How to organize your life - 11 habits

How to organize your life - 11 habits


It is highly important that you organize your life. Organizing life is about not just organizing your personal life, but also organizing your professional life. You also need to organize your thought process and everything that goes into your life for leading fruitful well-being.

Very often you get lost and waste an incredible amount of time searching for some or the other thing every other day. That is when organizing life plays a vital role. Keeping your things and valuables organized implies that you are setting a place for everything. Place for everything and everything in its place – PEEP is what you are actually doing by being organized.

Organizing also implies that you not only allot space for all the storage items but you in fact also label them for easy retrieval at a later point in time.

11 such habits are illustrated below. You can choose to deploy these habits and organize your life as a whole and avoid hassles in the eleventh hour.

  1. Sort out a list.

First, understand what needs to be organized. Make a written list of all such items. Prepare separate lists for professional space and personal space and for the rest. You may have a good memory, still make it a point that you list them down in the first place.

  1. Set a place for everything.

Once you are ready with the list of things you need to organize, you now have to find a place for each of these. Identify space in such a way that you are easily able to pick and retrieve them for later use. Avoid the last-minute rush. Spend sufficient time in recognizing the right location for the item.

  1. Set time stamps and schedule every task.

When you have cherishable moments to reckon later, schedule them in your diary. Set reminders and alarms in your gadgets in such a way that you surely attend to the moment. To ensure that you do not miss out on such important dates or meetings, schedule in your outlook calendar or on your smartphones.

  1. Maintain sticky notes.

You might find it difficult to jot down all that which is to be organized. So always keep a sticky notebook handy, either in physical form or in your electronic gadget. While at work and suddenly you are reminded of something, you can first put it in such a sticky note. Later when you set free from your task in hand, you can focus on organizing your life from these perspectives as well.

  1. Avoid usage of ‘miscellaneous’ or ‘all in one’ labels.

Always ensure that you pack your items and find a suitable location to place them. Above all, label each of these. Never tag the box under miscellaneous or all in one. This certainly makes no sense at all. Name tagging is quite important for every single item you wish to retain with you.

  1. Don’t postpone to organize things.

Fill your mind and body to desired energy levels when organizing your things. Do not ever postpone doing this task. Just do it right away. Because this moment is in your hands. You never know what the future has in store for you.

  1. Dump the unwanted.

When you organize items, do it with the utmost care and with conscious levels up in mind. If you identify something to be saved for later use, you should also be able to identify things that you may never require at all. Either trash it down or give it off for charity. One man’s trash could be another man’s treasure.

  1. Differentiate between needs and wants.

As you sit down and organize your items, you first need to differentiate between items that you need and items that you want. Keep your needed items more handy, as you would be picking them up over and again. But those that you categorize just as want, it is ok to push such a box of items behind the box of items that you categorized as a need.

  1. Standardize your approach to organize things.

Label all your boxes. Prepare a master label tag and set it for display. Regulate your approach in which you organize items. Even out the formulae for ease of organizing, rearranging if needed and retrieval obviously.

  1. Arrange items in a systematic manner.

Follow a systematic and well-planned methodology when you organize your items. Categorize them as most important, important and not so important. And for the rest of the items, you will certainly have to take a call.

  1. Be self-disciplined.

Once you have organized all your space, ensure to maintain the same for years to come. Over a period of time, organizing no longer becomes a task, it rather becomes a subconscious part of your routine.

To simplify, your life gets busier day after day. In your busy routine, you bring in too many resources. You have to admit that you face the difficulty in picking up most essentials in life every day. But when you lead an organized life, you will have clarity at work backed by clarity in thought. You feel ease in doing any task, even under a hectic schedule. Your organized lifestyle determines your definition of life that you exhibit to the world.

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    Organizing your life will have drastic changes in its quality. When you plan ahead and move accordingly, you will have more time to get extra work done. We all wish to get more systematic and organized in life. It not only increase your productivity but also improves your way of life. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you live a systematic life and organize it. Read on to know how to organize your life.

    1. Make deadlines and schedules

    One quality that you should practice is to not waste time. If you wish to organize your life, the first step to it is to not waste any time in hand. Organized people make sure that each day is productive for them. They do not believe in letting go of time. The best way to reorganize your life is by writing down schedules for each day throughout the week. This will help you to get systematic. In addition, set goals and deadlines so that you complete every task on time. Besides, make sure you strictly follow them too.

    2. Write down

    Simply memorizing your daily activities won't let you get organized. A better way to be organized in your life is to write things down. You can use a pen or paper to write down or even use any mobile app for the same. You can choose what makes you comfortable. Memorizing everything can get too much for your brain to handle. Hence, writing important things is a great way to organize your life.

    3. Avoid Procrastination

    Procrastination simply makes you lazy. You keep delaying things one after the other, which spoils your entire schedule. If you wish to be stress-free, then organizing your life will help you do so. The first step to avoid procrastination is to initially write things down. Additionally, write when you will do the task. This should help you overcome procrastination.

    4. Keep Things In Order

    Every item in your home should have a proper place specially designed for it. Hence, make sure you put it back in its right place after every use. You can organize your life only if you organize your home first. In addition, keep the storage section clutter-free. Be creative enough to find a place for every item in your home.

    5. Store only what you want

    The more stuff you have, the more clutter it can cause. Hence, if you wish to organize your life, then first get rid of any unnecessary stuff. It is also a fact that having less stuff will give you a chance to enjoy them more. You can also make a list of things you feel necessary or unnecessary. This will help in clearing out stuff.

    6. Distance from bargains

    Remember that you are not clearing out space to fill it up again. Hence, make sure you are a safe distance from bargaining. Organized people are very well aware that items on sale will only increase the clutter in your home. Additionally, it won't serve any good in your life.

    7. Work hard

    When it's about your responsibilities, you need to put in a lot of hard work into it. People who live an organized life will know better how they lead such a stress-free and happy life. It is simply because they work hard enough and know where to draw the line. Hence, never back out when it comes to doing your duties.

    8. Be wise with money

    One of the ways to stay organized in life is to be wise with your money. If you overspend or live by credit cards, then in no way will be get organized. People who are organized are very smart with their money. Today, you can also download many applications that help you to manage your money well.

    9. Develop a routine

    It is best to plan your day well in advance. This way, you won't waste any time in hand. Additionally, it helps you to organize your life as well. Besides, learn good habits like putting things away as soon as you are done using it. Doing this on a daily basis will help you get organized.

    10. Plan ahead

    Another simple way to reorganize your life is to plan your next six months or a year. What you can do is write down the goals that you wish to achieve in this duration. Additionally, write down how you plan to do it. Set deadlines for every goal. Ensure that the goals you set are realistic.

    11. Experiment

    Organizing your life does not mean you should give up on some fun. You can experiment with various new things and explore activities that interest you. We all have our rough days wherein you can try new things that excite you.

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