Learn to appreciate what you have before it's gone

Learn to appreciate what you have before it's gone


A person who has everything will still struggle for extra money. A poor person works only for one-time food. A person who has a car doesn't respect the vehicle, but a person who doesn't have legs wishes to have it. A person with home runs out of it, and many persons are living on the road. When people go to the restaurants, throws the food, and many people struggle for the food outside of the cafe.

Why am I making count in these things today? I want to let you know; people don't appreciate what they have. Appreciate what you have before the time makes you understand what you had.

If you have something, then say thank you to God that you have at least those things, which is a dream of many people. However, you are strong enough to earn the rest of the things that you don't have. Learn to be grateful. Learn the gratitude.

When you appreciate what you have, things become better and better. When you learn the art of appreciation, things go to be better, healthier, and happier. Learn to think of what you have instead of thinking about what you want. In your life, there are many reasons to show your gratitude. And when you learn to express your feelings, it triggers positive emotions.

Appreciation provides clarity. The simple art of expressing gratitude moves towards a new state of emotions and peace within yourself.

What is meant by appreciation?

Appreciation is nothing but expressing gratitude towards the little things in life that pleasures you. By showing gratitude, you are attending the things that make you happy. Your appreciation is not limited to the items. You should focus on your attention, even on those people who make you happy.

Some people play a vital role in our lives. They could be anyone, such as your mother, father, brother, sister, friends and so on. Appreciation is not fixed for something that you will express it after any event. Your mother's day starts with you and ends for you. Your father's whole day workshop is for you. They don't expect any action of gratitude from you. They only expect respect for them from your side. But, sometimes, your thank you can make them happy.

Not only your parents but each and everyone, who is responsible for your smile, you should express your appreciation towards them.

How can you express your appreciation in words?

Words are essential in life. You can say words are magical. If you use them in the right way, they will get the value. Words have the power to make someone feel delighted and sad too. You should know, when what and where you are using the phrase. It can create a good effect and also affect your life.

There are a few words you can use to express your appreciation. Such as

- Thank you

- You are an inspiration.

- I am grateful.

- You are a Blessing.

- I appreciate you.

And so on. If you don't likely pay your gratitude through words, you can show it through your actions. You can write a thank you note for someone you have never been thanked at all in your life. All I mean to say is, appreciated the people are a part of your life.

Research says the people who show their gratitude are delighted with their family and friends. They are happy and less stressed. With all these things, they get stronger and can deal with the tough stuff efficiently.

A study was conducted where few people were asked to leave a thank you note for their loved ones. They had to do it for a week. So, even though the practice was conducted for seven days only, in the last, it was seen that the people were happy and less stressed than seven days ago.

How Can You Appreciate What You Have

If you don't know how to show gratitude for the things you have, please look at some ways to appreciate them.

Get to Know About Someone Who Doesn't Have What You Have.

If you can't appreciate what you have, take a moment and think of those who don't have what you have.

For example, if you have a bike and your friends do not have a vehicle, think about him. What difficulties your friend must be going through? Now, think, if you too didn't have the bike, you also would be suffering from those situations.

So, instead of forcing for the latest bike, appreciate your older vehicle. Respect your parents that they could afford it for you. As per a study, when you connect yourself with people's lives, you can quickly understand their problems. Once you could secure yourself with others, you will automatically start appreciating the things you have and smother people don't.

Accept Yourself

Accept yourself the way you are. Accepting yourself does not mean only expressing gratitude for your being. But, getting yourself is unlocking the magic within yourself, celebrating the uniqueness, and never comparing yourself with others.

If you feel that you have some areas, which are lagging compared to others, you can work on it to improve it. But, the condition is, those areas should not be like, your looks. You are what you are. You don't need to be and try to be like anyone else. When you start accepting yourself, you start loving yourself. And this is the real gratitude for yourself.

Welcome the Challenges

There is no one whose life is supposed to be perfect. Either, the experience can not be ideal. As we navigate the road, we face many challenges, such as traffic, turns, speed breaker, etc. Just like that, in the journey of life, you face many block roads, such as failure, loss, tragedies.

But, these blocks should not affect your life journey. The journey continues to move on. It can not stop. So you. Accept the challenges. Accept the roadblock. Please take it as a source that will make you challenging. Take those obstacles as opportunities. If you feel so low because of your circumstances, say thank you to those conditions, those difficult times, for making your strong.

Live in the Moment

When you start living in the moment, you start enjoying it. You start appreciating it. When you live in the moment, you value the time. You understand the minute details of your life. Being mindful is nothing but a state of concentrated attention on the present.

But, to be mindful needs practice. It needs to be focused on things. So, the best to be aware of is by doing one task at a time. You will be able to focus on it entirely.

Ask Yourself Different Questions

Asking yourself the questions will work as a mirror for you. By asking various questions to yourself, you will be able to understand yourself better. And you will start appreciating yourself.

If you ask yourself common questions, you will get unsatisfactory answers. Of course, you will ask yourself questions comparing yourself with others, which will demotivate you. Instead, it would help if you asked yourself a better question to get better answers.

Instead of saying, when will I get better than this? You should ask, what can I do today for someone less fortunate than me? It would help if you searched for ways to improve your lives first to improve yourself as a human being.

Let go of the Negativity.

Negativity is the main reason for your disappointment. If you stuck with your negative thoughts, you wouldn't be able to raise. And this, you can not appreciate whatever you have. Instead, you will start a complaint about what you have.

If you could win your positive thoughts against your negative thoughts, you will understand the meaning of life. And you will feel that you are fortunate about at least you have something. Rather than, you have nothing. Negative energy is nothing but a source of sorrow. So, let negativity go away from you. And welcome the positivity with open arms.

Smile Even When You Don't Feel Like

A smile is a solution to every problem. A smile on your face can bring a smile to others' looks too. A smile is the only medium for lifting yourself out of sadness and depression, making you happier in life.

With a smiling face, you can win anyone, even in the worst circumstances. I'm not saying that the smile will solve your issues. But a smile will give you the strength to fight with the challenge.

Have a genuine smile on your face. Think about all the right people you have in your life. Think and thank all those things you have been given. Feel lucky for having whatever you have, that for many, it is a dream of having it.

When you start doing value to the things you have, you start appreciating it from the bottom of your heart. And this appreciation is essential to living life peacefully, happily, and healthy.

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