how to improve yourself everyday

how to improve yourself everyday


Get Better Every Day!!

Every day, come out of your comfort zone so that you can improve and be a better person today compared to yesterday. Focus on yourself because happiness blooms from within. You should understand that life is a journey and becoming better every single day as you grow should be your top goal.

Prima facie, you have to admit that committing mistakes is part of life and the learnings that you derive out of them is what exactly that puts you through the best light.

Here are a few ways that might suit you. Chase one or more of them and continue to grow as a person better each day.

  1. Every night before falling asleep, give yourself the time to think about one good thing that you did today, that made you feel happy. Take a few minutes to compliment yourself.
  1. Read a good book every day. At least an article. But make it a point that you learn something new every single day.
  1. You may be having a set of hobbies. But have the courage to pick up a new hobby. Because learning something new requires you to stretch yourself on the physical, mental, and emotional aspects.
  1. Listen to motivational and inspirational speeches and drive home levels of emotional intelligence to improve yourself better.
  1. You may have fears in you, just like anybody else. This is a human tendency and has to be taken for granted. But the good thing about fears is, they are our opportunity areas. From fears come thoughts. From thought arise opportunities. From opportunities, you grow.
  1. Making mistakes are common. When you encounter such mistakes, try to fix the problem rather than fixing the blame upon somebody or something.
  1. Do a lot of yoga and meditation to stay happy, healthy, and in peace. Doing so also makes you better.
  1. Have a tight sleep. If you fail to have sufficient sleep, your body feels that restlessness. This, in turn, hampers your will power to get better each day.
  1. Wake up early every morning than you usually used to do before. This will automatically give you more time and energy and you will be a lot more productive and you will also witness improvement in the quality of your life.
  1. You may be having bad habits, which are actually part of life. Pick any one of those to start with. Make an action plan to curb it down in a given period of time. Every single day you work towards this, it means, the better you are making yourself every day.
  1. Be courteous. Often keep using the golden words-thankyou, sorry and please. The goodness and kindness you offer will come back to you, making you feel far better. You will be excited to live for long in the moment.
  1. Show to the world that you are a trustworthy person. Articulate your thoughts and feelings and ideas in an open and honest manner with a broad-mindedness.
  1. Whenever possible, offer help to those in need. If you are especially rendering a helping hand to strangers, you will cherish that sense of joy and mental peace for long. You will have the eagerness to polish yourself and to make yourself better each day.
  1. Be a good listener. Just as how you want others to listen to what you say, you should also have the patience to listen to others. This can change yourself in a positive manner.
  1. Many times, you might face a situation of difference in opinion. In scenarios like these, be yourself if you believe you are right. Align yourself with your principles, beliefs, and values. Establish your identity and drive home your thoughts and ideas. This helps greatly in making yourself better.
  1. Every day is a new day. Every moment is a new moment. You never know what is in store for your future. So, think big and master yourself to getting accustomed to the changing world. Accept and be open to change. It boosts your morale and self-confidence in building a better tomorrow.
  1. You may be enrolling for a workshop. Or you may be invited to be a part of a seminar. At times like these, educate yourself. Do the groundwork. Take out time to know more about it. Reason yourselves and understand the concept from different perspectives. Explore more. You will fall at ease on the stage finally. These activities spike up your inner ability skills and take you forward towards improvement.
  1. Maintain two journals every day. One is where you record your today’s activities. And the other is where you jot down what better you can do tomorrow. Then start working and every single day, you can check your own progress, pitfalls and also come up with further improvement ideas to polish yourselves better.
  1. You must accept that without effort, results are sure not to be fruitful. So, just come out of your comfort zone. Mashup your routine. Do something different today. By doing so, you are literally growing by facing new challenges and circumstances.
  1. You may be doing a lot of things. But if you get praise or a suggestion for what you have done, you will feel a lot better. For this to happen, do not wait for others to watch over you and give their judgment. Seek feedback from family and friends occasionally. Feedback obtained can be positive or negative. Have the courage to accept feedback and use it in a constructive manner. You will inevitably get better day by day.

To put it simple and straight, put yourself on the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall in place automatically. Because the only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday. Just remember that every day may not be good, but there is good in every day.

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