Feeling Anxious & Nervous To Talk To A Girl? Ways To Start A Conversation With A Girl.

Feeling Anxious & Nervous To Talk To A Girl? Ways To Start A Conversation With A Girl.


It is so much easier to talk to your guy friends. There are endless lists of topics to talk about with them that you rarely ever outnumber the list. Whether you are out with them or are talking to them on call, you will always have something to talk about, isn’t it?

But the same cannot happen when you are trying to talk to a girl. It will get a bit tricky here, won’t it? The majority of boys can work up the courage to go and talk to some girl, and even fewer can do it right. And those boys who do it effortlessly are admired or envied by the other boys. When, if you ever approached them for advice on it or try to copy them, chances are really low of you being successful in your attempt.

It is not something as hard as finding a cure to a disease, nor you need to be an expert to do it. Yet, so many of the boys find it so difficult to accomplish. It feels no less than walking or entering into an enemy’s territory. That kind of dread they feel. Guys find it so intimidating.

For whatever reason you need to talk to a girl; whether to make friends with her or to make her your girlfriend, knowing how to start a conversation with them can certainly help. It will also help you to calm your anxiety down and make a good, if not great, impression.

This article will help you to lock a conversation with a girl and also achieve success.

Is It Really That Important To Know How To Start A Conversation With A Girl?

Before we start with the ways to know how to start talking to a girl, let us reflect on the question of how important it really is actually.

So the answer to the question is, YES! It is important to know how to start a conversation with a girl and also do it right. Specifically when you want to make her your girlfriend or get into a relationship. If you do it right, then you will let her know, without even saying it verbally, that you possess the things and traits she is looking for in a guy. Maybe, you need to do research regarding it beforehand.

A great conversation will increase your chances by a great bar for her to say yes to go on a drink or date with you. And you will get more opportunities in the future to show her off how great you are for her. Isn't this the whole ordeal is all about? That’s it! A mission will be accomplished.

Approaching Her

Yes, it is a sort of an obvious step, but you probably are chickening out before you even get close to near her radius. Moreover, you just don't need to simply approach her but need to approach her the right way.

Choose a proper situation when you can initiate this step. Before you do that, plan an introduction or in what way exactly you are going to start the conversation.

You don’t want to end up in a nervous babble and ruin your first impression in front of her. And yes, make your strides confident and make eye-contact. Also, it would be nice if you will compliment her.

If she looks away from you or shies away, then it could mean that she is not that into you. Or she is thinking about something else. Other than this, be careful how you stand or how you place yourself in front of her. You might be unknowingly making her uncomfortable and might be too close to her for her liking. And keep your attention on her completely.

What To Say Once You Approach Her

This could be equally hard for most of the boys, just as the first one. Guys feel extremely jittery for this reason. They cannot figure out exactly what to talk to a girl. Guys think of the girl as some otherworldly being and not as a normal person. This is what makes them nervous to talk about.

Just like you, the girl is a normal human being. Granted, you cannot talk about a sport like a rugby like you do with your guy friends. (Although there are girls who may surprise you with their sports knowledge). But you can at least make an effort to talk to her about what is going on around you both, or what is talked about in that present time? You will feel comfortable once the conversation starts flowing.

One of the best things to say for keeping the conversation going is to tell her a thing about her that you find interesting. You will not only compliment her, but also it will provide you with more open-ended answers to ask more.

Being Yourself

Girls have a natural lie detector. They can easily tell (most of the time) when you are being real or are pretending to be something else. Let me tell you, girls like honest and genuine people, especially for a guy.

When you are real with her, you make it possible to have a meaningful connection with her. After all, you cannot pretend to be someone else when with her always. Besides, you will be enjoying your time with her being yourself as you will be relaxed being yourself. Everything you will talk about with her will be real and will flow naturally.

Pay Attention To The Signals

After starting a conversation with her, pay attention to the cues she knowingly or unconsciously drops. Keep an eye on the subtle gestures or body language. The way she behaves will let you know if you are doing it right or not.

If she is making eye contact, smiling, or putting her input in the conversation, then she is enjoying it as well. You are on the right path.

If she is not into the conversation, bored, or not like it, then you will get hints from her about it. She will give short and clipped answers, she will seem annoyed, she will appear to be in a hurry and keep watching the time or her phone. She will desperately be seeking ways to get out of the conversation.

If this thing happens then, it is better to cut the conversation. You then need to try better again or just simply move on. Don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t work out. Maybe you both just don’t click together, and it is better to forget all about it.

Know About What You Should Talk To Her

It is necessary to know what you should be talking about with her. These things are really hard to teach and are a natural talent a person possesses. But there are few tips on things that you can talk about to her.

Talk About Herself

Most of the time, girls like it when a guy (or anyone) talks about her with herself. They like it even more, when the guy likes her. It shows that the guy is really into her and likes her.

Shared Interest

There must be something in common between you two. You must be aware of it if you had liked her for some time, and you must have made an effort to get to know about her from somewhere. The interest you both share can be a great conversation starter and is also a safe bait to talk about.

Talk About Her Opinion

Choose a topic, whether serious or not, and ask her about her opinion on the topic. This will make her feel as if she is important to you and heard by you. You will also get to know her thoughts and get an insight into what kind of person she is.

Showing Interest

You must have heard about the phrase that boys are mean to girls they like. Well, the statement can not be any more wrong. Unless the girl is super understanding about you, this will not work. You are just to push her away more from you and will also make her dislike or hate you.

You need to show her that you are interested in her. And being mean to her will not let it make possible. Don’t be direct in this as it may not settle well with her. But make obvious hints in this regard.

How can you do it? Compliment her, say something nice and sweet to her, describe how good it feels to be with her, or how important she is to you. You can do small nice things for her that you do not do for others in general. Make her feel special.


This can be an easier way to talk to a girl. Texting can be less daunting than having a conversation face to face. You can start with a joke or a meme.

The conversation on text is always more playful and light-hearted. It will also make it easier to ask questions over text. Moreover, you will be more relaxed conversing over text if you are an introvert or have a hard time speaking your heart out.

Besides, there are some questions that are too hard to ask on their face. But asking through text can make it way easier to ask and for them to answer.

Keeping A Conversation Going

A more difficult task to overcome than striking a conversation is to keep it going. We all have a list of a few questions we have in order to strike a conversation. But it is over quicker than we anticipate it to.

Once it is done, you go blank in mind on what to ask next. This leads to awkward silence enveloping you both, and you might tense up. Neither situation is good for your first impression.

So, in order to avoid this from happening, you need to keep the conversation going. Do these things to achieve that.

Choose your topics wisely to talk to her. The topics should be ones that are relatable to anyone and everyone. Also, see to it that those topics are the ones that will provide you with possibilities to ask more and keep the conversation going.

Or you can go with the topics that you feel strongly about. Just remember not to bore her out. This will let her know things about you and your personal self.

Or it could be the reverse of it. You will need to ask her questions that she feels strongly about or is passionate about. You will get to know more about her. And as mentioned before, girls like it when a guy who is into her talks about her. It makes her feel important to the guy.

And she will slowly open up to you more when your focus is on her, truly. You also get to pick clues about her based on her answers. This will be more than enough to keep the conversation going.


Now that we have gone through the ways to start a conversation with a girl or how to talk to her hope this will help you. If you want to talk to a girl to make her your girlfriend or just to be friends with her, first you need to learn how to start a conversation.

Striking a great first conversation and also making a great first impression can help to start your relationship with a girl much better and easier. More than half your work is done with it.

Knowing the do’s and don’t of starting a conversation with a girl will take away all your anxiety you were feeling in taking the step. If you are well prepared, then you can know that it is not as difficult as it appears. You might actually end up having fun if you are relaxed, and this can be a great experience for you as well.

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