How To Apologize Effectively - Steps of a Sincere Apology

How To Apologize Effectively - Steps of a Sincere Apology


Every person out there has a different mindset related to apologizing. While some people were forced to apologize as kids, others learned that apologizing is the best way to keep relations. We apologize when we commit a mistake or if we have hurt anyone. It is important to keep your ego aside and talk to people. Apologizing will help to retain the relationship.

Additionally, it will also help build trust all over again. People will get comfortable with one another and the love will remain. A simple sorry can change the dynamics of a relationship. However, when you apologize make sure you say it from your heart. A sorry with no commitment means you are bound to make the same mistakes again. Hence, apologize when you really understand where you are wrong. Similarly, you should also promise to never commit them again.

Why Apologizing is Good?

Relationships can get hard to maintain if there are a lot of problems between people. With time, it can create a lot of stress for the people involved. Sometimes it's important to apologize to keep aside the negative effects of the same.

Once you apologize, you shall notice a great reduction in your stress levels. There are multiple benefits of apologizing to people that you may never think about. It boosts your happiness and strengthens the bond with people. Additionally, it reduces your stress levels to a great extent. Saying sorry is known to give rise to stronger relationships. If you apologize to the people who really love you, it's totally worth the effort.

Why Can Apologizing Be Hard For People?

Some people find it hard to apologize or say sorry. The reason behind the same can be because people feel they are inadequate or wrong. People believe that admitting when wrong is the first sign of being guilty. Others believe that apologizing first will leave the other person to think their acts are justified.

Similarly, the other person shall take no responsibility for their actions. While one party may apologize, it may increase the confidence of the other one to do the same every time. A conflict can be due to the irrational thinking of both parties. However, when one person apologizes, it may leave the other person thinking they are right.

Here is how you can get rid of your guilt.

1. Learn to be comfortable in your skin

Being guilty starts when you are unsure about yourself. Learn to be as comfortable as you are. Anxiety and fear are some of the most important things that dominate us. Free yourself from insecurities.

2. What Matters More?

Ask yourself this question and you will get your answer. Is the person more important or an argument you just had? What do you value more? Is it just a bad day? Is this happening for the first time? Or have they been behaving the same way always? If yes, ask yourself if you wish to be with such a person? If you plan to stand up for yourself, there will be hatred. However, choose what works best for you.

3. Don't Be Offensive

It is important to not react to negative situations. This is for your own personal peace and a good state of mind. Give your inner peace more importance over anything else. This will gain you respect from people.

How can you apologize?

Here are some steps on how you can plan a sincere apology.

1. Ask for permission

If you have wronged someone, then the first thing you should do is to ask permission for an apology. Once they grant you permission to apologize, make sure you let them know what you are apologizing for. Those who you have hurt, need to know why you wish to apologize. They would love to know that you are really sorry for your actions or behavior.

2. They should know that you hurt them

Before apologizing, you need to let them know where did you go wrong. Tell him how much you regret the action. Additionally, tell them how wrong you were and how much you value them. Let them know how you could have changed things if you had a chance.

Do not say "I'm sorry if I hurt you". This sentence means you do not realize where you have wronged them. Be sure about your feelings and tell them how much you feel bad for the same.

3. Tell him how you can better the situation

Sometimes, it is important to realize that situations cannot be undone. However, you can at least try to better the situation. Do everything you can to make the condition right. Make the most of the current situation and never repeat your actions. Never offend people without thinking about the consequences.

4. Never repeat mistakes

If you plan to apologize, you should also ensure to never repeat or commit the mistakes again. If you plan on repeating the mistakes, there is no point in giving an apology. Before you apologize, also promise them to never commit the mistakes again. Work on building the relationship rather than destroying it.

5. Write a hand-written note

The best way to ask for an apology is to write a handwritten note. Make sure you write it from your heart. Tell them how bad you feel for the actions or behavior that have hurt them. Also, write to them about how you plan to work on yourself. Promise to improve yourself and never hurt them again. The note will be a permanent reminder of how sorry you feel about the incident.

6. Get past the mistake

Now it's time for you to really keep up with your words. Additionally, this is the time you can prove yourself. Make the most of this time to get your bond stronger than ever. Work on the relationship and know what is best for you.

These are some of the best ways you can plan for an apology. Sometimes seeking an apology is the best for relationships. While apologizing, keep sure to avoid excuses. Seek a sincere apology which will help things get better.

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