How to be happy - Happiness Is Essential For Your Success, Read This To Find Out Why

How to be happy - Happiness Is Essential For Your Success, Read This To Find Out Why


Let us start this topic with a good example!

Today on the metro train I noticed a gentleman shouting on the call, maybe to his secretary for not arranging car this morning.
Almost all the passengers were quite disturbed because of this.

Well, my station came, and I stepped out of the train. There on the platform, I saw an old man in white pajamas, selling cucumber. He was sweating a lot. Still, he was having a different feeling on his face, a sort of satisfaction.


Why a person who is rich enough to take a ticket to a metro train is not happy? But a man who does not earn enough to even feed himself two times a day is happy like anything?

What is the difference?

And more importantly, why is the difference?

=> To what happiness is related?

Is happiness related to the external world or to the state of your mind?

State of your mind, right?

If your happiness was attached to something outside, then why this happens that one person is happy and the other is sad? Is it possible?

One person is happy for his or her marriage while the other is more than happy for his or her divorce. This happens because happiness is not something that is linked to external matter.

Happiness is a state of your mind.

Therefore, one of us might be crying for a particular position, but the other one is happy like anything for exactly the same situation.

Let us take an example, imagine a boy who is the topper of his class and another boy is a backbencher who hardly passes the exams.

The topper boy secured ninety percent in the exam but came to the second position in the class, because of which he was very depressed. On the other hand, the other boy who used to be a backbencher passed that same exam this time with fifty percent, and he was so happy that it could not be expressed.

So, happiness is nothing but the condition of your mind, how you feel and all!

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do is in harmony."
~Mahatma Gandhi


You can say happiness is this and that, but what is happiness in an aspect of life?

Happiness is your life energies are happening in a more cheerful way than it normally happens. Like, it may happen that you are medically diagnosed as ill, but you still feel delighted.

For example, if a sixty-five-year-old man came to know that he has lung cancer on the day of her daughter's marriage, he also sounds ebullient and happy.

Why? Because his mind is in a state of relaxation for her daughter's future!

So, happiness means your life energies are exuberant, and depression means your life energies are low, and it remains the same.

There are various different ways to describe happiness, but only those people will know its real meaning who are actually happy.
There is nobody I'm this world who has not been happy.

Everybody is happy, but the only thing is all of them do not know how to maintain it.

Think about yourself.
How many times did you catch a moment of joy in the last twenty-four hours?
One? Two? Three? How many?

Now, imagine when you were seven years old.

How many times did you catch a moment of joy in twenty-four-hour at that time? Many, right?

When you were a child, somebody has to make you unhappy! Now, somebody has to make you happy!

Everything we do is in pursuit of a search for happiness. Your education, your career, your family, or your business!


Happiness is all related to the chemicals that our mind secret in a particular situation.
This chemical is nothing but hormones.

Those hormones are,
◆ Dopamine
◆ Oxytocin
◆ Endorphin
◆ Serotonin


A happy person always feels good about others and himself too.

1. Smile.

This is something most commonly seen. Happy people have a beautiful smiling faces. Their attitude attracts people a lot.
People generally love to talk with happy people. They spread their happiness with others.

2. Positivity.

Being happy and delighted is an amazing feeling which develops positivity in us and boosts our confidence. This further helps us to achieve our goals. Happiness gives you immense pleasure, and it will attract more and more positivity in your life.

3. Active person.

Happiness is the source of success. If you are more happy, you will attract success toward yourself. You can achieve whatever you want.

4. Ready to accept no matter what comes in the way.

It is scientifically proven that when you are happy, you automatically become healthy. And when you become healthy, you work harder, smarter, and more creatively to get your goal.

5. Do not expect a lot!

When you are happy, you attract more love to your life. You will be better in your relationships. Well, I think this is more than enough to understand that the importance of happiness and get it as the most important in our life.


According to this law of attraction, it is believed that a positive mindset of us will bring a positive response in our life. And, being negative will dump us on the negative side of one's life.

Yes, it is true that we are not having any scientific proof for the approval of this law. But it is sure that our mind plays an amazing role in it.

Being positive will affect our surroundings positively and, being positive will boost up our state of mind. This will make us feel good and amazing.

Being happy will help us to enjoy each and every part of our life to its fullest.


If you are happy, then your mind gets a signal and starts releasing happy hormones. This hormone helps our body to function really well!

Happiness is something that affects your body or says health a lot!

There are many scientific types of research that believe this or the psychological reason behind it.

What happens to you when you are happy?

Let us see,
1. You feel good about almost everything.
2. You start enjoying every moment of your life.
3. You start expecting really good things.
4. You get positive vibes.
5. You start understanding the importance of your own existence.
6. You feel happy after reaching a target point.


Happiness brings a drastic change in your life! As said, you start feeling good about everything. And so, you start expressing your love or gratitude towards others.

Expressing Gratitude makes you more happy which further connects you to exactly the same frequency of whatever you want.

This is the same as the law of attraction. Hence, you get more and more!

" There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved! " ~George Sand
As quoted by Rumi,
"If something makes you happy in this world, you should think of what will happen to you if that thing were taken away."

Will you lose happiness?

Yes, if you found it in the external factor.

No, if you were happy from within. Because you will still have those beautiful memories in your head which will keep reminding you of cheerful moments.

Try to be happy all the time!

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  • oliver
    Oliver Walkerr
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    A split-second of happiness

    A very favorite song of mine has this line in it, “We are not promised tomorrow.” How true is that!! Yes, we do not have enough time to wait for happiness to happen to us. Life could end in any split second. And make every second of it count with joy and happiness.

    Not every day could be good, but there is always an option in hand, to just keep moving forward with the charm and experience. Liberate yourself from all that forms delusion of happiness that is, materialism. Yes, I know it is inevitable to possess certain things in modern life to live. But make sure that it does not be the only reason behind your happiness.

    Feel the presence of eternal peace within you. There are ways to understand this through prayers or meditations. When you realize that there is only happiness in everything, you will not get any other emotions since the rest all do not even exist. Do not just keep it with you; be the source of happiness and harmony around. Because spreading around happiness doubles it within you.

    Define Happiness

    Do not define happiness with respect to materialism, situations, or people around you. Happiness is just You. Nothing else! We all have heard of people explaining their emotions as themselves. We hardly hear them say, “I feel happy,” “I feel sad”; rather, they mention “I am happy,” “I am sad.”

    Hence, we take the forms of emotions that we feel, and, in that process, we forget that they are just emotions, and they do not define what we are. Make sure to distant yourself from every other emotion and even if they touch you, let them stay for a very minimum time such that happiness covers the rest of the time.

    Factors of happiness

    There are few basic factors to follow to keep the feeling of happiness alive and active in life. First, stop finding mistakes in everything and everyone around. No one is perfect. And if you find mistakes around, then you will not have time to live happily.

    Next is, never let the past ruin what you have in the present or what you want in the future. Kill the fear of the future and burn away the pain of the past.

    Stop judging people for what they are. Everyone is in the place (literally and philosophically) of life due to what they have gone through in life. Try to be more understanding and show empathy rather than judging them.

    Even if you find them make mistakes, assure them that you forgive them and let them know that you do not judge them for the same. This would give a chance for them never to repeat the mistake and develop great happiness in the minds of both of you.

    Teach yourself to forgive and accept them as what they are. The same goes for situations in life. Accept what it is and keep harmony with everything happening around you. Remember to mention how much you care for your loved ones.

    Life could sometimes look full of disappointments but take time to tell your loved ones that you will always be there for them. It not only brings happiness but also confidence and positivity in each one’s life.

    It is totally possible to hate people for something terrible they had done to you but still be there for them. That takes a lot of effort to forgive, but once you cross that line of forgiveness, it flows smoothly then onwards.

    There could be few circumstances when you realize that something is over, or it may seem like the destination is reached but keep moving forward in life.

    Meanwhile, when you are being supported or loved, make sure to use encouraging words in everyday conversations like “I am grateful to have you in my life.”

    Yes, nothing brings more happiness than appreciating what you have. That is another way of living your own life by giving it to others. The irony is, there are people who say that “I am afraid to be happy, because when I feel happy, then I know that for sure something terrible would happen such that it destroys all my happiness.”

    Well, yes, by thinking that, you had already triggered that terrible thing to happen subconsciously. Fear is the biggest enemy of happiness. There is no such thing as a good time or a bad time. There is just time, and it is always NOW.

    Every second in your hand is not repeatable; it is always renewed as another one. So, once wasted, it can never be brought back to existence. Do not wait for a good time, since every second you have is a good time if you manage to maintain a state of happiness under all the circumstances.

    Happiness is not something you get or want. It is that “you are.” Do not wait for it to happen; it is already there; just realize it and be it! Create your own happiness.

  • hrutuja
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    Want To Achieve The State Of Happiness? This Guide here Will Help You Achieve It.


    This is a state everyone wants to achieve. Whatever we do in our lives, it is because of this reason. At the core of those activities is happiness. Our job, passion, friends and family, partners, anything, and everything are there to give us happiness.

    People are always in search of happiness. You will always find people asking others for tips on how to stay happy. And rightfully so. Because if we are not achieving happiness, then there is no meaning at all.

    Not only that but staying happy also has its own set of benefits. It brings longevity and health as well. Besides, it is also a measure of social growth and progress.

    But, sadly, happiness is not something that just happens in one’s life (merely though). Only a selected few lucky people can be considered as naturally happy. Sometimes, shutting off what your mind advises you and ignoring it can prove good for your happiness. However, that doesn’t mean that everybody else apart from them is unhappy in this world.

    Hence, the good news is we have the power to attain happiness. We can make small changes and can achieve a state of happiness for ourselves. One needs to stay positive in life and act accordingly to achieve happiness.

    Oftentimes than not, it is the heart that will actually guide us to our happiness. Even if it will entail some risks over it, but it will be worth it. Also, do more tasks of your interest and passion. That will surely make you happy.

    But above all, do not constrain or relate happiness to one thing you do or have. Let it flow from every aspect of your life.

    Now, you need guidance to attain this. It does not come naturally to find happiness within everything, but you can certainly get that by cultivating some habits or following the below-mentioned steps.

    Create A Mindset

    First of all, you need to change your mindset. Happiness is a state of mind. And you can cultivate such a mindset. There is always something good in everything that is happening to you. You need to find positive aspects in everything that happens in your life. Then only you can be happy about it. It is your job to think like that.

    If you have noticed, the people who possess such a mindset are happier than those who don't. The people who have a pessimistic mindset will only see bad in everything, no matter how good things are for them. This attitude hinders their happiness.

    So, learn from the people who have cultivated an optimistic and positive attitude and mindset.

    Positive Traits

    Every person in this world has a set of both good and bad traits in them. This is just how we are created. It is, however, upon us what side we choose to indulge in more.

    To stay more on the positive side, make a list of all the positive things you think you possess. Even the smallest ones will count in your favor. This will also lead you to spend more time with yourself and introspect. You will get to know yourself better. And with passing time, the list of your positive traits will keep on increasing. Thus, you will have more reasons to be happy, and you will also keep on improving yourself.

    Find Where You Lack

    This point is related and dependent on the above point in a way. When you introspect, you are not just going to learn about the positive traits in you. But you are also going to know where you are lacking in being the better version of yourself. And of course, you need to overcome the lacking part of your personality as well in order to be happier.

    How were you going to do that if you don’t even know what is the thing that you are lacking? Here, introspection is going to help you with that. And the more of the lacking traits you can overcome, the more it will be better and faster to achieve happiness.

    Forgive More

    To err is to human; to forgive is divine.

    Mistakes are a part of life. People are going to make mistakes, including you. If you think that forgiving will make you look weak, let me tell you that forgiveness is no work of a coward. It is a brave man’s act. It is a trait of a strong person with character.

    So, forgive yourself and others for the mistakes. Forgiveness allows you to let go of the regrets that those mistakes make you feel. And when you let go, you are going to feel much free. And freedom from all the heavy burdens on your conscience is also a way to attaining happiness.

    Forgive yourself and others for the mistakes. Forgiveness allows you to let go of the regrets that those mistakes make you feel.

    Accepting Yourself

    Humans are imperfect, all of us. So that naturally counts you too. No matter how much we try, we are never going to be a perfect man or a woman. And thus, this implies that humans are going to be containing flaws.

    You are going to be having multiple flaws in your body or personality. There are some flaws that will be removed by some changes or practices. But not every flaw you have will be dealt with. And it will create problems for you, and you may be unhappy with that.

    Therefore, it is very important to be able to accept yourself with your flaws. If you fail to accept yourself like how you are, you are prone to fight against it unconsciously. This is going to keep you unhappy with yourselves, and it might also lead to depression. So in order to be happier or even happy, acceptance can also be a way.

    Accept yourself with your flaws. To be happier or even happy, acceptance can also be a way.

    Remove Negativity From Your Life

    More often than not, we are responsible for our own happiness or misery. Our mind is full of both negative and positive thoughts always. Positive thoughts help you in becoming a better personality, whereas negative thoughts do the exact opposite.

    We are often occupied with negative thoughts like how someone wronged us, how someone broke our heart, or how much life is unfair to us. Such negative thoughts not only make you unhappy but also obstruct your progress. Therefore, it is in your favor to get rid of them as soon as you can. Such thoughts do not let us move forward and make us miserable.

    Suppress these thoughts out of your mind whenever they start to take place. You can try to keep yourself busy. It will make the whole process easier. Being busy will not let your mind think or wander in the negative thoughts until your brain is trained to do it naturally. You are even allowed to cut off people from your life if you are deprived of your positivity because of them.

    Positive thoughts help you in becoming a better personality, whereas negative thoughts do the exact opposite.

    Pay More Attention To The Good Things In Your Life

    Life can be unpredictable and hard sometimes. But there will always be a bit of the sun rays even in the darkest hour; it is just that you are unable to see it. So the best way to get through such hard times without dampening your spirits is to count your blessings.

    Pay attention to whatever good things you still have or possess. It will help you fight against the odds and make you more resilient. Save the good moments when you have them and cherish them. These moments are going to help you even after they have passed and will help you keep your sanity even in your hardest of times. And if you do not have such moments, then imagine a future like that. It will give you a purpose to look forward to every new day.

    The best way to get through such hard times without dampening your spirits is to count your blessings.

    Engage Your Body In A Workout

    Healthiness is also a key to happiness. In order to be happy, you also need to be healthy. It should be a priority to achieve happiness. Hence you need to make time for exercising or meditating. You do not necessarily need to go to the gym. You can join sports or such similar physical activities that can keep you fit and healthy.

    Do it regularly or as frequently as it is possible for you. And also, do not forget to rest as well. Keep both your mind and body healthy. They are the most important pillars in your life that will keep you happy.

    Keep both your mind and body healthy. They are the most important pillars in your life that will keep you happy.

    Make New Friends

    Everybody needs friends in their lives. They will be a huge part of the reasons on which your happiness depends upon. You are going to be specifically happier if you are going to make friends who understand you and support you.

    So get out and make friends if you do not have them already. Try to be sociable with the people around you, be it your workplace, your gym, sports club. Believe it, you can get friends from literally anywhere. It will also help your mind keep refreshed, and it will also make you learn more and expand your knowledge. Some people might be inspirational enough to change your lives for the better.

    Keep Yourself On The Learning Track

    Learning something new is always great. There are so many new things to learn and to know that a person can never run out of that.

    One must keep trying and learning new things as much as one can. It makes you much more competitive than others. But it is not just to keep the upper hand. Learning can be real fun when we do it just for the sake of knowing.

    It is rightly put that there is no age to learn or study. One must keep learning to just know things. Even if it may not be applicable or useful to you, it feels nice to know things just because.

    This way is unusual and not adopted by many, but it is a really great way to feel happy and bring happiness to your life.

    Small Things Make Big Impact

    There are a hundred thousand things occurring in your life right this moment. But you just don't notice it or ignore it because they are significantly small or inconsiderable for you.

    Life is not about a handful of big things but rather so many small things that keep happening throughout your life. All these small things play a more important role than we realize. So one must pay attention and cherish all those things in your life.

    This does not mean that big things are not significant or they shouldn’t be celebrated. They must, also. But those big things are numbered in anyone’s life and are rare to come someone’s way.

    However, small things are offered to everybody and happen with everyone. A smile towards your way, a small achievement like learning to make an egg, a good morning text from your favorite person, finding a long-lost dollar in your jacket pocket, etc., all these things can make your day instantly.

    So these things must not be considered insignificant and celebrated just as much as big things. This will make you more positive and happier.

    Be Yourself

    The person you will have to stay with all your life is you. Then how can you live fooling yourself by pretending to be someone else?

    Do not try to be the version others want you to be. Be who you really are. You are going to feel free once you are going to find yourself. Introspection and meditation are ways to find yourself and can help immensely in that.

    Once you meet the real you, your life is going to be so much easier. You will no longer be obliged to others and can walk your own path. You can do things your way and will be free from the burden of others' expectations and responsibility to please others. You will most like to be a free bird. And your life is going to be ten times happier.

    Find A Purpose of Your Life

    Everybody on this earth is born with a purpose. And through our purpose, a person creates an impact on the world, be it small in comparison.

    Without a purpose, your life has no meaning whatsoever. You are going to feel useless and lost in your life. You would also not know what to do to create that impact. Your life will mean less to you after a certain period of time if you are unaware of your life purpose.

    Explore what is your purpose in life. What are the things that give you that sense of purpose? And once you find that, explore the ways you can fulfill that purpose.

    Build Relationships That Are meaningful

    We are always enjoying things more when we do them with others. When we share experiences with others, it suddenly increases in significance and value. But it does more when the person that you are sharing it with means to you more. Your relationship with that person has more meaning than others.

    Think about it, you have a best friend and an acquaintance at your office or workplace. You are getting married or have got into a relationship with someone after quite a long time. Whom would you be eager to tell this news first? Your best friend, right? Ever thought why?

    Because your relationship with your best friend is more deep and meaningful than with your best friend rather than your office acquaintance. Besides, your best friend will be more happy for you than that acquaintance, isn’t it?

    When your best friend adds on their happiness over your happiness, your joy will be much more. You will certainly feel more happy than you did before telling them. So it is important to have and/or build meaningful connections and relationships to stay happier in life.


    Happiness is a state of mind. It is a qualitative term and cannot be defined in a certain concrete way. Happiness means different things to different people. Hence, its definition will change from person to person.

    However, it is a constant effort you need to put in order to achieve a state of happiness in your life. It is akin to a discipline you need to develop in your life and stick to it until the end. You cannot do one thing and expect to continue to be happy with that one thing for your whole life.

    Apart from the points mentioned, open-mindedness, gratitude, positivity, spirituality, kindness, good deeds, letting go of your past, focusing on your strengths and good things in your life, embrace empathy, having moral values and also being flexible, etc. everything can help attain happiness in your life and also sustain it. Another thing to understand for it is to validate your feelings. And that you have the power to change your life and direct it.

    To conclude, happiness is a choice that anyone can make despite their situation or circumstances. One needs to practice it for life-long to achieve it and cannot be given upon.

  • anika
    Anika Agarwal
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    How to be Happy

    Someday you wake up in a place where everything seems fine. Your calm heart and lit soul gives you the best vibe. Your thoughts are positive. Your imagination and vision are clear. You are at peace, at peace with what you have been through, and at peace with what you are heading towards.

    How to be happy.jpg


      ● Kindness.

      Happy people are warm, appreciative, admiring, eager to help, and happy to be with them. They do not give way to envy, desire or gossip, and do not complain.

        ● Good listeners.

        Communication isn't a unidirectional street. Happy people require energy and time to choose what others are telling them aloud and nonverbally. Happy people understand the significance of hearing various opinions on an issue and are willing to learn and get influenced.


        Genuinely happy people do these things in variations :

        20 things a happy person does differently.jpg

          1. Feel Grateful.

          A happy person will appreciate all of the great things in their lives instead of being the center of attention on what they see they need.

            2. Express Appreciation

            People happy do not keep their perfection to themselves. They let others know how grateful they are with a note of appreciation.

              3. Live in the present.

              Happy people let go of the past, counting their achievements and mistakes.

                4. Focuses on positive thoughts and avoids negative thoughts.

                Happy people focus on what is, has, and can work, instead of focusing on the problems.

                  5. Smile often.

                  The smiles of happy people are genuine, including their eyes and body language.

                    6. A great sense of humor

                    Happy people are not negative or sarcastic. They can giggle at their own flaws and the absurdness of life. They don't take things as well genuinely, knowing the esteem of helping up.

                      7. Self-confidence

                      Happy people have real confidence in their capabilities.

                        8. Optimistic.

                        Happy people have positive thoughts, full of hope for the future.

                          9. Enthusiastic.

                          A happy person thinks about life as an experience to be lived instead of an issue to be solved.

                            10. Esteem Corporation

                            Happy people have an “us” and “we” instead of a “me” and “my” attitude.

                              11. Show enthusiasm for everyone's successes.

                              Happy people notice that there's sufficient to go around and aren’t envious of others' triumphs.

                                12. Curious nature.

                                Happy people have a greater number of interests and are persistently learning and always growing with something new.

                                  13. Do not feel “entitled.”

                                  Happy people don’t anticipate a lot from life, as their center of attention is generally on what they can provide.

                                    14. Accept life’s uncertainties.

                                    Happy people are prepared to go with the flow and make the most excellent choices.

                                      15. Prioritize spiritual values.

                                      Happy people focus on relationships with family and companions, enjoying, giggling, and having fun. They esteem experiences over keeping.

                                        16. Get adequate sleep.

                                        Happy people realize that without sufficient shut-eye (sound sleep), their level of energy, perception, physical wellbeing, and capability to deal with stress. In this way, they make rest a need, which is approximately 8-9 hours.

                                          17. Social Support

                                          Value quality over amount when it comes to relationships. Communicate in profound and significant ways instead of engaging in shallow conversation.

                                            18. Willing to ask for help.

                                            Happy people are not in two minds before asking for assistance.

                                              19. Loyal and Trustworthy.

                                              Happy people will stand up for their loved ones and will help them in any possible way.

                                                20. Spend time with other happy people too.

                                                Happy people spend time with other happy people for a positive environment and to be refreshed all day.

                                                SIMPLE WAYS TO BE A HAPPY PERSON

                                                The lessons on happiness have taken everyone a lot of time to learn, but once people got it down, it made such a difference in everyone's life.

                                                What does happiness look like for people being happy? The key to happiness is that we have the power to keep in mind what to let go of.

                                                Content with life like in a teenager's life, it didn’t take much to make them angry.

                                                They are so pissed off from childhood traumas and what they went through and what they are facing that they Incorporate within themselves, and they absorbed an attitude or a belief so that their thoughts and behavior are influenced by it. Then children stop expressing what they are feeling or going through and let those feelings of anger ruminate.

                                                They were maliciously treated and then wanted the world to know that they were powerful. Of course, these are the misaligned thoughts of them at the time. People don't realize that they are not tough; they give control to others to choose how they feel because they have given their control to the circumstances and to other people.

                                                HERE ARE SOME WAYS THAT CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN LIFE:

                                                  Don't grant others the duty of your bliss or victory. When we see our accomplishments, we know that the reason for our happiness and success is "us" only.

                                                    It can be just as simple to do a negative thought because it could be a positive thought. You'll switch it and get into a positive vibe. Focus on what makes people happy and what they are thankful for; in the end, it gets so much less demanding.

                                                      We have a choice: we can not let others make us feel in a certain way. We have the alternative of choosing our sentiments and reacting instead of responding; practice not reacting.

                                                      WHAT MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY

                                                      The two lessons that made a difference to a lot of individuals the foremost and the quickest isn't letting others or the circumstances decide the emotions and practicing appreciation. No doubt people are pulling you down, but once They get to know that they can't pull us down, they leave us alone and leave. Likewise is with appreciation, the more we are grateful towards everything around us, the more similar things we attract in our lives to be grateful for. Soon, your life will be unknown.


                                                      Happy people know themselves, are comfortable with everything, and feel free to appear their genuine selves to other persons. They don't pretend feelings, beliefs, or states of mind that aren’t steady with their individual truths. Recalling your control, practicing forgiveness, releasing a grudge, practicing appreciation throughout the life practice.

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