How to comfort someone over text

How to comfort someone over text


Everyone goes through a rough phase in life for once and feels terrible. Since in some cases, despite being surrounded by many individuals, we still carry an empty feeling, an emotion no one should need to go through. This can be the reason why we ought to show all our efforts into making a difference for individuals who are feeling helpless and lonely.

Comforting Somebody: 15 Ways to Help Them Feel Way better

In some cases, it can appear like there's absolutely nothing you'll be able to do to help somebody who is feeling low. There are various ways through which you can console a person, but how are you going to decide which one will work the best?

There are 15 ways through which you can make a person feel way better when they feel low.

    1. Hear them.

    Sometimes people feel that the other person is just trying to fill the void of silence when they hear out, but they don't know that you are showing care in your way. Hearing somebody can be a way to make them feel better for someone who is hurt by some action or feeling pity about the things happening in their life at the worst stage to open up and get some viewpoints on without any judgment passing.

    Maybe you don't have one single answer, but at least you are there for them to hear them out.

      2. Show care and affection to them.

      Touch is an extraordinary way to communicate and to make other individuals feel cared for. Hold hands or put your arms in an embrace. Try these ways if you don't know the ways of consoling someone who is in trouble. You can try shoulder squeezing, too, to make them feel comfortable.

        3. Gentle Encouragement

        People often think about the negative thoughts that come at that moment when they feel sad, and it feels like everything is wrong in life. Even though, in case somebody features a sense of how things might get perfectly alright once more or how they might suddenly see the circumstances again when time passes. Whether they involve someone else's presence or just your time alone to get better, that can be of unimaginable help.

          4. Be available every time

          It's difficult to know how to respond when you know somebody is disturbed. Be available for them the moment they need you the most without saying anything to make them feel great or happy. It's a great method to comfort somebody around you.

            5. Be Loyal To Them

            Everybody needs to feel understood, and that's how you'll be able to offer help to them. Recognize their feelings without making judgments or trying to settle circumstances - just let them know that it makes sense for them to feel this way. It will create a difference in their perspective and in other people's perspective too.

              6. Respect the way they want to be comforted

              Everyone has their way of responding to being sad, and that means you need to make sure how you're offering them support matches how they would like it. You will ask in case there is a certain movie, snacks, or song that they would prefer to do anything else. Just show that you care about them in many ways.

                7. Provide some space

                It might not appear the most perfect way to console somebody, but some of the time, they just have to be lonely. It can help someone who is feeling sad to get an idea of ​​how they might feel so much better once again for themselves and how it will influence the way others see you as well.

                  8. You should Take care too.

                  To be in a situation in which you have to help those people who are feeling a little bit low or stressed about anything can be upsetting for you as well. Do not get so tired that it affects how well you can provide support.

                    9. Remind them you care.

                    There is a difference between having someone hear about your problems and remind you how important they are to you. They can mention that you are good to be a family member or a friend that they think you are, which will make an impact on the person about the way they feel about themselves.

                      10. Express your care

                      This is huge. You just can't hear them out and sitting there to show your presence; instead, you have to express whatever you feel, either it's your care or affection. It's not the most effortless thing, but it'll make everything so much better when individuals have back from others who adore them.

                        11. Keep their company

                        Sometimes all somebody wants is a bit of distraction from how awful they feel. You don't need to try or fix anything; just keep one-on-one company by doing something with them or watching your favorite TV show together.

                          12. Understand their feelings

                          It's not always simple to get how somebody else feels, but you will show them that you simply care and need to be there for them by almost asking their feelings. it's the most beautiful feeling that knowing someone is great and the other person feels good too that someone is there to care for them.

                            13. Give a reason for distraction

                            This might seem senseless when you are looking at how to calm someone down, but in some cases, all it takes is a distraction. Sometimes, they may need something to ask their mind to let go of how pitiful or angry they feel - like solving puzzles, playing games together, or watching TV.

                              14. Write a letter to them

                              In case there is someone who continually makes you feel much better after talking to him at that moment, how about coming out of the closet with a handwritten letter? It will be awesome. It means the world to them when someone takes the time to pull you together and compose a letter. It will make the way they feel so much better.

                                15. Don't try and fix anything or tell them what they need.

                                Everyone needs a person who understands them without judging them when they feel low. You could be convinced to try and settle how they feel, but it's way better for them in case you don't.

                                If there is no one you can contact for help, consider talking to your partner directly about their circumstances. You'll start by saying something like, "I'm nervous about you. Don't you think we should consult a professional to help us out?"

                                If you need to console someone, try these 15 ways. It can be tough when the individual feels pity or hurt. You don't constantly know what to do in those minutes, so this list is for people to comfort people who are struggling to understand their emotions. Now they have different options to overcome the sadness, and it is not an impossible task.

                                How To Cheer Someone Up Over Text

                                It can be difficult finding the proper words to comfort a companion who is going through a difficult time. At some point, the words “I’ll be there for you” are not sufficient for someone to make them feel comfortable and how much you care about them. Whether it’s a family battle, a terrible break-up, or the passing of somebody close, you might need to create things better – indeed, when you are unable to do so. You should offer to help them and give them solutions to their problems indeed when they don't want to.

                                Every person needs an individual who needs a shoulder to cry on and someone to hear them out. It's the most helpful gesture someone can give without passing any judgment. It is not easy, but at some point, people are going to judge instead of fixing the problem.

                                To calm a troubled companion, it may be best to tell him that you will be pathetic too, in case you are going through what they are. "Mention them I'll’ be here,’ and make them believe in you and tell them ‘it’s okay to feel sad and to cry,” Individuals are filled with tears because they are embarrassed to cry in front of others,” and this is often said to be the reason why we ought to mention our friends that they can lean on our shoulder.

                                People do not know how to handle pain continuously; it is one of those emotions that we do not regularly have. We do not continually understand what pain is, and this is often particularly genuine for young people who encounter great misfortunes, to begin with eventually.

                                Some of the time, the sufferers might indeed don't value themselves or think they’re useless and can't be loved. That's why you need to use kind words to just appear to care about your mate while also reminding them of their amazing qualities and strengths.

                                So what ought to be done when a companion is sad or upset? It relies on the needs of the troubled person, whatever he/she wants. Just give honest answers about anything they ask for, whether the person needs an ear to hear them out or a bit of advice or a big hug, the most excellent. Sometimes the presence of someone can create a difference too.

                                It was written by a great philosopher that “the quality of a human being is the desire to be valued.” It makes anyone feel esteemed and appreciated, as being recognized is how we recognize that we are critical of others, which makes our presence a contrast in someone's life.

                                So ready to wrap up the following: We explore for meaning to feel recognized. While "meaning" persuades us, it is "appreciation" that rises above us.

                                And the way we show our appreciation towards the efforts of someone is kindness. Because if we learn to openly provide an ounce of it once a day, thoughtfulness can spread more love and appreciation around us.

                                From the practice of thoughtfulness, we illustrate appreciation and, through thoughtfulness and appreciation, we make sense for everyone involved.

                                A real smile, a hand of solidarity, and a back, a passion for hearing when someone needs to talk. All of these small acts of thought stimulate the release of oxytocin in our brains, the "dear hormone." Thus, the reason for the act of giving to nurture is the same as to feel good in us.

                                How to make someone happy over text?

                                Here are the simple ways that can help to choose the right option so that you make people feel these different emotions such as bliss, adoration, and appreciation using words.

                                  1. Tell people they inspire you to be a great person.

                                  "You inspire me to be a great person, to look good in everything“ You inspire me to be a better person.”

                                  These words can genuinely make someone's day, and these can incredibly affect someone to read such awesome words again and again.

                                  We all crave to wake up each morning with the reviving realization that the work we’re around to do things, which, some way or another, we’re emphatically affecting somebody else’s life. If we are making an effort to make someone feel happy and feel grateful, we expect that the other person is responding through their happiness, and that's all we want as the result of our efforts.

                                  Now and then, a sweet update lets you know your work is making a difference to conquer fears and motivate them to call for action that can fuel your inspiration to move forward a million miles in elegance. This may seem like a positive feeling and a glint of light shining within the world.

                                    2. Noticing their inspiring qualities

                                      A.) I am inspired by your confidence.

                                      B.) I like your efforts.

                                        C.) I like your courage to stand on your own feet.

                                        These are some lines that can help a person grow in their respective lives and can motivate them.

                                        Every person has qualities that we value in other individuals. Exceptionally regularly, these are the qualities we want to feed ourselves with. Things like self-discipline, boldness, certainty, and perseverance.

                                        A sign of enthusiasm and mental development is when we acknowledge the amount of work a person has put in on themselves to be safe or taught. Instead of making fun of them as a way to cover up our envy and judgment, we verbally congratulate them for how far they have come.

                                        See, every human is flawed by nature; still, everyone is surviving. We all have shadows that we are trying to remove. Once you have experienced the qualities you value in others, let them know without a doubt.

                                          3. You feel great to have their company; mention them.

                                          “When you are around there, a different happy vibe spreads and we feel awesome.”

                                          Sit with your close ones and chat for hours like there's no one around listening to your stupid talks and talk about life, advise each other regarding what is wrong and what is right for them. Talk about traveling, friendships, and other people too.

                                          At the end, when you are about to end the conversation, mention them: “every time we meet, it's so heartwarming that my soul and my life feels great, and you lift my spirit in a different energy.'' These are the most humble words you can hear and feel appreciated, and that makes your day.

                                          If you like the liveliness of someone around you, let them know. If you appreciate the way they feel, tell them. In case you are feeling a little lighter, more positive, and happy after connecting with them, let them know. It’s fantastically satisfying to realize that your atmosphere and the way you carry yourself is open-heartedly spreading a fragrance of get-up-and-go onto others.

                                            4. Mention you appreciate their presence

                                            “I do appreciate that I have you in my life.”

                                            That’s the best thing you'll say. And it comes back to this turn on the show: In case you esteem someone’s presence in your life, mention to them that you appreciate it. It'll make them feel essential and acknowledged: “I truly appreciate your presence since you come with so much bliss into our lives,” and “because you help grow myself and be the positive light,” or “because you bring out the most excellent outcomes in me.”

                                            Isn’t this awesome to listen to?

                                              5. Show gratitude towards their willingness to be true.

                                              “Thankful to you that you are the real you. The world requires many people just the way you are.”

                                              Kindness is a great gesture to show someone that returns to you in the same way as well. If everyone treats other people with kindness, their souls will feel the happiest. If you show appreciation and gratitude towards someone's efforts, then you will feel grateful as well.

                                              This kind of effort filled with appreciation, kindness, and gratitude can melt anyone's heart, not just for sincerity but for the simple fact that someone took a moment out of their day to be kind to others. They recognized the effort they put into creating other's work, and they acknowledged them for being themselves.

                                              It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who told : "Being yourself in a world that is always trying to do something else to you is the most important accomplishment."

                                              When someone opens their heart and courageously offers their art to the world - when they try to be themselves - they make themselves helpless in the face of the evil and criticism that may be sent to them.

                                                6. Be thankful for their genuine friendship.

                                                “I am grateful to have a friend like you.”

                                                It was said by a great philosopher: “Each companion speaks to a world in us, a conceivable world that is not born until they arrive, and it is as if it were through this assembly that a modern world is born.”

                                                Honestly, friends water your qualities and remind you to appreciate yourself a little more. Along with many other qualities like a genuine partner is someone who will go out of his way to be there for you anytime it is needed.

                                                Wouldn't it be a gesture of gratitude and appreciation to remind those friends how important they are to you?

                                                  7. Mention you are happy to have them.

                                                  “I'm glad to have a friend like you.”

                                                  The moment where you discover yourself in surprise and wonder, go to your friends and tell them that you are thankful to them and show them the gratitude that when they are around you, their presence makes a huge difference in your life and makes your everyday life special for you.

                                                    8. Mention to them that you are Proud of them.

                                                    “I’m so proud to have you.”

                                                    Basic however effective, some words can mean the world to a couple of individuals who share a common bond of adoration. Since the only two words that the beneficiary will have for this compliment is this: “Thank you.”

                                                    They can give you nothing but a deep sense of gratitude. Indeed, the view to cherish and appreciate is an invaluable blessing to all.


                                                    What matters the most is kindness and care. Letting your companion know that you do care about them and that you’re feeling too bad for what they have to go through is undoubtedly critical at that minute. Whereas they might feel way better after talking to you, reassure your support and let them know that you are there for them.

                                                    It is said that "every person will ignore whatever the mess you have created or whatever trouble you have given them but no one will forget the way you treat them either it's a priority or an option." Words are the strongest; they can make someone happy and sad. Either your words will make someone's day, Or they will hurt somebody.

                                                    Use them to train people to feel something very good about themselves and the world around them. Utilize your words to spread cherish and thoughtfulness since that’s how we mend and reshape a world that's puzzled with threatening vibe and hate into a universe that bursts with awareness and light.

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