how to find your passion- Learn The Role Of Passion In Your Life

how to find your passion- Learn The Role Of Passion In Your Life


Can you survive without any motivation in your life? Of course not. Not even a single day.

I agree many people may realize their passion lately. But, you won't find a single individual who takes action without being passionate about something.

I have seen many people quitting their top-positioned, high-salaried, and luxurious jobs to follow their passion.

Imagine you have graduated from the top university and got an engineering degree with distinction. Now, it was time to capture the job market and get a high-salary job and make yourself settled, completing your dreams; you were waiting for a long time ago.

On every single day of your job, if you feel incomplete, no interest in the position you are at, no excitement to work on new projects except pocketing the salary, what will you call it? It is clear; you have lost your passion under the big books of engineering studies.

Remember, Mr. Bean, a famous actor, who has entertained you without saying a word? Many people may know that Mr. Bean was a Mechanical Engineer.

If they may have followed their studies and forget their passion, where would they be now? No doubt, they still would be successful like other people, like any other engineer, but they choose to quit their field and follow their passion.

Of course, following a passion is not at all an easy task. If you want to get success objectively, want to enjoy your work, want to be happily working, the passion and the madness for the power is a must.

What is passion and, why it so important?

If you can do something for hours, days, years and don't feel bored, tired, you are passionate about it.

Here, I would like to mention that it is not always essential; when you want something means you are passionate about it. Like, and passion may seem the same. But, there is a fragile thread that differentiates them.

A study says you can spend time with the stuff you like. But, you can quit those things for any reason. But, when you are passionate about something, you can not live without it.

You want to work hard and harder to get perfect for the job, you may also struggle to get involved in those things in your life, but you can not compromise. You can not select any other position over your passion.

Many people have found out their passion. But, if you are still struggling to know your passion, follow these tips to find your passion.

Tips for finding your passion

When you are in search of your passion, ask yourself these questions.

1) Ask yourself, what do you love?

When you love something, you can do anything for it, whether it is a person or stuff.

Let you love dancing. Your day starts with the dance, ends with the dance. No matter how busy you were for the entire day and how tired you are, before going to bed, your routine includes a time slot for the dancing.

Congratulations, dancing is your passion. When you follow your passion, you automatically feel motivated to make it better and make yourself better for the stuff.

2) What do you make forget everything?

Remember the time when you were doing something and didn't care about the extent.

It can be anything, from any point of your life, maybe, from your childhood, before joining the new job, before having the kids, etc. It can be anything, like, the stuff you did during your previous career while being a student or a kid.

If I ask this question to myself, I would answer the question is the study of psychology. I'm mad behind the psychology. I can spend a lot of time behind this topic and don't get tired, though. I feel a passion for the subject.

I know you also have the same feeling about something. So, try to find it soon.

3) About what you can speak for hours without being bored?

Let's take the previous example. If you can talk about dancing for a long time and don't feel about the time just passed, it is your passion.

Like, I said, I like psychology, and if someone asks me to speak about it, I can talk about it a lot without thinking twice.

When you like something, you get to know about it more and more and want yourself to be the most knowledgeable person about the thing. Remember, such a thing can be your passion.

4) What do you want to be recognized for after your demise?

Well, it can be a difficult question for you.

Of course, if you die someday, you would like to be remembered as a good human being, loving spouse, caring parent, a helping friend, a responsible citizen, and so on. But, along with these things, you may also have something deep down in your heart that you want to be recognized for.

If this feeling is so strong in you, you should be happy that you have found your passion.

5) From a career perspective, what do you feel enjoyable?

Repairing cars, treating patients, making models, etc. Anything can be satisfying for anyone.

If someone likes to solve tricky mathematics problems, they may have a passion for mathematics. In the same way, you may have that thought somewhere in your mind, which you find enjoyable and satisfying doing for hours, and don't feel tired; then it can be your passion.

If you find so, work on it and make yourself best in it.

6) If you were the richest, what would you be doing?

I mean with this question is, if you were financially secure and didn't need to do a job then, what do you see doing yourself.

I know many of you are doing your job because of the responsibilities you have. You have kept aside from your dreams and working to fulfill your financial obligation.

When you do so, you don't feel happy from the bottom of your heart. So, ask yourself, what you think makes you happy, so that you can reach the desired output.

7) What makes you feel obsessed?

Well, obsession can be good also. If you feel focus on something, it is your passion.

I read somewhere, entrepreneurs saying that they are afraid to lose their wealth or whatever they have earned for a prolonged duration. At the same time, they feel excited to restart everything, even if they failed.

You can say it is their obsession for being a boss at all sorts of their life. So, it's your turn to find your obsession.

8) What do you want to eliminate from your life?

This question is so important to know about your passion.

Apply a filter to know your likes and dislikes. The importance of this action is such that you will know the things you don't like in your life.

When you eliminate the stuff you don't like, you get clarity about what you want to be a part of your life. When you do so, you get the slots in your life which you need to fill by putting the right things in place.

You get more space to focus on your liking and interests that will help you reach your goal.

What next after finding the passion?

I won't say, quit your current job, studies, to follow your passion. That is entirely your choice.

Although, I can only say, practice, practice, practice. If you have found out your passion, make yourself the best in the domain. Don't let anyone point you out because of the mistakes you may make while performing it.

You only have to work on your capability to make yourself the best in it. When you do so, you get confidence in the skills you have.

When you find your passion, follow it, not for anyone else but yourself.

Steal some time from your busy schedule to give it to your passion so that you feel happy.

When you love your job, you don't need to take any help to distress yourself. Your passion is enough to make you feel relax.

The Bottom Line

I believe success is more beautiful and easy to achieve when it has the madness for it.

Even if you are successful in something, if you don't feel passionate about it, you won't continue the work for long.

Whereas you don't get so much money, praise, recognition for something, but you feel passionate about it, you will be happy.

Without passion, your highly paid job will also make you unhappy, whereas your love brings your happiness to you.

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