How to Be a Successful Student: Essential Strategies

How to Be a Successful Student: Essential Strategies


The road to success is not a bed of roses. Any success coach will tell you that it is filled with hurdles that test you at each step. Similarly, being a successful student is not a child's play. It requires utmost devotion, a student success plan, hard work, and a passion for being successful in life.

How to be a successful student

If you genuinely wish to be a successful student in High school or college, there are student success strategies that can prove to be helpful to the achievement of your goal.

Recipe For Success: How to be successful in college or school

Development Of Qualities And Skills- Student success plan

1. Prioritization

If you wish to be on the top, you need to make academics your top priority. Even though it is essential to take out time for family, friends, and outings, you should give your first preference to studies especially when exams are nearby. Wasting time is unaffordable for you!

2. Punctuality

If you wish to be a successful student in school or you are wondering how to be successful in college, punctuality is one of the most important qualities you need to adopt right away. Your high school success or college success will never prove to be fruitful if you ignore punctuality. Plan all your activities beforehand so that you can reach wherever required on time.

3. No Cheating

Most of the students are in the habit of cheating in exams in order to pass or get good grades. This practice is rampant especially in a stage as crucial as high school. No matter what the circumstances are, never cheat on exams. Remember, good grades are important but so is gaining knowledge. When you cheat, you are depriving yourself of valuable knowledge. Don't join in even if all your friends think that it is okay. Peer pressure will just hold you back. If not that, think about what will happen if you get caught. Instead of achieving what you deserved you will be disqualified. Are you willing to take a risk that big?

4. Concentrate

Long hours of staring at an open book are not what you call studying. Even if you can concentrate for a short period of time, so be it. However, once you have started to study a topic do not let your mind wander. It is all right to take breaks of short duration during studying, but don't let those gaps break your tempo. Short breaks regenerate your energy and prepare you further for focussing on the task at hand.

5. Refraining From Unnecessary Comparisons

Even if others compare you to someone else, never give much heed to it. It is a different thing to be inspired by someone, and it is a whole other thing to demoralize yourself by comparing how others carry out their tasks. You should know that you have to succeed but only on your terms. It does not matter what your classmate, lab partner or neighbor is doing. All that matters is a success in the end. Choose your own way and methodologies. Comparisons will just confuse you, and in the end, you might end up settling for something far lower than what you really deserved.

6. Improvement In Progression

If you have scored a C this time, don't go straight away for an A. Unrealistic expectations can drastically disappoint you and demotivate you in the long run. Instead of trying to leap ahead quickly, aim to make progress in a step-by-step manner. Improving little by little is okay. This way you learn at a steady pace and can carry out your work in a relaxed way.

7. Curiosity and Excitement

When you are interested in studies, you tend to perform better. Don't be merely a machine trying to score As. Take an interest in whatever you study. Apparently, it is not possible to get excited about every single thing that you study in class. So instead of deliberately forcing yourself to artificially generate interest, try to focus on what subtopic sparks your curiosity more than the others and then do some research outside the classroom on that particular subtopic. Your own research can prove to be one of the most valuable success resources.

The Importance Of Self Study:- Students success resources

One of the best ways to absorb a piece of information in your mind is to read about it on your own with full focus. You will be surprised as to how this technique works wonders even when something seems to be way too tough. Let us take a look at some self-study tips that make your road to success a little more comfortable.

1. Planning Each & Every Study Session

When you have a solid game plan before starting any study session, it naturally improves your productivity. This way you can be ensured that you make each session as productive as possible and make the best out of your time. When you prescribe time slots to whatever you have to study, you do not feel overwhelmed. If you panic, it affects your performance. Make a list of the portions of the syllabus that you wish to cover and prescribe a time duration to them. Check off items on your list when you are done with them.

2. Making a Schedule

First of all, making a schedule does not mean dedicating the entire day to studies. It means that you make a timetable in order to enjoy a productive day along with getting yourself nearer to success every day. Along with social activities make sure that you prescribe a fixed number of hours to study each day. This way you do not waste all your time and also don't become a bookworm who is studying all the time. Instead of just one day, try to plan out the whole week. This way you can dedicate some extra hours when exams are near.

3. Decide Your Own Methodology

Every student’s method of studying is different which affects the way of learning and determines exam scores. There are different kinds of learners in every school. Some students prefer flashcard whereas others like to study from handwritten notes. Some people also adopt an approach in which they make use of a combination of learning styles and methods in order to utilize the benefits of each.

4. Breaks

Well, most people say that hard work is the key to success. On the contrary, there is a new quote that is on the rage nowadays, that is, "short breaks during hard work are the key to success." If you continuously try to study straight for long hours, you might end up cramming your mind, and in the end, it can cause much confusion. This could negatively affect your grades in exams as well as degrade your knowledge instead of upgrading it.

Even though social media, video games, television, etc. relax your mind, it is best to go out in the open and do some exciting physical activity. It enhances blood circulation and gives you the energy to focus again with full efficiency. Don't think that taking breaks within a limit will negatively impact your studies. In fact, by giving yourself a break, you provide a chance to your brain to recharge itself for what is more to come! So, the important thing is not to starve yourself entirely of leisure time.

5. Avoiding Distractions

Once you make up your mind to studying avoid distractions at any cost. Turn off your phone if you do not need it. Even if you need to use the internet only look for things relevant to your study material, not for the latest trends and gossips. Also, give some time to resolve any problem if something is bothering you. If your mind is distracted during studies, you will not be able to get your work done.

Entirely avoid the company of people who are distracted themselves. They are not able to concentrate on work and distract others too. You can quickly go off-track.

6. Choose The Study Atmosphere Carefully

The study environment plays a vital role in determining the success of a student. If the environment you are studying it is noisy or full of disturbances, then it will be a lot more difficult for you to concentrate. Some people prefer studying in their room alone whereas some prefer a studious environment such as that of a library. Different environments can act as triggers of motivation for different students.

7. Using Study Resources

One of the topmost qualities possessed by successful students is that their mind is curious and they have a creative personality. If they do not understand something, they do not rest until their query is resolved. There is plenty of information available on the internet. If you think that a particular topic is not given in detail in your textbook, discuss it with like-minded people. After all, there is no harm in doing a little extra research. Carefully utilize all the resources that are made available to you. Interact with your teachers often. This will help you clear any doubts beforehand, and you can rest assured most of the time.

8. Study Groups

If you are the type of person, who feels motivated by seeing others striving for the same thing as you then group studies are definitely going to benefit your study pattern. Group sessions can make a student feel that he is not alone in his studying efforts. Make sure that the members of your study groups are focused and organized. If they are not target-oriented, then you might end up getting off-topic way too much. Although this technique is not for all. You should give it a try once, but if you cannot get used to the idea of group studies, then it is necessary that you study alone in your own comfort zone.

How To Make The Best Out Of The Classroom - Student success strategies

1. Pay Attention

Paying attention in class is one of the most crucial practices a successful student is required to do. Even though you do not like a particular subject try to focus all your energy on it and carefully listen to what the teacher is saying. Clarify your doubts immediately otherwise; it will become harder to concentrate if you are stuck at a single point.

2. Taking Notes

It is not possible to remember every word the teacher says. So, it is essential that you jot down notes in the form of main points that summarize what the teacher is explaining. This practice also makes it easier to concentrate and avoid distractions.

3. Clarifying Doubts

In order to avoid being lost during a lecture make sure that you clarify all your doubts. One of the secrets to success is an interactive environment. When there is a two-way discussion going on you do not get bored, and the monotony fades away within a few minutes. Review your notes after the class and make a list of doubts you encounter afterward. Take this list in the next class and discuss it with your teacher. Cross of doubts as they are cleared.

4. Avoiding Distractions

Just like during your self-study hours, keep your mobile phone away. In a classroom, try to sit away from chatty students and as close to the teacher as possible. This way even the chatty ones will not be able to distract you.

5. Developing a Positive Relationship With Your Teacher

Another thing that determines the success of an individual in high school and college is his relationship with the teachers and staff. This time is one of the most crucial times of your life, and you should get all the support you need.

Don't forget to have fun!

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Someone has rightly said this. Along with studying it is essential for every student to have a carefree time where he can just have some fun and relax with his friends. During that time one should not even think about studies. Performing fun activities with friends will help you regenerate the energy you need for studying. This way, you will concentrate better while studying.

If you learn how to maintain a perfect balance between studies and other extracurricular activities, then no one can stop you from becoming successful. You can have an active social life as well as strive for achieving your goals at the same time. All you need to do is be a good planner and success will naturally come to you.

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