How to plant ideas in your head?

How to plant ideas in your head?


How important is critical thinking in your life? Do you really think of something in a critical way? If no, then start thinking in a critical manner now. Getting new and creative ideas is not a tough task. For, e.g., If you want to market your new product, you can watch TV ads, newspapers, magazines and search the internet.

Is critical thinking a problem-solving task?

Yes, if you develop critical thinking skills, you can solve many problems in life. Critical thinking also helps in getting new and innovative ideas. The following are the ways by which you can get new ideas through critical thinking:

1. Meet new people

You can learn ample things from each new person. Every person has their specialty, and you can learn something different. Involving in old groups each day will make you think in a specific way. You must connect with new friends all around the world and share ideas and thoughts about a particular activity and field. In this way, you can get creative ideas by meeting new people who will change your life.

2. Take a walk

Ideas can be generated from any place or new thing. You can visit a shopping mall, market, theatre, café, library or any other public place. Traveling to new places will give you creative ideas to solve problems. You can then work in a more efficient manner at the home, office, or another place.

3. Note down the ideas

Ideas can generate any time in the mind. If you get a new idea to make your project simpler, note it in a book or draft an email with that idea. This will help you to recollect at another time when you have to do your work. You should not delay in writing your creative ideas in the books as there is a chance you may forget next time. It is necessary to capture the ideas as they occur in your brain.

4. Read and read

Reading will boost the capacity of your mind to generate new and creative ideas. You must develop a habit of reading books of various genres such as science, technology, fiction, history, and business.

Apart from books, you can read a newspaper, articles, blogs, and weekly magazines. They contain the latest updates and events, which plant a new idea to solve a problem in an easier and more effective way.

5. Meditation

Creative ideas need a noise-free environment. Yoga is being practiced by many youngsters and adults in the present times. To plant a new idea in mind, you must meditate daily for half an hour or more. It boosts your mental focus and strengthens your mental health. Through meditation, you cannot only get creative ideas but also think in a more critical manner. Meditation helps you to get a smoother and more effective flow of ideas.

6. Ask questions

Whenever you are at the office, school, or college, you can ask questions to your seniors. Asking various questions will give you different answers. This will help you to think in a more critical way. All the different answers will develop your critical thinking skills. You can then remove the unwanted things from the plan and focus on the most important ones.

7. Tell your ideas

Thinking about a new idea is not enough. You should also allow your ideas to come out in front of people. It is very crucial that you present your ideas to friends, parents, and colleagues. Communication will give the power to think in a precise manner. In addition to that, you can know the pros and cons of your ideas and then accordingly make changes in them.

8. Find the concrete solutions to the problems

A problem can have many solutions. Some solutions can be useful, while some do not give useful solutions. You have to consider only all those solutions which are useful by removing the negative ones. This will help you to improve the quality of your ideas, and you can solve the problems in a quick manner.


These tricks will help you to find new ideas daily. Following these tips and tricks will help you to lead a better life and get success in every field.

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