Quick tips to start conversation with woman - How to make someone fall for you

Quick tips to start conversation with woman - How to make someone fall for you


Even you struggle to talk to women? Or you are unable to express your feelings to them? It is usual as, when we are not sure about how they will react, little nervousness is normal.

It is simply because talking to a woman is a bit challenging than talking to a girl, as a woman is more mature than a teenage girl. Women are clear about their feelings, and they know what to fall for and what not to. They are well versed with different types of people and have experienced more than a girl.

Every woman is different in her way. She may have her opinions about everything and boundaries for letting someone enter her life. And therefore, until you are sure about your feelings and an idea about her feelings, think before entering into a conversation or any relationship.

Things to remember while talking to a woman

First of all, be clear with your feelings and stay relaxed. And ready with the things you are going to talk about or ask her. Here are a few do’s and don’ts you need to remember while talking to a woman-


1.) Look for the common interests when you initiate the conversation after the formal stage of communication, ask her about her interests, and see what are the common things in both of you. And discuss those things and what she is going to do next to develop those interests more.

2.) Just be genuine, do not try to act like someone you are not. Do not pretend the things which will make her fall for you for a while, and then you cannot tell her the truth. It won't be good for both of you.

3.) Have a talk about passion. If you can't directly ask her about her passions, you can start with introducing what you are passionate about and then ask her to share what she is passionate about.

4.) Notice small details about her when she talks about herself, and then let your efforts go in that way accordingly.

5.) Listen to her- Being an adult, we all felt it once in life that I have no one who will listen to me, to whom I can talk anything. And hence create that space for her when she is with you.


1.) Do not talk about other women in front of her. Now there is nothing to get jealous about or something, but there is hardly a woman who can bear the thing that a man is talking in front of or about someone else; instead, pay attention to her.

2.) Don't let your actions be in a direction that will look like you are doing it for sympathy.

3.) Do not enter into her personal space without her permission. Nowadays, everyone is concerned about their personal space, and hence interfering there may not be a good sign at the start of a conversation.

4.) No means no- when a woman clearly says no to talk to you, or she is not interested in keeping any relation with you, just understand that she is not interested. Do not apply any filmy implications like "girl's no means yes girl's yes means no." She is not a kid anymore hence respect her decision.

5.) Do not do something that will make her uncomfortable.

How to approach-

1. See whether she is not in a hurry; if she is, avoids talking.

2. Do not approach her in crowded places; it can make her nervous.

3. Be clean, hygienic, and well-groomed.

4. If you already know her name, just call her by it, and if you don't, "Excuse me" will be a better way to start.

5. Make eye contact and greet her with a smile.

6. Start with opener statements like-

A. Do you mind if I talk to you?

B. Can I take a few minutes?

C. Or you can give compliments.

D. Asking for help is the best and genuine way to start with.

Your next move will be dependent on how she reacts to your opening statement; for example if,

1. If she feels comfortable talking to you, let the conversation go on the way it is going.

2. Ask her some open-ended questions and opinions about something.

Some people are not easily comfortable talking to strangers, and hence If you feel that a woman is not comfortable, you should end the conversation as soon as possible.

How to talk to a woman online

Many of you may have experienced this while chatting with any woman online. As you are so enthusiastic while talking, you keep using pick-up lines, and you think that they can make her fall for you. But let me clear your misunderstanding; these pick-up lines seem inelegant more than impressing.

Whenever You chat with women, just remember that she is not a teenage girl who will fall for filmy pickup lines or cheesy dialogues, and then you ask yourself, why don't women like me? Any mature woman will never fall for such things. And hence here are some tips you can initiate the conversation with-

1. Replying to their posts or stories can be a good way to start a conversation.

2. Do not flirt at first, even if she gets comfortable.

3. Be friendly with her, not too much at first.

4. Do not text her frequently; let things go at the required pace.

5. Or you can start with ‘hi’ or any curious question.

For example- if she posts about any travel location, then you can start like, how is that place, I am also thinking to visit there, how did you reach there, are accommodation facilities available over there?

Some relevant questions like this will be helpful.

Starting intense conversations at the very first is not advisable as you are unaware of that woman’s feelings. It will lead your relation nowhere. Therefore, start the things with a formal introduction or question, get to know her, and then gradually move further.

What Makes a man open up to a woman

The foremost thing is to make them feel comfortable. It is the most important thing that makes a man share their feelings with a woman. It is observed that men hardly express themselves with everyone, and they only and deeply share their feelings when they are comfortable and believe in you the most.

Here are 11 things that can give you an idea about to what stimuli men respond wholeheartedly-

1. The most important thing is to listen. They hardly get heard in this woman-centric society. Hence, listening to them builds trust in relationships.

2. Initiating the conversation. Men don't need to make the first move everywhere. When a woman makes it, men feel concerned.

3. Asking for their opinions in matters where man is not considered generally, makes them feel special.

4. Asking him how his day was.

5. Showing empathy towards their feelings.

6. Giving him his space when he wants to be alone.

7. Appreciating him for his strength and way of managing things.

8. Understanding their perspective towards something and then talking to them accordingly.

9. Talking to them about their interests and letting the topic roll around them.

10. Keeping his secrets and making him believe in you.

11. Give them equal respect and attention they give you.

How to get a woman?

Even after having good intentions and feelings for women, many men cannot represent themselves in front of women. Maybe they cannot express what they are feeling, and hence being unclear about their feelings make the situation more chaotic, and they become unable to attract that particular woman.

1. The most important thing is to be confident about your feelings towards them. Keep this confidence until you utter your feelings.

2. Do not pretend anything, just be real and straightforward.

3. Be kind and show some care towards her.

4. Be a man with ambitions not just with swag.

How to love a woman?

Whenever you love any woman, try to avoid The things she doesn't like or the things which both of you have towards an argument.

For example- whenever both of you are about to enter into an argument, never use words like, why you all women are like this? Why do you women react so much? Why do women talk so much? Do not say such things, it can lead you towards more arrogance and unnecessary arguments. Instead of this, just keep quiet and let her and yourself be calm.

There are small gestures you can perform to make her love you or make her realize your love.

1. Appreciate her for her achievements and little sacrifices also.

2. Be open and kind towards her and break the stereotypes.

3. Sing or cook for her, at least try.

4. Keep giving her confidence about their relationship whenever needed.

5. Read her eyes, and ask if she requires any favor.

6. Accept her the way she is, and love her for it.

7. Make small efforts for her.

8. Do the things that attract her.


We cannot conclude on one set of standards or steps that can be followed to talk to a woman or make her fall for her. As each individual is different, they can fall for different things. But making them comfortable, and initiating conversation after understanding her in a good way is advisable in each case. And ultimately confidence and practice are key.

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