Healing yourselves from the insecurities lying inside you - stop being insecure

Healing yourselves from the insecurities lying inside you - stop being insecure


You have learned since your lower grades that confidence is key to success. One who has the ability to overcome their own flaws and insecurities wins all the races. Everyone encounter with problems of low self-esteem. But even sometimes, confident people may have many insecurities.

There is always an inner instinct that guides you, which makes you choose your choices in decisions. But what if this instinct keeps doubting you? It tells you that you are not worthy enough to be in that place. What if it tells you that "I give up on you!" It lowers your strength each time you test yourselves. It brings negativity and keeps lowering your self-esteem. You keep asking your own self, 'Am I worthy enough?', 'Will I be able to do it?' and you dump yourselves in making good decisions.

Being insecure may lead to making many wrong decisions. It would misguide you through your path. It will affect your career, your relationships, and also your personal life. And you have to strive really hard to get out of the trap of your mind. You have to bring that light again in your caves by digging in the mud clotted inside your cave. There is no one who is aware of your insecurities, and there will be nobody who will take you out of it. You have to put your energy in your direction and boost your self-esteem.

How to stop being insecure

There are many ways which can help you to know your weak nerves and come out of them. There are many ways that will bring motivation to keep things going:

1. You check on yourselves first -

One who is able to know all their flaws, their mistakes, and their weakness always stay ahead. Knowing yourselves is key. If you have all ideas about how you will react in a particular situation, then you can somehow judge the situation before and can also stop all disasters.

If at a time you know that getting closer to a person who is in long-distance will never work for you, you should never choose to do it. It will always have other talks at the back of your brain. If you know that attending parties at midnight is not your thing and you fear for it, you should avoid making such plans.

Do what pleases you and never try to go out of your vibe. The energy inside your body never lies to you. Be loyal to it. Happiness is a choice, and you have to choose it over anything else.

2. Point all the fingers at yourselves –

There is nobody who owns your mistakes. You have put yourselves in a situation, and nobody has ever dragged you into it. Stop putting the blame onto others. Stop projecting them on others.

You will develop the habit of accepting situations and dealing with them in a proper way. You are accountable for every action and responsible for what you speak. You will feel empowered and grow your self-esteem through it.

3. Break all your rocks -

It is fear which kills your self-esteem and rotten your worth. We fear of every obstacle on our path and then fail to reach the other side of fear. The side where your dreams reside, where you are your own version of you, and where you live carefreely.

You fail to secure your life being insecure in the dawn of your fear. You have to remember that it all begins and ends in your mind. The best way to lead your figure is not to be afraid of anything you are banged on. You have to utter to you that 'I am not giving up on you.' You have to get yourselves uncomfortable, break your stereotypes, and get yourselves comfortable.

4. Stop comparing with others -

Stop comparing the battles of others with you. Stop measuring your success on an axis with others. The ability of a fish is never judged by how far it flies than the eagle. Your chapter doesn't have the same pages as that of others. It can be big, massive than others, or even sometimes shorter.

Each book is written in its own way to be beautiful at the end. You are creating your insecurities by comparing with the wrong individual. The only healthier comparison you can do is with yourselves at each step behind you.

Calculate all your footprints and all the ways you have gone through. Accept that you are different and yet unique in your own ways. There is nothing healthy and worthy than knowing that is you alone in the battle.

5. Build your positive world –

Everything starts with you. You look good, stay fit, and speak wiser. Spread your word for kindness and reach out to people who make you grow. Follow good habits and stay honest. Build etiquettes and develop your personality.

Lay down a foundation of good values. Train your mind to see good in everything. If you are positive, there is no place for your insecurities to breed. There is no negativity around you, which will kill your self-esteem.

6. Don't get carried by your emotions -

You will never find peace when you always deal with your heart. Don't let your emotions guide you while making any decisions and making choices. Even in a relationship, always see to it that you are not carried away with your sentiments.

Your heart is too fragile, which then binds you with your insecurities. Embrace your heart along with your mind so that it brings mental stability for you.

7. Stop struggling for fake social media -

Often people judge their behind the scenes life through the highlights on stories of others on social media. There is no other toxic and consuming world than the lies of social media. We think someone has a perfect life just looking at their stories and then curse ourselves not to have all that fun.

We drain ourselves in trying to be fit in shoes that you have only watched and never tried. Learn to peace out with this social media and stay away from it as much as you can.

Nobody is easy to deal with, and so you are. In this process, it is very important for you not to force yourself. Always stay soft and gentle towards yourselves. When dealing with your insecurities, you must remember that you are fighting with the hard times and not with yourself.

Your motivation for the day should be you and your progress. Healing comes with time, and it's okay to spend your quality time on it. Investigate everything that triggers you apart. You are suffering, but you are even overcoming. Turn your wounds into wines that taste better with time.

Learn and note down what and how to be happy in your life. You are getting strong every day, and your power grows exponentially. Direct it in the direction of you. Focus on one step at a time and conquer your entire kingdom. Tell your stories to yourself, repeat them until they don't make you cry anymore again. Let it hurt, and then let it fly. You will understand that it was always in you, and you will be thankful for what you have now.

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