How to overcome fear - 11 tricks and tips

How to overcome fear - 11 tricks and tips

Fear is when you get scared of someone or something. When you face painful, harmful, or dangerous circumstances, it means you are frightened of them. Fear is primarily when you experience an unpleasant emotion out of anxiety.

When you fear, you generally feel arrested and held tightly. You have difficulty in breathing. You sweat a lot. You also feel nausea and blurred vision. Fear has a differential impact on different people.

11 tips and tricks to overcome fear

Here are 11 tips and tricks in which you can actually overcome fear.

1. Practice meditation and do deep breathing exercises.

Make it a part of your routine to spend reasonable time for yoga and meditation every day. As part of this exercise, also perform deep breathing exercises.

Every morning as you wake up, focus on your breathing abilities. Inhale from one nostril and exhale from the other. Do this repeatedly for a good number of times. You can choose to do it whenever you face a situation of fear and anxiety as well.

2. Consciously give a thought to your mental sickness.

Understand what your fear is. Help yourself in knowing what exactly it is that you are feared of. Take mature decisions. If you can welcome fear from one door, you can also exit it from the other. Work this out, and you will witness results in no time.

3. Throw yourself into happy moments of the past.

Your past will certainly have beautiful memories that you can cherish in the present. Bring out all that positive energy in you and subside your fears.

4. Listen to light and instrumental music.

By giving time to listening to music, you can moderate the fear factor in you. Listen primarily to two types of music. Listen to the music that you love to hear the most. Also, listen to purely instrumental music without any lyrics so that you just get carried away with the melody in harmony.

5. Focus on the tip of a sharp object.

Aim at any sharp object like a pen or a pencil, or any other object within your focal range. Gaze at it for a reasonable length of time. You will get lost out of your fears in quite a short span of time.

6. Close your eyes and take a nap.

When you fear something or someone, one quick fix is to get yourself off to bed. Lean over the bed keeping your eyes closed. Take a short power nap for just about a quarter of an hour. As you wake up, you feel very energized, rebalanced, and refreshed.

7. Go spiritual.

Offer prayers to your favorite god. Enchant spiritual sayings and offer yourselves before the idol. Keep staring at the idol marking your complete focus and attention. The fear in you would have already left in no time by now.

8. Accept fears to be part of life and keep moving.

Understand that fears and worries are all part of life. Accept them with courage and converse with them. Think big. Tell them that you do not have time to spend with them now. Keep moving in life.

9. Think of something that causes you more fear.

If a fear distracts your work, replace it with one other fear. Think of even bigger fears and tell yourself this is just a budding one and need not be attended to. Slowly sideline your fears by replacing them with the fears of others. Finally, since you are not the impacted one, you will stop fearing others' fears in your mind anymore.

10. Think of your goals and visualize success.

Set realistic goals. Foresee success in your goals. Picture the end results. Imagine as if you were celebrating those moments. Help yourself understand that you are in a partying mood. And that you are now not willing to carry or care about your fears anymore, as you got the important job of celebrating your success.

11. Share your fear and give it an end.

Spend time with your favorite buddy, be it individual or pet. Discharge out all the fears you are carrying. Spew out all your worries, anxiety, and bothering that is distracting your path towards progress. By clearing out things from your mind, you ultimately end up ending the fears out of your head.

Fear is, therefore, your mental sickness. With negative vibes around, you will fear more. To arrest fear and to get rid of it, you should always develop the sense of being positive and thinking positive. Optimism earns your life. You may fear success or failure. But do not let yourself fear for life. Ultimately you want things to move on for leading a better life in the future.

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