How to assess thinking skills?

How to assess thinking skills?


Whether you are a student, housewife, or office employee, it is crucial to think about every situation in a critical manner. Critical thinking does not only solve the problems but also gives you better results in the end. It is through critical thinking that you can avoid time-wasting efforts.

This article will further highlight how critical thinking helps in problem-solving and how to assess thinking skills.

Is critical thinking problem-solving?

The correct definition of critical thinking does not include the term problem solving but you can relate it to critical thinking. We can understand more precisely with the help of an example. College students, office employees, managers, engineers, and others have to finish many projects in their career stage.

A project is teamwork and you need a lot of planning for its successful completion. To make the project successful, it is necessary that you think about every factor of the project in a critical manner. Resources, number of group members, budget, deadlines, communication, and other factors play an important role in the completion of projects.

You have to apply critical thinking at every stage of the project. It helps to look at the minute details of the project by knowing the outcome. Moreover, you can prepare for solutions before a problem arises through critical thinking. In this way, you can say that critical thinking and problem-solving are well connected.

Ways to assess thinking skills

There are ample ways by which you can assess the thinking skills of students, office employees or any other person. Let us have a look at all:

1. Ask generic questions

Individual thinking in a student or employee is very important to survive in the highly competitive globe. As a teacher or boss, you must ask your students or employees the general questions or generic questions we can say. These questions require thinking a lot and finding information from various sources.

One of the major benefits of asking generic questions is that people come up with new answers. Each one thinks in a different way and he/she gives new ways to solve the problem. Apart from that, the students or employees will find out a way to ask similar questions to others. Answering generic questions will obviously boost critical thinking skills. You can get accurate answers to every generic question.

2. Team meetings

Teamwork has its own benefits. What an individual cannot do, the group can definitely do. To promote critical thinking skills, you can do group work. Being a teacher or office boss, you can give group tasks, case studies, debates, and group projects.

Group work and projects generate new and creative ideas among the team members. There are better solutions to solve each problem that comes in between the project.

The most important benefit of group collaboration is that it creates a sense of interest and responsibility in passive employees or students. They will be more active in a group project and participate in it for a better outcome.

3. Writing tasks

One of the most famous methods to check the thinking skills in a person is by giving him/her the writing tasks. You can give some raw data to your students or employees and ask them to form an analysis and answer.

Every person will present an answer in a creative manner on the basis of raw data using his/her point of view. In this way, you can assess the thinking skills of the person.

4. Written and online tests

You can assess the thinking skills of a person through tests. There are ample sites where you can find critical thinking skills. Every question has some seconds in which you have to answer. These questions improve logical thinking and critical thinking as well.


So now, you know how important it is to develop critical thinking skills for any work. Students, office managers, employees, teachers, and other professionals all need to think about any situation in a critical manner to come to a proper conclusion.

These ways are being used in many companies, colleges, and universities for their students and employees. They are useful and make every group project and teamwork successful.

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