Best ways to talk to girls - How can you initiate conversation and sustain relations?

Best ways to talk to girls - How can you initiate conversation and sustain relations?


There are many guys out there who keep thinking about how to attract a girl that I like? How to impress a girl? How should I talk to her? How to get a girl to like you? Several questions like this may bother you when you like any girl. But if you keep stuck in these questions without making an effort, you are probably never going to get her or talk to her. But remember one thing, that it cannot happen overnight. You need to initiate a conversation. In this opinion, I will discuss a few tips you can start with-

How to talk to girls?

Two most crucial things to remember-

1. Each girl is different, and hence there is no standard set of steps that can be followed to talk to them. But good intentions and respect towards them are two things which can be considered as common in each case.

2. It's been said that girls are good at recognizing you and your intentions from your eye contact. Therefore, if you are having good intentions towards them, you don't need to prepare to talk to them, just be real and within limits whenever you talk to them.

When you meet her for the first time, there are a few things which you can start with-

Remember these things when you initiate the conversation for the first time because that is what decides if you both are going to talk for the next time or not.


1.) Make eye contact, not frequent.

2.) Be confident about whatever you are going to talk

3.) When you approach, greet her with a smile.

4.) Ask her name first and then tell yours.

5.) Ask her about her field of career or interest. If you both are already in the same field, then; ask her about her further interests or passions.

6.) Try to look for the same interest.

7.) If she responds to you well, let the conversation go on.

8.) Once she gets comfortable, ask her for the coffee.

9.) Be ready for "NO" And unpopular opinions.


1.) Do not keep staring at her; it will create awkward moments.

2.) Don't get intimate with her at the first meeting itself.

3.) Do not force the conversation.

4.) Do not expect everything to go the way you decide.

How to get a girl to like you

This is one more question that pops up once you get comfortable with her, how to make a girl fall for you. Let's have a look at how you can do it-

1. Once you approach a girl in the right way, wait for her response. Do not express everything in your first meeting.

2. Understand her likes and dislikes. And try to treat her accordingly.

3. Appreciate her for her past or current achievements. Because when you do so, she will feel like he is cared for by someone. Because who doesn't like appreciation?

4. Be there for her whenever she needs it, and even ask her for the favor when you are in need. It can boost your relationship with trust.

5. Whenever you are with her, give all your attention to her. Listen to everything she is trying to tell, and give her confidence that you are always there if she requires some help.

6. Start things with friendship. And let things go at a pace that your relationship needs. Because every girl cannot fall for you in the first meeting itself, and hence if you realize that she requires time, let her take it.

7. Try to give her hints about your feelings from small efforts and see how she reacts. If she loves it, reinforce the same efforts.

8. Do not create fake scenarios to get sympathy. Always be real and let her fall for you what you actually are, Because that is what on which your relationship is going to sustain.

9. If she is the one you really love, make her feel special. You can do it by giving her gifts if she loves reading you can offer her books. If she loves rides, ask her for them.

10. Spend more and more time with her as much as you can, but remember, do not chase her.

11. Ask her to meet at her favorite places, like cafes, parks, etc.

12. When you feel that it's the right time, express your feelings in the right way.

13. When you decide to tell her about your feelings, just be straightforward about it. And while expressing do not entangle yourself in your words.

14. And be ready for her decision. Do not overreact after whatever she says.

15. If she needs time to think, let her take space.

What if she says no?

1. What to remember when she says no. Just like we discussed, be ready for her decision.

2. Do not argue

3. If she says no, then politely accept her feelings and respect them.

4. Do not rush into making her feelings for you.

5. If she says no, the first thing you need to believe is that it doesn't mean you lack something. It doesn't mean that you are not capable of loving her or getting loved by her.

6. Do not take her wrong, as we all go from different situations in life, and therefore when such situations come out of the blue, we become unable to face them.

For example-

1. She might be going through personal issues.

2. She might have trust issues.

3. Maybe she doesn't want to fall into such relationships.

4. Maybe she has other priorities.

How to react when you meet after that denial?

1.) Things become awkward after that situation, and therefore it becomes hard to be normal. In that situation also, you need to be open-minded and try to talk to her normally.

2.) Do not try to give her guilt for her decision. If she means it, she will realize it as time passes. For example, you both were friends before, so don't let your friends suffer because of such decisions.

3.) If she doesn't want to talk to you after that, do not force her to talk. Maybe she is not interested in you, so it's better to move on.

What to do with yourself after rejection?

Do not let your mental health suffer severely. Try to accept the fact and indulge yourself in other activities.

What to talk about with a girl:

Many guys are clueless about what are the things to talk about with girls. Here are a few interesting are humorous things you can start with

1 Ask her about her ambitions and dreams and how she is going to accomplish them. And share yours, too.

2. Try to know her preferences like books or movies? Ask her further favorite out of it. For example, if she loves reading- Tell her to suggest a book, and after reading or while reading that book, discuss the things from it with her.

3. If she loves watching movies, ask her favorite characters.

4. Talk to her about her friends, meet them if you can.

5. Ask her about the adventures she did or which are still there on her bucket list.

6. What are the places she wants to travel to? Does she love solo trips or with friends and family?

7. Ask her about the happiest moment or best memories of life which she cannot forget.

8. Who is there in her family? Where do they belong?

9. Ask her to join in your plans with your friends or with you.

Things to say to the girls you like-

1. Show your feelings and efforts from actions instead of just expressing them again and again.

2. Tell her that since she entered your life, everything seems just perfect.

3. Make her feel special with little effort.

4. Tell her to be the way she is, and you like her with her flaws.

5. Say it to her that, "You enlighten my day."

Questions you can ask her-

1. What is the thought you get when you meet me?

2. How do you see our relationship in the few upcoming years?

3. Do you want me to change any habits of mine that you don't like?

4. What do things do you like about me? And why?

5. Do you think that I make any difference in your life?

What to talk about with your girlfriend?

There can be numerous things you can talk about with your girlfriend. As she is the one you talk everything you feel about. But there are some things that must be said to her.

1. Express your gratitude whenever she does something for you; one thank you can make a difference.

2. Offer her something that she loves, chocolates, books, flowers, or anything she likes; when she is down or not feeling well.

3. Have discussions about your future plans.

4. Share your secrets with her; it will make her feel special.

5. At the end of the day, ask her, "how was your day?"

6. Tell her that you love her the way she is.

7. Share everything that you are feeling right now.

8. Ask her for help when you need it, along with you; she will also feel better, that she could make a difference in your life.

Questions that will help you know each other better-

1. What do you think our future will be like?

2. What are her expectations from you?

3. Ask her where she would love to travel with you?

4. How is our relationship different from other relations we are in?

5. What do you think is the strength of our relationship?

6. Do you have any dark secrets that you haven't shared with anyone?


There is no one specific thing that can be said as best to talk to any girl or the one you like. It is about understanding the person in a better way and then making things work for both of you. But to make a sustainable relationship, a good conversation is a must.

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