how to make life simple and happy

how to make life simple and happy


Life by nature is actually simple. But by your deeds and actions, it gets complicated. However, having said all that, I personally love to keep my life simple. Leading a simple life makes one more efficient, more productive, more energetic, and quite happier. Simple life carries along with a more peaceful and pleasant life.

I would like to share a few of my personal experiences that might be of help for you too to lead a simple life.

  1. Spend time in solitude. Speak to yourself. Open out your hidden thoughts and you will feel a lot better than ever before.
  2. Effective anger management will yield your success in almost all of your actions. In handling a tough situation, spend about 20% of the time in understanding the problem and the remaining 80% in focusing on the solution.
  3. Planning the priority list and working as per schedule brings you out of chaos in situations that you have to handle. Keep things simple so that you will be able to put enough effort and pay enough attention and give your energy into the most important ones.
  4. Proper time management reduces stress and relieves you of mental tension all through the day.
  5. Multi-tasking can do wonders for those who can appropriately handle circumstances well. But in case you feel that by doing a single task at a time, you can give your best and can deliver results with utmost accuracy, then that should be your cup of coffee. Try to break bigger tasks into smaller and actionable pieces.
  6. Jot down all the things you had always wanted to do, that can drive you extremely happy. And start working them out one after another. Always be happy.
  7. When it comes to financial matters, it is always good to spend within your limits. Do not be a debtor to anyone or any entity. You will be extremely healthy by mind and body.
  8. Read a lot of books of varied nature. Try to learn at least one new thing every day.
  9. If you are a food lover, involve yourself in cooking multi-cuisine. Try different ways of cooking the same dish. You will cherish your food and your work for long.
  10. Play a lot of games- indoor and outdoor. Physical exercises burst out your stress and also adds to your good sleep. Workouts usually give you a soothing relief to handle your day.
  11. Every failure has to learn in it. It is better to try and fail than to not trying at all. Learn from your mistakes. Explore other possibilities on how you can handle the situation. Do not wait for opportunities. Create opportunities. Record your success and repeat your progress.
  12. Be a mentor and let people look up to you as a role model. Do things that not only benefit you but also your society. On the other side, learn from people who have faced similar situations like you and the challenges they faced. Accept newer challenges.
  13. Love to do what you like, rather than cornering yourself to love what you are doing. Such tasks are a great take-a way’s that you will revere forever yourself and for your next generations.
  14. Watch and perform in shows and programs that you love most. You do not want to regret later that you missed a bright chance.
  15. Do a lot of meditation and yoga. Doing so brings a balance between your mind and soul.

Besides making your own life simple and aspiring for others to follow, do make it a point that you spend valuable time with your family and friends. Share your experiences with your kith and kin as well. Encourage them to give you suggestions. Be good, kind, and generous to all. Life is pretty short. Every day is a new day. Enjoy every moment of life and lead the fullest. Make life simpler.

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    In the words of Sri Rabindranath Tagore, “It is very simple to be happy. But it is very difficult to be simple.” A simple life means different to different people. Primarily, if you stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right things, life becomes simple to deal with. Life by nature is actually simple, but with your deeds and actions, you actually make it complicated. Yet you can work it out the other way round.

    Here are a few smart ways to make room for mindfulness to improve your life. Needless to say that not every way or tip will fit your lifestyle, so just handpick them and apply them accordingly.

    1. Recognize what is most important for you in life. Work it along. Keep things simple and short. Do not bother yourself with things that bear less or almost no value for you in life. Try to trash off whatever you possibly can to make life simple. Just move along. You must have the courageous integrity to let go of the life you planned. Doing so might yield you more fruitful results and a much-awaited bright future.
    1. You may be speaking to a number of people day in and day out. All that is part of the social life we live in. But you have to however be choosy in spending your invaluable time with important people, people whose company you truly enjoy, encourage and appreciate. Spending time with people close to heart revitalizes your life and improves your feeling of being more alive.
    1. A famous writer once said these words about life. “The first half of life is ruined by parents and the second half by children.” This means that in any human’s life, at any given stage, you are prone to face challenging situations. Be bold to face them and simplicity will automatically fall in place. Every moment is priceless and the present moment is what is guaranteed for you. This very moment is your life. So don’t miss it. Life rarely gives you a second chance.
    1. Set yourself free from the external barriers in life. Do not keep cribbing over your own back what others might be saying or feeling of you. It is a human tendency that every person in a relationship has certain expectations over every other person. Do not bend and bow against your principles. Enjoy every moment of your life to make it large and yet simple.
    1. Always carry a smile on your face. A smile replies to a smile. It is pretty simple. Having a sense of emotional intelligence, managing your anger and responding rather than reacting to unprecedented situations instantaneously, all of these matter in making your life simple enough.
    1. Read a lot of literature. Observe from close great personalities. Develop your own lifestyle in such a way that you set the ground ready for others to follow you. If you are able to drive home your thoughts and ideas and able to get at least one follower, it means you are already on your success spree to making your life simpler. Now at this stage, you need to settle down with a distilled set of principles and philosophies that reflect your values.
    1. Identify what interests you most. Set aside time for it every day. Cherish every moment you work on that. This is what makes you truly happy and gives a meaning and a purpose to your life making it much simpler to lead and showcase.
    1. You do not have control of every happening in this world. So it is always better to keep your focus and attention on aspects that are under your control and within your purview. Act on them and do not worry about the worldly activities. By refraining yourself from focusing on things you cannot control, you will be bound to complain a lot less. Do not let your name take place on the complaining list. Because those who complain the most actually accomplish the least.
    1. You will have a list of actionable tasks every day. List them all. Divide them into two groups. Tasks that you must do and tasks that you want to do. Trash out the rest. Doing so makes your life utterly simple.
    1. Sitting for long hours and doing nothing all day does not make you busy. Working long is what actually works. Every now and then, pause yourself and check if what you are working on is really worth the effort. Having said all this, it is also important for you to understand that results are always more important than the time and effort that goes into achieving the results.

    To sum up, being organized isn’t about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a totally different person. It is about living a simpler life by living the way you want to live, cooking it up with better perspectives by change.

    Besides, give time for yourself. Set aside all the gadgets, all the objects, and activities that pull you to work every single day. Spend time in solitude. Also, take the opportunity to thank others. Be modest.

    On the other hand, it also makes it a point that a simple life isn’t that easy. Leading a simpler life not only requires that energetic kickoff, but also demands a sense of constant self-discipline. It is your life, live on your terms. But at times you may also be required to imbibe in yourself how to say no to others softly.

    Believe in yourself. You do not need to showcase your materialistic possessions. Showcase your humbleness, your modesty, your skills, talent, and knowledge. Refrain from being jealous, envious, greedy, or dishonest. At the same time, do not waste time and money, be it yours or of others. Be friendly with nature and environment too. All the love and simplicity that you shower upon the world is sure to come back to you.

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