How to write a good resume: Best resume writing tips

How to write a good resume: Best resume writing tips


In college, we all heard about the term 'Resume.' A resume is a curriculum vitae or C.V. It is a summary of your skills, education, work experience, etc. A resume is your very first introduction to an employer. It creates your first impression on the employer. So, it is just not only a document of some pages. It is the first step to prove yourself in front of the employer that you are perfect for that particular job. Your career objective, skills, acceptance all should get reflected in your resume. Let's find out "how to write a good resume," but before that.

What is a resume summary?

A resume is a summary of a person's education, background, job experiences, and other relevant personal details. It is one kind of structured, written document.

Every job advertisement asks for the resume of the applicant in the case of a walk-in-interview. The candidate is required to carry his resume along with other documents for verification.

The first thing that a job aspirant has to do is to prepare a good resume. It may get made before a cover letter. Carrying a resume shows that you are aware of your skills and potential. It also gives a hint that you are well-prepared for the job position.

Resumes get used to making a good impression on an employer. The resume is the first impression of a potential employer on you. For this reason, it gets considered one of the most important steps taken during a job interview.

Without a likely initial impression, a prospective employer can stop considering you as a suitable candidate for the post. He can move on to other candidates with better resumes. Then your resume will be lost in the paper waste box.

Let's think that your resume is a reliable tool for marketing yourself. You want to use the device entirely. That's why it's more than just a document: It outlines your background, skills, experience, and education. The hiring manager easily able to see how you are different from others. And how you can contribute to the company's success.

A resume is nothing but one kind of advertising. You are advertising yourself to the company with the help of your resume. The purpose of a resume is to reflect employer interest. For an advertised job opening, there would be thousands of other job seekers. To write a good resume summary plays an important role.

Is a resume summary necessary?

Yes, of course.

You have to compete with them for the same position. Therefore, your resume gets less than 10 seconds to make an impression. You must take great care of it while building your resume.

As a fresher, you can write several rough drafts. After that, you start writing the final one. This will help you to make your resume attractive, strong, and compact.

Generally, your resume should not be more than one page or two pages. In case you have a long list of academic achievements. If you have worked at several internships and gathered a lot of different job experience, then you may have to prepare a somewhat longer resume.

It is necessary to select an appropriate resume format. By which you can appealingly specify all the essential information. To authority that makes it very interesting and catchy.

There are some types of resumes. These are the chronological Resume, combination Resume, Functional Resume, etc. let's take a look at some common questions.

Employers often say that they want some trustworthy new hires. Who can move right in, get along with their co-workers? And get the job done by perfection without having to be guided at every step.

What is a good summary? & What is a professional summary?

Questions are answered with the following points.

Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written)

Honest behavior

Teamwork skills (it's essential)

Motivation/initiative to start something new


Good Analytical skills

Adaptability with new people

Computer knowledge (programming languages)

Self-confidence is also needed.

Cover all necessary information, add achievement, keep it short and straightforward, proofread. Many times, to catch spelling mistakes. Don't forget to mention keywords that are in the job description. Tell any other people to recheck your resume.

To write a good resume, the first thing that comes to our mind is the resume summary. The resume summary is a short paragraph at the very first beginning of a resume.

It highlights job seekers' skills and experience. As hiring, authorities have thousands of resumes. If you have an active resume summary, it can stand you out from the crowd. That's the benefit of a good resume summary.

The resume summary should appear near the top of your resume. In brief, you can tell the company. What services you can provide them. That will be helpful for them.

The sad reality is that hiring managers only spent an average of 6 seconds on each resume. You have less than 6 seconds to catch the eye. And here is the importance of a resume summary.

The main intention of a professional summary is to make your most relevant skills and experiences. Immediately noticeable to hiring managers. If your resume summary can attract the hiring manager, then the resume can be read later. But the time to create that kind of impression is short.

So, try to make an active resume summary. Here is more information about this. A resume summary is like an introductory statement. It focuses on the job seeker's needs and future goals of how he/she can be helpful for a particular company. A career summary gets geared toward the employer's needs. And highlights accomplishments and essential skills related to the job.

Now, as a job seeker, you are a personal brand. Even each company also has its brand. You must find a way to align your brand with the company brand — a well-written resume summary. Optimized with the right keywords, gives you that opportunity to the company.

A professional resume summary statement is only a 6-7 sentence paragraph. That starts a resume and highlights: the job-seekers professional background, relevant experience, and skills.

The summary statement gives the hiring authority an overview of your application. Without forcing to read the whole. In other words, an excellent professional resume summary provides the recruiter with a taste of things about you.

Now you might be confused about

How to create a professional summary for your resume?

Well, here are some points that can help you in writing an expert review.

1.) Write you're summery in a professional type.

2.) The very first point should describe your professional title. We will discuss the professional title later. Don't forget to add the number of years of experience in a job relating field. Keep in mind to write it in bold.

3.) Pick 4-5 most essential parts of your resume. And mark them into bullet points. Tease your potential employer into reading further. Don't let your resume lost in a pile.

4.) To maximize the impact on interviewers. Pack your professional summary with relevant keywords job-related. It'll be better t to quantify your every achievement.

To write a good resume, follow these steps to make a resume summary. You'll be able to make an excellent resume summary.

The next thing is what will get included in your resume. Many people have doubts about this section. Sometimes they forget to include the essential elements in a resume and for that reason. Their chance of getting selected may get reduced. Have you ever wondered

What are 7 things that should be included on a resume?

To write a good resume, follow these seven most important things that should get included in your resume.

Resume Summary:

From the previous discussions. We saw that the resume summary is the essential fundamental part of it a resume. Always try to make a professional resume summary. It helps a lot and increases the chances of getting the job.

Contact information:

A great resume should contain the following contact information in the correct order.

Professional expertise:

You should mention your professional expertise for which post you are applying. Mention in which field you are an expert. You can specify your experience in detail. Even You can give your professional website links or any previous project work link.

Skills and certification:

This is another critical point to mention. Highlight your skills and certification received from the previous project. Attach a hard copy of those certificates with a resume. Try to give all certificates. Describe your achievements in brief. You can add some additional skills like the following.


You should mention your education details. Your secondary, higher secondary school, graduation college name, academic years, etc.

Any online portfolio:

In the resume, you can attach any online wallet. Like LinkedIn, Quora, Tweeter, Stack overflow, or any social media profile link.

Your goals:

To make your resume memorable. Make sure to mention how your previous experience will help you here.

To write a good resume is the first opportunity. That you have to make an impression on the recruiter, it's essential to make a great first impression.

Hence it is necessary to know.

What are the main components of a resume?

If you follow all components of a resume, your chances of getting the job increase. The average recruiter spends little time on your resume, and you need to make yourself stand out. There are some essential factors or components. That should be present there when creating your resume. To write a good resume, focus on the central part.

Here are some central parts of a resume.

Organized Format:

You have to structure your resume in an organized manner to look professional. Keep your font traditional, your appealing layout, and spacing consistent. Now you want your resume to stand out from others. Don't be afraid to experiment with colors and design. It is a common mistake that many people do. As a result, their resume copy takes place in a paper waste box. Rather than this, know your audience. And be sure you are representing yourself to them in an organized manner.

Correct Spelling and Grammar:

Spell checks everything at least two times. And tell someone else to proofread it before you submit it to the employer.

Keywords from the job description:

Try to attach the main keywords to your resume. That mentioned in the job description of the position you're applying for. It will help a hiring manager quickly see that if you're a fit for the position or not. Even it will also help your resume scanning software signal you out. As a potential match for this post.

Related job or internships experience:

If you're new in your industry. You don't need to list the very first job you had decades ago. Keep your employment history to the past 5-10 years. If you have a lot of experience.

If you're a recent graduate, then listing the part-time job you had in college is excellent. But you also want to list any internships or projects you had that are relevant to the task. Outstanding experience also matters.

To write a good resume, you need to keep these factors in mind while making a resume. You'll make a lasting effect on the hiring manager's mind.

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