everything for free and still gives. It heals us more than anything.

95. Don't refuse to work hard. Those who work get everything they deserve.

96. Never quit the things in between. If you have decided to do something, do it without expecting any good results.

97. Express your love. If you love someone with all your heart, tell them before things go out of control.

98. Do sacrifice the things which are expensive and learn to be happy in what you have.

99. Stay away from comparisons with others and get stressed over it.

100. Keep your body language welcoming. Make everyone feels enthusiastic to talk to you.

101. If you care for people, show it to them. It indicates their importance in your life.

102. Be full of adventures. Adventures make us feel lively.

103. Don't be uncomfortable while trying something new. Enjoy the process and moment you are in now.

104. Do not be afraid of taking action for what you want. Forget overthinking and go for it.

105. Be passionate about things you do, or do the things you are passionate about.

106. Give priority to your mental health. Do not let small, silly things destruct your mental peace.

107. Define what is wrong or right for yourself. Keep your life on the same values.

108. Keep self-belief stronger. Be a confident person.

109. Keep the charm inside you alive.

110. Play with kids or spend time with them.

Final thoughts

You are the source of your own happiness. So before looking into anything to make you live fullest, define what your ultimate happiness and goal are. Let us know how did this article helped you and made you believe, Life is life…!!

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