How to be happy in life - 9 secrets

How to be happy in life - 9 secrets


When you sail in a state of happiness, you are said to be happy in life. In case you are not sailing in this boat, then better ask yourself how to feel happy. Happiness is, therefore, the feeling that flows out and can’t stop itself without showcasing smiles over your face and in your heart.

When you attain success in life, feel good for your deeds and actions, carry a sense of well-being, you are said to be happy. Having said all this, do not wait for happiness to flow in. Find happiness in everything you do.

Voluntarily and consciously drive yourselves towards happiness in life. Self-examine the inner you, discover peace and harmony around you. Be kind and treat others with care and compassion. Enjoy life more, and celebrate more. Live life to the fullest and turn towards your better and best phase of life.

Below is a list of 9 associated ways that tell you how to feel happy. Make sure to follow these tips and experience happiness in life for the well-being of yourself and your surroundings.

1. Recollect the positive traits in you.

You have your own list of strengths and abilities in you. List them all down. Try to fill up the page with as many as you think you have. As you keep spending time with yourself and keep increasing the list, you reap more and more happiness in life.

2. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

Forgive your mistakes and forgive the mistakes made by others. Because mistakes are part of life. Success and failures are like two sides of the same coin. When you are in a competition and toss a coin, and a tail appears, you cannot change it. But your life is like your coin in your hand. You are the owner. You can keep tossing this coin as many times as you want until you succeed and until your heart smiles.

3. For all the bad phases in life, analyze the underlying reasons.

Make it a practice that you rehearse down all the bad circumstances in life that you come across. However, stop worrying about it and try to know what the underlying reasons were. Everything happens for a cause. Know the cause behind, and you can turn your worries into happiness.

4. Cut down on negative energies by keeping yourself busy.

Your mind is occupied by positive and negative thoughts. Positive thoughts give rise to shaping a great personality. But negative thoughts obstruct your progress, and therefore you have to take immediate action in suppressing them. The best way to do this is by keeping yourself occupied at work all the time and not giving your mind the time to wander around negativity in life.

5. Speak to yourself and accept the way you are.

Spend some time every morning and every night to converse and chat with your inner you. Question the inner you as to how to feel happy. Listen to its answers and know what you truly are. Assess your potential and be contended the way you are. You will be happy.

6. If you fail, look out for plan B.

When you succeed after repeated failures, you are looked up to as an inspirational icon. Because for every strategy in which you failed, you showed the world a way in which something cannot be done. Therefore always keep alternative plans handy. Rescue yourself and keep yourself answering as to how to be more happy in life and spread the same to your loved ones.

7. Understand that you cannot mend the past.

The past is always a history, and it stands unique. You cannot work on your past. But yes, by learning lessons from the past, you can live in the present and shape up your future. Let go of the bad things from the past. Carry forward only the happiness, and it will multiply by itself.

8. Put yourself in the learning curve as well as the entertainment curves.

You should not only learn as part of earning a skill or a qualification, rather, but you should also keep learning all along in your life. This answers the most lingering question as to how to make myself happy. Life is a vicious circle of learnings, actions, fun moments, and celebrations. Place yourself in life like this, and you will also find happiness in your life.

9. Work out, meditate and take enough rest.

To be happy, you need to be healthy first. Good health generally occupies the top of the list on your happiness chart. Therefore, take out time for exercising and meditating regularly and daily if possible. Do give sufficient time for food and rest as well. Keep your body and mind healthy. Because they are the primary pillars of happiness in your life.

Find yourself room for happiness. Learn lessons from your own life as well from others. Do things that interest you and bring in happiness. Only when you rightly spot the areas of happiness, do you grow in knowing how to be happy in life. Control your senses and emotions and reroute them towards happiness. Follow your heart.

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