How can I get Internships? Internship opportunities

How can I get Internships? Internship opportunities


If you’re reading "How can I get Internships", it means that you’re looking forward to doing internship programs. Congratulations! It’s a good start. Internships will make you look good among all those who have high grades. Finding internships is becoming easy today with multiple online platforms providing you the details. Sometimes, it can get tough. Finding appropriate internship programs can be a little tricky, so in this article, let’s discuss everything related to the internships.

Before you go looking for internships, let’s get some things straight. You need to sit somewhere without disturbance and gather information such as:

Write down your interests

If you have any line of interest or subjects you are passionate about, write them down. If you have any career choices, you like to follow, write them down. Finally, narrow it down to a few options and look for internships in such a line.

Be ready with your Resume

Don’t sit and prepare your resumes last minute. You will miss some key points. So, before you apply for internships, keep a solid good format resume ready with you. Keep them in soft copy as well as a hard copy. If possible, build a portfolio for yourself online.

Have a Good Profile

It’s a social-media age. Create a good social media profile in professional sites like LinkedIn. If you are on Facebook, Instagram, etc., please make sure that it doesn’t cost you your job.


You know your major/degree so well, and you know better about the line-of-subject you have a specific interest. So, choose internships accordingly. For Example: being a network major, you will find yourself more interested in say, Mobile Communications. So look for internships offered in such specific areas. You can narrow down quickly if you look for internships this way. If you are interested in photography, you should find people looking for interns for their photography work, or you can send entries of your own. These are examples, and you can choose yours accordingly.

Considerable Grades

You may have seen that while applying for internships, company/specific internship programs may require a certain range of GPA’s like an average. So see to it. Internship guidelines vary with one another, so if you’re sure of applying to anyone program of your choice/interest, gather their requirements first.

Gather all required/related information before applying

It will make your work easy. You will not miss any key information/detail in the process. You can better write down things that you need and check them once you have completed them.

Can seek Help

You can try asking details from people who are the same major as you. Seniors can help you with it.

Skill Set

Identify the skills that you are good at. It can be related to your degree/major or even outside your studies. You may be good with communication, problem-solving, or you could be good at designing, coding, etc.. Make a note of your skill-set. You can look for internships that require the above skill-sets.

Try Local places first.

Since you might not have any prior work experience, start by looking in local places around you or with local companies/organizations. See if they have openings. Everyplace is a chance to learn and get experience. So, it’s good to start small from the place near you.

The above points are some of the necessities that will help you to prepare and ready yourself for internship programs.

Where can I Find Internships?

With all the basic data in hand, it will be easy to do the second step of looking for internship programs. Companies offer internship programs to students and even employees during a specific time of the year. Your college resources can be very helpful in finding internship programs. Start-ups are also trying to offer internship programs. Mentors/professors might offer internship programs.

Apart from these possibilities, we shall see where to look for internship opportunities.


Good job-sites will have internship listings offered by companies and individuals. Keep yourself updated on those. You can also look at internship-specific job sites. Most of the job sites offer work/internships based on location, line-of-interest, period, which will be convenient to narrow the choices down.

Companies Official Sources:

Looking at the company's official websites/social-networking pages will be helpful. It will usually be updated daily. If there’s an internship opening, you will know. A Company’s affiliate organizations can also be checked from time to time to see for an opening.

Social-Media Follows:

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are great social media platforms that offer good opportunities and networking. With the help of networking, you can look for interning options or programs. Middle to leading Brands/companies/corporations are starting to update their social-media face today. So, check them from time to time. They may post internship programs offered by them.

You can Volunteer:

If you’re looking to gather knowledge or in-field training experience, you can volunteer. If your internship idea is all about learning, then volunteering is a good way. For those, money shouldn’t be a problem.

Try Local Organizations:

Try form local places, companies around your locality. Start as an intern. Work for some time. You will gain experience which will help you with getting the ideal internship program of your choice.

Friends help:

If you are still in touch with your seniors/mentors/ you can use that networking and ask for help. They can be able to help you in finding internships programs suitable for you.

Almost all major ways to find internships fall under these 6 points, but still, in reality, you may find other better ways to try too. We hope that these 6 points will give you an idea.

When should I apply for internships?

The right time to apply internships depends upon you. If you’re still in college, then you have to choose internships based on the time available for you. If you’re looking for summer internships, then apply before-hand.

The majority of people prefer summer internships, so if you are one among them, then apply as early as possible. Employers can sit to process them even before, so send your request as soon as possible.

Keep yourself updated and know the deadlines. Managements, accountings, financial institutions, tech companies will have a deadline. If you are into any such fields, see the deadline and work accordingly. Don’t get caught in a time where all people apply at the same time.

If you are serious about your internships, then you should take efforts as early as possible. You should be aware of deadlines, the right time/month to apply, and other requirements needed in advance.

What can I expect from Internships?

Basic but important things that you can expect from your internships are:

Chance to learn new skills.

Get live experience.

Learn about professional ethics, workplace culture.

Time management.

Decision-making capabilities.

Financial support to a certain level. If no pay, then you may get other allowances.

A good network of people.

Improved soft-skills.

Working hours like actual employees.

Able to take constructive criticism well.


Knowledge and Experience.

What should I do during an Internship?

It seems like simple questions, but, in reality, it can guarantee you a full-time position easily. What you do and how you perform during your internship period will guarantee a good job and good-will from employers. Use this internship as a chance to show your skill and make sure that you can be the right fit for them.

During Internships:

Do the tasks assigned on time. No excuses.

Listen to what your team/mentor has to say. Listen even though you could figure things out.

Be on time.

Treat your internship seriously.

Develop good communication skills.

Maintain good rapport with fellow interns.

Take initiatives.

Be an active participant throughout the internship program.

Respect other interns. Respect your top order.


Use every opportunity that you could get in every chance.

Give space for other interns to perform.

Be ready to face criticisms. Don’t take it personally. If it’s good, take it. If it’s bad, change the habit.

To Conclude:

Having discussed details of internships, it gets clearer about the importance of it. Being a student, internships can play a vital role in adding the credentials you need. Being an employee, internship programs can help you gain more knowledge and expertise. As a job-seeker, the internships programs that you have completed could make you stand out from the rest. On the whole, internships are becoming important. Look for it, and before that, prepare yourself for it.

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