Place A Full Stop To Your Negative Thoughts

Place A Full Stop To Your Negative Thoughts


Research says a person has 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Hhhuuu! Not a small number. Based on this number, you can imagine the working of your brain. So brilliant.

Well, are you sure these 70k thoughts in your mind are all the positive ones? Can't say, right? No matter how busy you are in your work, your minds' thought process keeps going without informing you. And, you can not control it.

Where the thoughts are not in your hand, then how can you stop a lot of the positive and negative thoughts roaming in your head? You just can't.

As today's lifestyle is so fast, people have too many issues; they are fighting with daily. Every person is struggling with many things. And, in such a condition, having a negative point is obvious.

However, not letting the evil thoughts affecting your life should be the rule of your life. Don't you think so?

If you can't control the negative thoughts in your mind, then how can you let the negative thoughts control your life. You may say, it's easy to say, just not let the bad thoughts affect life, but it's not easy in practice.

Well, I would say it is not as hard as you say. This is your life, and the control of your life should be in your hands and not into the other factors.

What are the negative thoughts?

Negative thinking is all about affecting your life. It is the process where you incline towards the worst part of everything, just imagination. Well, the review is about the dream. But, in the situation where not good events surround you, you only consider the worst part of all the incidents and lose hopes and expectations.

Negative thinking pressurizes you to imagine the worst side of the story instead of the positive one. As a result, you find yourself in a sad and depressing situation. It is easy to get into the negative, but it is important to walk to the positive one.

Have a look at a few examples of negative thinking, and check whether you can relate to it or not?

I want to give the speech. But, what if I forgot anything on time, or I couldn't just speak up a single word. People will laugh at me, and what will they say about me.

I want to be on the higher post. But I know the exam is so hard. Many people have tried to clear it, and very few are successful. What if I couldn't clear the exam? I'm also not as active as others in my studies.

I want to perform on the stage. But I have stage fear. Even though I could manage to go on the stage, but I couldn't perform. So many audiences will be watching me, and what they will say if I was mistaken.

And so on.......

Every situation is relatable to many of you. But, only a few can win the race of self-confidence and fear.

What caused the negative thinking?

The straightforward answer to this question would be FEAR!

Fear is the one that leads the negative thinking in you. Remember the situation where you are scared of something, and it showered the negative thoughts in your head.

For instance, let's take a basic example. When you were a kid, you have known the ghosts you saw in the movies. According to that, spirit exists in the darkness. So, whenever you visit the night, you had thought of evil, which then turned to negative thoughts. We all have experienced it in our childhood.

After that, speaking in front of the audience, clearing the exams, and asking the classroom questions are all the common fear many of you have.

You can see how easily the fear takes you to the world of negative thoughts. It is so essential to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

How to stop negative thoughts

Finding ways to challenge the negative thoughts may be challenging for you. It is not as easy and quick as you are thinking. However, it needs proper planning and patience. It will not happen in just a day. But, you will have to keep a patient and positive mindset.

Here, I have listed a few ways that will help you to spin the wheel. Please have a look:

1) Try to find out the positive results from the situation

Again, this one may be challenging for a few of you. Trust me; once you learn this technique, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.

This one way may give you the strength of facing bad situations. You only have to learn this art of finding something good, even in the worst case.

You can do it in the worst situation to stop the negative thoughts and turn them into the positive side. Ask these questions to yourself whenever you find yourself in a dire situation.

What is the right thing about the situation?

What can I learn from the situation?

What is the one thing I did wrong so that I don't do that the next time?

These three questions will help you deal with the situation.

2) Say stop to your thoughts.

It is easy to allow the thoughts in your mind. But, you will find it difficult not to let them enter your head.

Well, it is essential either. Whenever the negative thought taps you on your shoulder and tries to grow up in your mind, ask it, are you too critical to me?

Of course, the answer is no. And, then, tell them to get out of your mind.

It seems funny, but it is essential. You can be loud while telling them to go back when you are alone in your room. But, please say it in your mind, as it is more beneficial.

Negative thoughts start growing due to fear and guilt. You may be guilty due to the mistake you made earlier or long ago. But, does the mistake worth it.

I know the mistake can not always be corrected. But, living up to the mistake will worsen your life. It will take you to the phase of sadness. Remember the other 90% of the work you did correct, and forget that 10% work you made mistakes.

3) Replace negativity with the positivity

It is essential to know the elements that lead to negative thoughts in you. Ask yourself:

What are the factors that arise the negative thoughts in me?

It may be the newspapers, websites, movies, music, and so on.

Everyone will have a different reason for their anxiety. And everyone will have to deal with it differently. Try to replace the reason for your sadness and guilt with positive things. You will realize that the negative thoughts are going back.

4) Don't make the mountain from the molehills

Many people have the habit of making the peaks out of the small issues.

It even maybe the tiny mistake they have made or any incident they have faced. They will not figure out the solution for the event. But, they will keep holding the event and keep thinking about it.

Ask yourself, will the thing matter for me after a year or a while? I'm sure you will get the answer NO!

So, if the thing is not going to matter for you after some time, why are you still sticking to it. Free yourself from such events.

5) Speak up about your thoughts

Another main reason for building the negative thoughts in your mind is, you don't speak up about your ideas to anybody. Here also, you have a fear of being judged.

Well, the feeling of being judged is also your thinking. And, you don't know if you will be considered or not.

Who knows if you speak up about your thoughts and get the solution for your insecurity. Here also, you need a positive mindset to open up with somebody.

When you tell something to someone, you will get a new ray of hope, or you will feel losing up the burden of thoughts.

The Bottom Line

Negative thinking has an impact on both mental and physical health. It is the primary reason for sadness, depressions, anxiety. At the same time, you will feel the physical health effects.

How to get rid of the negative thoughts is a question in everyone's mind. But, how many of you actually make a move in the way of detaching them from themselves.

This only will happen when you will take the steering of thoughts in your control, and then only you could control your mind. Learn to shift the negative mindset to a positive attitude.

Good thoughts, bad thoughts are the sides of the same coin. But, these coins should be on the one hand only. Everyone should learn to keep the coin spinning. They should know how to go-round the situation.

Everyone gets only one life. You should know how you want to live life: a happy life, or the depressed one.

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