How To Be A Nice - To Become A Nicer Person Following These Points Will Set You On The Path

How To Be A Nice - To Become A Nicer Person Following These Points Will Set You On The Path


Ever Since we can remember, we've been told to be nice. This is one of the first lessons our parents, guardians, or our elders will teach us in life- to be a pleasant person.

So now the question is that is it really important to be nice? Does being a pleasant person hold so much significance as we make it look? If you evaluate and look for the answer, then you are certainly going to be certainly affirmative.

I mean, why not? Just think it this way, who would you prefer to be associated with within your life? Won't you want to be friends, partner, or in a relationship with a person who is nice? You will, right? It is not just about you, but friendly people spread positivity on almost every level or moment of their lives, even if it is subconscious or unconscious.

Being a genuinely nice person, one will not be a fake. That is one of the traits no one talks about often. They are not pretending to be nice, but they are one. And you can surmise that with their actions and behaviors. One can only keep up their act so much if they are pretentious. They are bound to snap or slip off it at some point. So genuinely friendly people can be detected likewise.

Even the littlest of their gestures is enough to give a smile on someone's lips. Their surroundings are a little brighter and happier because of them. People more like them and a joy to be around—a true inspiration for good things. And certainly, you would want to be like them as well. At least you would have a flickering thought about being more nice for the same reasons if nothing more.

And there is no better time to make that happen than the present.

It won't be a piece of cake, surely. You would pay the price to achieve that. You will be challenged to be out of your own comfort zones and might have to adjust so much on your part to be able to be nicer. And there is always a chance that it will not reward you people's likeness and them being pleased by you, even after all the efforts on your part.

But that is less likely to happen. Besides, it will make you more happy and confident. Who wouldn't want that? To lead a happy and confident life. So overall, your efforts will be worth everything.

How to be nice to people

Now that you have decided to be a nice person, you shouldn't wait to become one. There are hundreds of ways to be like that. However, if you are having trouble thinking about where you should start from, then here are the points that can help you.


This point may seem a bit insignificant, but it is just as important. Time is important and not just for you but others as well, since everyone has it in limits. When you are punctual with your appointments, you show that you respect their time and schedule. It also shows that you are disciplined, trustworthy, and a person who keeps their words.

We wouldn't like to be kept waiting by anyone, do we? So we should also be considerate enough not to do the same with others as well. And in case you have a good solid reason for your delay, you can always drop a prior notice through text or call and apologize to them for making them waste their precious time in the meanwhile.

Be Less Judgemental

This is another way of being a nicer person, and it is also a bit tough. There will be many instances in your life that you will not agree with, or you will be people with whom you will share a feeling of displeasure.

You may not be able to see their point of view, or their ideas, thoughts, perceptions do not appeal to you or are hard for you to understand.

When such a thing happens, you can try to be less critical and less judgemental about the situation or that person. You must look at the better aspects or try to take it more positively.

Nobody is perfect, not even you. And you complaining about them or the situation will do no good to anyone. It will just spoil your and others' mood. Instead of complaining, try to be more understanding and be more adaptable/adjustable to things and people.

Being Happy

One must smile and be happy more than they usually are. It is a nice way to be more positive and also spread happiness. Besides, it is also proved that smiling is a great exercise for your face. And not only that but laughing is good for your health as well.

People who laugh more live a happy and healthier life compared to the people who do this less or don't do it at all.

Please note that here we are talking about genuine laughter and not forced or a fake one. The kind of laughter that comes out from your core. That is actually going to benefit you. And your smile or laugh can lighten up someone's day.

It is one of the most positive acts you can do to offer someone good and free of cost as well. It is also likely to make your surroundings and your inner being more positive. So what's the harm in smiling or spreading joy?

Don't Be Self-Centered.

This is a major pointer that can make you seem less likely pleasing by others. It is not necessary that you are doing it purposely, but you may not even have noticed that you talk too much about yourself.

If this is the case, then you are more likely to come off as self-centered or self-conceited to people. And this is not a good sign if you want to be nice to them.

So what you can do is make a note or try noticing if you are actually doing it. Pay attention to others if they make a remark regarding your habit of talking about yourself. Also, consider their suggestions and genuinely pay attention to others while you talk to them.

This will show your genuine interest in what they have to say and that you are giving them importance. And do it with full attention and listen attentively.

Do it even if you do not agree about the things they are saying. It will at least be appreciated by them. And many times you will also get to know more things out of it and increase your knowledge. It is a win-win situation.

Joking & Pranking

It is also a great way to communicate with others and make friends. It is fun and can make someone's day. But it can also backfire if you go overboard. It is generally hard to know what seems an innocent joke or prank to you might hurt others.

So try not to go overboard. Absolutely avoid making fun of things the person is sensitive about. Some horrible past experience or some inability they might have will hurt more when one jokes about it.

The same goes for pranks. It is not nice to embarrass or humiliate someone in the name of pranking. It is often an unpleasant scenario when someone is laughed at because one person decided to crack a joke on their expanse. So avoid doing it as much as you can.

Ability To Laugh At Yourself

If you like to make jokes on others, then you must have the guts to take one on yourself too. It can sometimes be fun and light to poke fun at yourself as well. And not to forget you can make more friends as well.

Self-Deprecating jokes are always appreciated and funny. Just remind yourself to protect your own self too. If you are going to be gentle and mindful about joking with others, then you should treat yourself the same.

Sincere Apologies

Humans are prone to mistakes, and it is how we learn. When we do make mistakes, we ought to apologize. But an apology means nothing if it is not from your heart.

A heartfelt apology is the best thing to overcome a mishap, feeling of hurt, remorse, or any hurtful event. We must essentially apologize genuinely, and it should be heartfelt and sincere.

We are often hesitant to say sorry after making a mistake because we think that we will appear weak if we apologize. But keep in mind that it is not a sign of weakness rather strength.

It takes so much strength to make an apology, and it also demonstrates humility. Plus, it will make you a nicer person in people's perception of you.

Gossiping And Badmouthing

Only immature and ill-characterized people do bad mouth and gossip about others. Therefore, it is a must that you refrain yourself from doing any of them. Nobody likes them even if the criticism is true.

Just imagine, how do you appear in front of friends or colleagues when you badmouth or gossip about someone? So do not talk about someone in bad ways, even if they are not present there.

Do not say bad things about them behind their backs. Not only will you make them dislike you, but others also will not trust you with anything, especially keeping secrets. You, too, are going to tarnish your image in front of others.


Who doesn't like compliments? When you compliment someone, they are going to like you around. It is one of the common traits of nice people. They will keep complimenting others, and it will be genuine.

Fake compliments are easily recognizable. When a compliment is genuine, it will make the person feel good to whom it is directed. They possess this special ability to see good in others, and others will appreciate your presence.

Helping Nature

The people who are of helpful nature are always considered as a nice person. And helping nature will take the person a long way in their life.

It should be in every human's nature to be helpful because humans will need help from time to time. So in order to gain help when needed, you first must be the person to offer it.

Also, one must not expect anything in return before helping others. If so, it will lose its significance and will be more like a deal. Like you won't offer your help to someone if you do not get anything in return.

Moreover, all those helping gestures will make this world a better place to live for everyone. So you are also doing a greater good when helping someone.


Nobody likes dishonest person and neither they are respected. Honesty is one of the most important traits of a nice person, and it also earns one trust, pride, and respect.

People are also very smart. They are going to see through your pretense when you are dishonest. And no doubt you are going to lose trust from them. And you need to be honest with not just your words but your actions too. Only then you are going to accomplish the title of an honest person.

Sharing Is Caring

Nicer people are generous and always forward to share. They will not back out from caring for others' needs and wants. They feel happy with taking care of others and sharing with those who are in genuine and desperate need.

But also keep in mind to not let people take the wrong advantage of this trait of yours. There will so many people ready on their feet to take disadvantage of your caring nature.

So you must assure that they are not just fooling you but are in genuine need of your care. This trait will also allow you to make and maintain genuine long-term relationships with people.

Being Humble

People admire and like the ones who are humble to others. A cocky or bragging person is always looked down on and disliked by others.

If you are doing something good or are having many achievements in your name, then try not to boast too much about it. But give credit for others' achievements and good deeds too. This will make you more likable and earn respect from other people for you.


People always like it when someone shows them affection. It is a trait of a nicer person that is loved by almost everyone and immensely appreciated. It also shows that you care about them. Just be careful to keep in limits, or over affection may make someone uncomfortable, even suffocate them.

Be Supportive

When someone shows their support to a person in their time of need, that gesture is never forgotten. It makes the person feel grateful that you are showing them their trust in them.

So be supportive and encourage people to do their best. It will surely get you more permanent and genuine friends.

Also, it will make you appear a really nice person in their eyes. Moreover, such things are going to be repaid in the future when you need them.

Take an interest in Their Interest.

Everyone is different and has different interests. But people always like and appreciate when someone shows genuine interest in their likes and passion.

It makes them feel acknowledged and important. It is okay not to share their likes and interests for a particular activity. But it is always nice to respect theirs and sometimes to be interested in it.

You will also get the same treatment in return. It makes them feel grateful for your genuine interests.


When you make time for people, they feel important. They like it to know that you give them a priority. And time is the most special thing you can give to others. It is invaluable.

Making time for others will bring joy and happiness to them and will make them feel good. And they will also make efforts to do the same for you as well.

Being there For Them

People always remember who was present for them in their time of need and who wasn't. When you are there for them, they are surely going to feel grateful for your kind gestures and efforts. And pay full attention to them as much as possible. They deserve that, don't they? Don't let your attention get divided into silly and unimportant things.

Being Mindful

We are all occupied in our lives. We have our own problems to take care of and the stress we need to deal with. So it is natural that we are going to take it all out on the people we are associated with or our loved ones.

While the people that are in your life and are close to you are going to understand your condition, this behavior of yours is still going to hurt them. And it is your choice on how you choose to respond to these emotions of yours.

So it is no excuse for you to go and snap at them because you are under stress and dealing with problems. Who knows they are under more stress than you and are still trying to understand your situation? So always be mindful of your behavior to the people around you.

Nice Gestures

An act done for a purpose is more than a thousand words spoken. So make the gestures you carry out to people. Those are going to be remembered for a long and are going to linger in their mind for a longer period of time.

Make handwritten notes or cards that contain a nice complement or best wishes for someone. This is going to hold more significance than any other store-bought thing.

It also is more meaningful and thoughtful. Say nice things to people when you can. Words can sometimes make a great difference if it comes from the heart.

You can make someone's day, inspire or motivate someone for a great cause, make someone believe in something. If you must keep quiet when you have nothing better to say, then you should also speak up when you have something nice to say just as much.

Also, one should engage themselves in acts of random kindness. It is the little things that make more difference than the bigger ones actually do. And huge acts of kindness are rare to come someone's way.

So do as much smaller acts as you can. It is not going to cost you anything, but it will definitely reward you big time. Start slow if you need to.

Do it once a week or a month and eventually make it a regular habit. It will be just like putting money in a piggy bank aside. You will have rewards just the way you collected those fortunes before even realizing you already have so much in your possessions.


Being nice is a choice and a very crucial one. If you have gone through the above list on how to do that, then you have decided to be a nice person.

You even make a choice to be a nicer person have already got you started on the path for it. But remember to be kind to yourself and to take care of yourself as well. Because kinder and nicer people are always taken more advantage of. Besides, it is also necessary for you to protect yourself before you are ready to give to others.

So make sure you are not in the company of bad people who just only know how to manipulate your good traits for their own personal advantages. Instead, surround yourself with the people who can appreciate your nicer traits and also help you grow into a better person without misusing them.

This path may not be easy to follow. Just remember to do your best and keep doing it with certain limits and precautions. You are all set then. Go ahead and get going to be a better version of yourself!

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