How to Control Your Thoughts - 12 ways to master of your mind

How to Control Your Thoughts - 12 ways to master of your mind


Controlling your thoughts means either refraining yourself from things that bother you or replacing your anxieties and worries by peace and tranquility. Overall, you govern your views, opinions, feelings, and judgments.

By controlling your thoughts, you become your own boss. Which means you control your mind and actions. You direct your mind what to do and what to abstain from.

When you control your thoughts and become the master of your mind, you reap incredible successful results. It is, of course, easy said than done. But by practicing rigorously and religiously, you can gain control over your thoughts.

To help you drive along this path of mastering your mind, few simple techniques are stated below, which you can incorporate in your daily routine.

Having implemented them, you will soon realize to act mindfully and skillfully and direct yourself straight to the path of harmony and happiness.

1. Change the direction and control your thoughts.

Sit in a peaceful place and know what thoughts are wandering in your mind unnecessarily. Take a mindful action and a relevant decision as to whether you should let them wave around in your mind for groundless reasons, or are you willing to allow them to move around. Either change your thought to some other activity or replace them with new and positive thoughts.

2. Pursue a hobby that interests you the most.

A hobby is something that you execute out of interest. Pick any such hobby and put it to practice. You will soon gain control over your thoughts and drive your mind towards your fascination. Attract yourself to such luring hobbies every now and then, and master your mind.

3. Perform acts that bring home happiness.

Identify doing what makes you happy. Pull out time and just proceed with it. Once you resume back to your schedule after finishing it off, you will bounce back with double the energy and interest levels. You focus more and deliver results with paramount dedication.

4. Practice yoga and meditation.

By involving yourselves in a daily routine of yoga or meditation, you easily master your senses and thoughts. By listening to the sound of your breath and the sound of your heartbeat, you get away from the distractions that were bothering you for long. Even if an unwarranted thought interrupts your work, you excel in curbing it down with less effort.

5. Think from the other person’s perspective.

Do not just jump into conclusions or make decisions abruptly with broken pieces of information in hand. Be empathetic to understand the underlying reasons. You will soon control your thoughts and emotions and manage your mind. Now make decisions with a positive approach towards the situation.

6. Share your thoughts and put them an end.

When you are in a painful situation and hooked up with multiple tasks around, it is okay to spend a few moments to share them with your best buddies. By sharing, you relieve your mind from unjustifiable thoughts and put them an end.

7. Analyze a situation from various standpoints.

There could have been an unexpected and unforeseen odd circumstance that you came across. Do not just sit and worry. Rather, try to analyze the situation from various viewpoints. Master your mind to get to the crux of the problem so that you easily crack up with a solution.

8. List your conquering bad thoughts and burn them off.

A bad thought in your mind could be the result of a situation. Identify all such triggers and list them down—Master the art of blowing off the triggers so that such situations do not repeat.

9. Understand that you cannot change everything around.

Control your thoughts by helping yourselves understand that you cannot gain access to everything in and around you. Certain things happen by chance, and certain others happen for a reason. You are not the master of the world to control these. But, you are the master of your mind and can certainly control it.

10 Rehearse your strengths.

Know the areas where you excel. Experiment with new tasks using this skillset. You will soon control your anxieties, and your mind will itself tell you how and what to do next.

11. Cut down complex jobs into smaller ones.

If you are held up in a lengthy and complex job, practice the art of splitting this one big job into multiple smaller actionable chunks of tasks. You may also choose to delegate these depending on the situation. Thereby, you become the master of your mind.

12. Do not feel substandard about your failures.

You might have failed one or more times in your work. Do not feel demotivated, downgraded, inferior, or substandard. Rather, appreciate yourself that you came up with a way in which you are not supposed to do that work. However, streamlining your failure until to grab success.

Be successful in life by tuning your mind towards growth and betterment. Train yourself and undergo a development program to give yourself a return gift of a promising life. Repay yourself by exhibiting honesty at work and valuing the goals that you take pleasure in most.

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