Looking For Ways To Be Romantic? These Below Factors Can Help You With That

Looking For Ways To Be Romantic? These Below Factors Can Help You With That


Being Romantic! Everybody wants a romantic partner for themselves. And it includes both boys and girls. Almost everyone wants to have a partner who is a romantic. Whether your relationship is six months old or 6 years, it will not matter. You or your partner will crave for some romance from you. The form of romance might change over time, but it will be present.

Romance is for every couple. And it should just not be about preventing the relationship from getting boring or stale. It should be to keep going and keep your relationship young forever. But you must have noticed that not everyone can be romantic. It takes effort and patience to do that. Yes, even romance does not come easily.

It requires kindness, spending time together doing things, attention and affection. Sure it can seem too much and overwhelming and complex to achieve but worry not, you can surely get there by following some steps.

Obviously, you need some guidance on how to be a romantic, even if you are better at it than others. But before we go through the list of being romantic, we need first to understand what does being romantic actually means.

What do you mean by being romantic?

The idea of romance may differ from person to person. But if we put it simply, in a layman's language, then it means to express your love in intentional and immensely affectionate ways to your partner. These gestures are to evoke the passion and excitement in your relationship and also keep it going.

And anyone and everyone can be romantic. It doesn't have to be associated with a trait or personality. It's just a thing you possess, and if not, then you can learn that.

How to be romantic

So, now that we know what romance is. Let's have a look at the ways one can be romantic. It isn't rocket science, just a collection of some small and big thoughtful gestures to express your love.


The first step to being romantic is to show affection to your partner. It is one of the visible qualities of a romantic person. They will always show affection to their loved ones in any way they can, whether with words, actions, or gestures.

They know you and your moods. So they will try to adjust or do things as per them. These actions and affection are more meaningful and thoughtful and are enough to keep the love present for longer.


It is one of the key factors to keep the romance going. You can adopt any way to communicate suitable to you and your partner. Be it verbally saying them, writing, or gestures that only two can understand. Text messages or phone calls are also great and easier ways to do that.


This is something important but sometimes neglected. Give them your full attention when you are with them. Listen attentively to what they are saying. And not just that but pay attention to their needs as well as much as you can. Trust me; nothing is more romantic than a caring partner. If you are not paying attention to them, then they can feel unloved by you.


It is one of the most common ways to be romantic. And it is just not for them but for you as well. Celebrate each occasion of your relationship as much as you can. Not just the bigger ones but, the smaller ones as well. It will make your relationship lively and will also show that things related to it matter to you.


Of course, who doesn't like presents? A gift every now and then will make them feel special. It will be a plus if the gift will be meaningful and which shows that efforts have been put behind it. And it is not just for occasions, but you should gift them presents even without it.


Flowers have always been the common means to express someone's feelings for a person. Every flower has its own meaning, but roses are the ones to express your love to someone. They are considered aphrodisiacs and represent love and passion.

That is the reason you see people exchanging love with the use of these flowers. What's more, they are going to add to the beauty and ambiance of the place. Hence, it is more than convenient to use flowers to express your love.

So go ahead and show your love to your partner with a rose (or a bouquet of it). They are a simple and yet effective way to do it. And don't think it is just the male who needs to do this. Girls, you are equally obligated to present your partner with one.

It is just a false notion that males do not like flowers. They do in reality, and there are some females who don't like them. Thus there is no harm in giving your partners flowers unless they do not like them or are allergic to them.


Compliments are a must for everyone who does something good. And one must definitely compliment their partner. It will make them feel excited and really grateful to have you as their partner. And obviously, you are going to look more romantic.


Appreciation is always welcomed by everyone. Then it is only given that it will be more important to appreciate your partners' every good deed and thoughtful gesture. Say thank you every time possible and when needed. Appreciate them when your partner makes efforts, even if insignificant or if the results are not as expected.

It is the efforts put in and intentions that count. And appreciating them will make them feel loved. And will make them put in more effort for you willingly. It is a very small thing but has a very huge effect.

Plan A Romantic Getaway

What else can be more romantic? Getting away from every mundanity of your everyday life and being with your partner. Just the two of you, in someplace romantic or peaceful. You can also relive your memories by revisiting the place that you once went to. This will also rekindle your romance in your relationship.


Not many people can practice this, but it is a crucial point to remember. It may sound romantic to spend every moment with your partner, cling to them, and be with them always. But it is not so in reality and definitely not practical. Nothing can be a more sore thing than to be suffocated by their partner in a relationship.

You must understand that your partner is also an individual with their own life. They might want to do things individually or just want some time to themselves. You do not have to take that negatively. Just understand their needs to have some space and provide them with it.


It is common that flirting is reduced to nothing when two people are in a relationship for quite a long time. But it doesn't have to be like that. Why is there even a need to stop flirting with your partner?

It was the first thing that got you together with your partner, right? Then why stop after being together? Flirt with your partner and keep the romance firing up always.


What else one needs to be romantic more than confessing and professing one's love. It is the most obvious way, isn't it? So go ahead and tell them how much you love them as much as you can. Just don't overdo it, or it can lose its significance.


Did you know different types of kisses can mean different things? It is the most sensual way of expressing your love for them. Kiss them on any occasion you deem fit. Kiss them on their forehead, cheeks, lips, neck, etc. It is going to excite them and keep your romance going definitely.

Eye Contacts

Do you ever realize how much impact an eye-contact can make? Even in general, when you talk to someone looking straight into their eyes, it makes a noticeable difference, and it oozes confidence off of you.

This has an effect on your partner ten folds more. When you are talking to them, make eye contact. Do it, especially when you are talking about your desires, emotions, or love for them.

It will make your words weigh more and the whole experience more intense. Hold their gaze and do not look away from them while speaking such things. And then just watch your partner melt and go weak on knees in front of you because of the impact of your gaze.

Remembering Important Stuff About Them

This is a very effective way to be romantic. When you are thoughtful enough to remember things about them, it makes everything a hundred times better. And it is not just about dates or events, but their thoughts for something, likes and dislikes, how few things make them feel, etc. So try this step, and it will be rewarded greatly.


Giving surprises is the best thing one can do for their partner. The joy it brings to one at the receiving end is incomparable. So plan as many surprises as much as you can. This also goes for your partner. This needs a combined effort.

Make Time For Each Other

Everybody is busy nowadays. We are having so much to do and so many things to deal with. And we get so caught up in fulfilling all our responsibilities that we forget to make time for our partner. And this results in a lack of communication and romance. That will eventually make your partner feel less important and will be causing rifts and conflicts between you both.

So make time for your partner, even if it is half an hour of a day. They should be a priority to you. Just spend your time with them without any interruption or any other commitments in a while. That will be more than enough to make them feel happy to have you in their life.

Help Them With Their Work

Do you know how blissful it feels when your partner helps you with your work and makes your load easier? Especially when you help them with house chores. The gratefulness is too much to compare with anything.

We always like it when the tasks in our list of work to be done get reduced. And how much we feel grateful for that. You will feel so happy when you experience this and will feel lucky to have a partner like this.

Don't think that you will be any lesser than them if you will do their work. It will actually be the opposite. It will make them love you even more. And it is also more romantic than people give credit to it. So if you want to be romantic with your partner, try to help them with their work next time.

Volunteering In Activities

The couples who engage themselves in an activity other than that which is not related to their relationship tend to have a better connection. This is seen more commonly in the couples who are volunteering in altruism activities or in engaging with some NGO.

They share a common ideology or ideals for a cause. So they have an understanding on that grounds. This makes them bond and connects more than other couples who do no such thing.

Moreover, they are working for a good cause. This will have a double advantage for them both. Hence, if possible, try to do such activities together.

Stay Away From Your Phones

We are admittedly guilty for being stuck with our phones for the most part of our day. Moreover, we are also guilty of ignoring our loved ones when we are engrossed in our mobile phones, be it knowingly or unknowingly. We might not even realize sometimes that we are doing it. And no one likes to be at the receiving end of this behavior.

Even parents- get frustrated and annoyed with their children when they do this. So, naturally, your partner is also going to not like being ignored in favor of your phone time.

Thus, you must remember to put your phone away when you are with them unless it is something really important and needs your immediate attention. One must disconnect from the device to connect with your partner.

Be A Better Listener

A person will always feel appreciated and important when they are heard. And not just someone is faking to listen to them but actually paying attention to what they are saying. This gesture is very well appreciated by anyone, yet more importantly by your partner.

It makes them feel very important and heard of. It lets them know that what they are saying is of importance and their voice and opinions matter as well.

Be More Forgiving

Forgiving someone is an act of strength. A weak person cannot find it in their heart for forgiveness. Forgiving your partner for some things is included in the checklist for relationships. And even in general, it is more graceful and beneficial to forgive a person than to hold grudges against them.

If their mistake is not too serious or grave, it is better to talk to them and forgive them for whatever they have done. Remember that no one is perfect, not even you. Therefore, it is better to sort your problems maturely and let everything be forgiven.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue for life. Being calm and patience can make you go a long way in everything, in general. So it also applies to your relationship. Patients may not be seen as a romantic trait, but it can be considered as one.

It takes time and effort to make a relationship work. You both don't know each other very well and need to understand both of your personality, moods, and traits. And that will require a lot of time.

In turn, you need to keep patience. Only then can you work out your relationship. Besides, it can also be a way to make them feel grateful to be with you.

Be Their Safe Space

A person always wants to find solace in another. It does not necessarily have to be their partner only. The person can be a friend or a family member. But the dynamics are very different when that person is a lover or spouse or someone they are in a relationship with.

One can vent out their feelings- good or bad, frustrations, sadness, happiness, anger. They feel safe when they can be vulnerable with you without fearing anything. It makes everything more intimate. And also, it strengthens your bond with them immensely.


Touch can also be a language of love—an effective one at that. Touch can be a way of expressing those emotions that are harder to put in words. A hand press can be a silent reassurance, and a hug can make them feel safe.

A hand on the shoulder expresses support. So use this language of touch when you don't see the importance of words. Just remember not to overdo it if your partner is not a fan of it.

Handmade Gifts

A handmade present will always mean more to your partner than a store-bought one. It shows the thoughts behind the present. And also the efforts and time you have put behind it. These will all make a huge difference.

Your partner will be able to see and feel your emotions and their importance in your life. Besides, you need to put your skills to the best of their use. And what will be more better than making them happier?

Romantic Dates

While candlelight dinners are a go-to clique date for many and do work for most of couples. But there are some whose idea of romance is not this. It is nice to have a dinner date like this that is quite common. But to some, it is more romantic to just spend some quality time together at home or where they can be alone.

It will be a bonus if you make them their special food. If we talk about introverts, their ideal date can be just being together and doing things they both like. Even if they both have separate likes of activity, they will be ok and won't even need to say a single word to make it romantic.

They will be happy with the comfort and proximity. Or a picnic at a secluded place surrounded by trees, hiking a trek less visited, even stargazing with their partner alone can make an ideal romantic date for them because most introverts are, in general, nature lovers.

Long Drives

I don't know how many people will consider this as romantic, but this is surely one way to express your love to your partner. Long car rides are always a romantic getaway for couples, especially if you are going for a night drive on a less busy road.

Bonus points if you are having a great natural view of a vast greenfield or a lake with the full moon in the sky, or something similar. It is more romantic than you can imagine and will make a memorable experience for you both.


Being romantic is different for different people. While the base of the idea of romance is to express your love to your partner, it may come in different forms. Everyone has their own ways of doing it. The above steps can definitely be a help, but you can also be creative and make your own ways to show your partner how much you love them. And remember, being romantic is also a lifetime commitment that you need to be abided by. You could not be called romantic if only you did all these for a short period of time.

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