How to Become a Better Person and Maintain a Good Personality in your Life

How to Become a Better Person and Maintain a Good Personality in your Life


We all wish to be a better person. Well, at least most of us. We have all made mistakes in our lives that have not put us in the best picture, like telling a lie that harmed others or even bullying someone in school.

You have probably felt guilty after you have done it. And that is good. Feeling guilty is something most people undermine. But it's what makes you a human. It means you are trying to do better or become a better person.

No one is perfect. But trying to grow into a better person or evolving your character is what matters. You may have questioned, "How can I become a better person," or "I want to be a better person" if you want to continue growing and make the most of yourself, there plenty of ways to do so.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson has said, "Make the most of yourself…for that is all there is of you."

How to be a better person and be happy in 15 ways

1- Compliment yourself

Complimenting oneself does not always mean that you are overconfident. Sometimes it is vital to compliment yourself.

Every morning, after waking up and before doing your daily routine, take a moment and compliment yourself.

Whether you compliment your hair, your most favorite part of yourself, or how you completed this one task using your skill sets.

Giving yourself an emotional boost every morning is a great way to start the day. It will make you happy. And when you are happy with yourself, those emotions reflect others around you.

2- Don't make excuses

Blaming others, such as your spouse, boss, or clients, is useless, and it won't get you any further. Instead of pointing fingers and making excuses for things you aren't happy about, own to your mistakes and learn from them.

You will improve as a person if you do this. By living up to your mistakes, you can become happier and healthier. And your relationships with others will approve as well.

3- Let go of your anger

Anger is a perfectly normal emotion. But you can't let it grow. It's easier said than done to let go of anger.

When you let your anger grow, you make unwise decisions that may harm others, and anger affects your health.

Most doctors say that pent-up anger can cause digestion problems, difficulty sleeping, and even heart disease.

To help in letting go of your anger, a consultant suggests writing your feelings down, pray or meditate. And begin to manage your thoughts.

4- Practice forgiveness

Forgiving yourself and letting go of resentment is very important. Forgive yourself for letting go of the negative experiences of the past.

Take time to meditate and practice the mantra, 'I forgive you, and I release you.'

5- Be honest

To be a better person, either in your personal or professional life, always tell the truth. And state clearly what you are trying to say.

Learn to gather your thoughts, feelings, and ideas fairly and openly.

6- Be helpful

Being helpful makes you a better person. Either you are giving up your seat to an elderly on a train, assisting a co-worker, or carrying grocery bags when your spouse comes back home from the store.

Being helpful is one of the easiest and effective ways to becoming a better person. The more you help others, the better you feel about yourself and others.

7- Listen to others

According to Jeet Banerjee's notes on Lifehack, listening to others and giving everyone a voice is one of the greatest things you can do.

By listening to others, you can build connections with different people. Being a good listener can surely change your life.

8- Act for a good cause

By supporting a local cause or a good cause, such as donating clothes or buying from local farmers or businesses, are simple ways you can help your region.

Even a little difference you make can change or make somebody happy. Care about your community.

9- Be polite

It does not take any effort to say 'thank you' to someone or to hold the elevator door open for someone. These kinds of acts can make someone's day.

Make it a rule; the way someone else behaves does not determine your behavior.

10- Be yourself

To be yourself is like freeing yourself from all the pretense. It also includes being true to your values and beliefs.

And establish your identity, build courage, find focus and create boundaries.

11- Be open to change

You can be flexible and open to trying new things, whether trying a new restaurant or traveling to an unknown part of the world. Or you are even doing something that has always scared you.

This will allow you to grow because you are experiencing something new. It helps you to be self-confident and high functioning.

12- Be respectful

Don't disrespect your community or other people. Such as, don't toss trash on public floors or restrooms just because someone else is there to clean it up.

Be respectful of other people's time, thoughts, ideas, lifestyle, feelings, or work.

You have to have a mindset or mentality that other people have a right to their opinions, and your is not always correct.

13- Do not show up empty-handed

Perhaps you have a party this weekend at your friend's place, make sure not to arrive empty-handed.

Even if your friend has told you not to bother yourself, bring along something to eat to show your appreciation for the invitation.

14- Educate yourself

The most useful tool you can have is education.

If you don't understand why certain things are happening, such as why are people protesting or why are they raging.

Start by taking the time to educate yourself about the current event.

Ask people for their thoughts and opinions on the current event.

We are all interconnected. Being aware of different cultures, different people, or their lives could make you a more civil person.

This will open your mind and understand a different point of view.

15- Surprise your loved ones

Doesn't it feel good or exciting when someone surprises you with gifts? It surely does bring an instant smile.

Treat your loved ones the same way. Surprise them now and then with a gift, a night out, or by offering your help if they are in need.

Being a better person takes gradual steps. It does not happen overnight. But it is possible. Allow yourself patience and approach it slowly.

How to have a better personality

If you want to put in the effort and better your personality, then maintain these five ways to have an attractive personality.

1- Learn social skills:

Learning different social skills is very beneficial. People with good personalities are often likable.

If you don't talk with others, they will never have a chance to learn about you. You need to improve your social skills to create good relationships with people around you.

Use positive gestures, be open to talking to others, and do not give off a rude vibe.

2- Make others feel good in your company:

Make other people feel good about them. That way people will like you. If you have a good personality, others will feel it. You won't need to tell them about it.

Please talk about the person you are in their company. It is a saying that a rich man doesn't let anyone feel poor in his company.

People around you should feel comfortable and a better person when they are in your company. It is always a nice feeling when someone says to you, "you make me a better person.", stick to it.

3- Only show your optimistic side

Always try to find positivity in every situation. do not focus on what you can't or don't have. Always be grateful for what you have currently.

We all feel moody or down now and then. Though do not show that side to anyone. Try to always appear cheerful and happy despite life difficulties.

People will grow to respect you and what you are doing.

4- Develop a dressing sense

When you walk into a room full of people, they first look at what you are wearing. Their first impression of you is by your personality. They address you the way you are dressed.

Know the type of dressing that looks good on you. and makes you feel confident. Don't withhold from spending money on your dressing.

Try to dress well and neatly.

No one likes a messy dresser. Your goal should be to look like you did not take time to prepare but look good anyway.

5- Create an attractive smile

A smile is as important as how you dress up. Well, not technically. An attractive smile is one of the traits of a good personality.

Try to smile at everyone when making eye contact. Your smile should hold confidence in it. Practice different kinds of the smile and make sure you aren't displaying yourself as a creep.


To become a better person takes time. But every effort you put into it is worth it. It only makes you happy but also keeps you healthier mentally and physically.

Try all the ways slowly and grow yourself mentally. Maintain your good personality to engage more socially and to make connections.

Knowing how to become a better person can change your life.

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