How students can get benefit from high emotional intelligence?


Intelligence is the god gift and the person can do wonders with the help of intelligence. Humans survive on emotions and without feelings; we cannot get the inner happiness in any corner of the world. Just like the IQ level, we all should have a good EQ score for leading a happy and contented life. Today, we will discuss the meaning of emotional intelligence, examples, benefits of emotional intelligence, and the qualities of the people with high emotional intelligence.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is nothing but the management of your emotions at the home, office, or any other place in the world. It is your ability to manage and control feelings in certain situations. If you want to understand the meaning of emotional intelligence in the words of a layman, it simply means the way in which you show or hide your emotions, feelings, ideas, or thoughts in front of the world.

A person with a high EQ score will always be successful in life in any field. He knows well the tricks to manage emotions such as anger, fear, distrust, and happiness.

With good emotional intelligence skills, one can make wise decisions unlike the rest of all. It also forms a substantial part of our lives. Emotional intelligence will not only gift your rewards in the workplace but also improve your personal life. Be it your parents, friends, or partner, you can maintain a good balance between all the relations with the help of good emotional intelligence.

Examples of emotional intelligence in the workplace

The workplace is undoubtedly one of the most boring places for everyone. But, you can turn it into an interesting one with the help of emotional intelligence. It is a way to attract employees more to work and get the most difficult task done in a simple way.

If you want to check whether your workplace has good emotional score intelligence among the people, you can read the following emotional intelligence examples.

A) Adjustment

The workplace has many employees with different natures. Everyone has different likes, choices, and preferences from one another. When there is a good amount of flexibility in the organization, you can say that employers and upper-level management have a good EQ score. Flexibility at the workplace will result in better work conditions which will help the employees in self-development.

B) Sharing ideas in meetings and seminars

There are various meetings and seminars in an organization every year. When people share views, listen to others, and allow other people to speak in the meetings, we can say there is good emotional intelligence in the workplace. A good organization is where people feel free to express opinions and views in front of managers and officers.

C) New initiatives

One of the best emotional intelligence examples is when there are new initiatives in the workplace. When an organization adopts new ways to make the work more fascinating to employees, we can say that there is a good emotional intelligence score.

Benefits of emotional intelligence for students

Just like employees, students can also get a lot of benefits with the help of emotional intelligence. There are numerous benefits to students if they have good emotional intelligence skills. The benefits are as follows:

1) Managing emotions

When a student has a good EQ score, he/she can cope up with this competitive world. The students can face the toughest circumstances with emotional intelligence. They can adjust to people with different natures and temperaments. And most importantly, they can control their emotions and take practical decisions anytime.

2) Better communication

We all have different emotions and feelings in us such as anger, anxiety, fear, jealousy, happiness, sadness, and others. One should know where to be emotional and when to not especially when they are students. An emotional intelligence test will help the students to communicate better in this world. It will help them to improve their linguistic skills too. Emotional intelligence will help the students to express their views and ideas without hesitation.

3) Build new relations

When you know to manage the emotions, you can build new relations in a better way. You can blend well with new friends and to study in a new environment. The students can exchange their thoughts with one another and take or give help in the academic field.

4) Reduction in stress

Adults alone are not victims of stress but students also face the same at school and colleges. Stress can ruin you completely and it is the biggest hurdle when you want to do something new. Emotional intelligence will help the students to manage stress and they can study smartly even in difficult times. EQ will help them, particularly during important exams when they have too much stress.

5) Sympathy towards others

Emotional Intelligence will help the students to sympathize with other students. They can understand others and help them to solve their problems. EQ will make you a good person in the future and you can set a perfect example for other students in the school, college, and universities.

5 Ways to improve emotional intelligence

If you want to know how to improve emotional intelligence skills, read below:

1) Apply positivity in your life

You should always welcome positive thoughts and ideas in your mind. Positivity will help you to become a more practical person. Positive thoughts will help you in forgetting the past bad experiences.

2) Check your behavior

Once you know how you behaved in certain situations, you can improve your attitude towards studies and other tasks daily. You should also check the results of the misbehavior on your life which will naturally help you to improve emotional intelligence.

3) Accept the mistakes

We alone are responsible for the good and bad outcomes which we get in day to day life. Whether it is a positive result or negative, we should take responsibility on ourselves for that. We are obviously responsible for the feelings we show. This will help to overcome your weaknesses and make you a better person.

4) Do not avoid the negative thoughts completely

Before taking any important decision in school, college or workplace, we think a lot. We can get both positive and negative thoughts. Just like positivity, negativity also dwells in our minds. So, it is important to know why that negative thought persists in your mind. This will further help you confront the negative situations in life. You can get better solutions in any situation.

5) Look at your opinions

Each person of the world thinks he is right in some way or the other. But, it is not so as other people may have a different perception from you. So, whenever you give an opinion, you should think about it twice or thrice. You should ask yourself whether your opinion will give good or bad results. This will help you to understand the feelings of others and work with them on the same project.

15 qualities of highly emotional intelligent students

Now that we have discussed so much about emotional intelligence skills, you should know the qualities of high emotional intelligence students too.

1. They are positive

One of the 12 qualities of people with high emotional intelligence is that they are positive most of the time. They will find a solution to the problem rather than crying for the same. They do not complain about any situation.

2. They know the people well

The students with high emotional intelligence will come to know at once how people feel. They will know the nature and character of the people quicker than others.

3. Identify their feelings

We all experience different feelings but how many of us actually identify them? There are only a few people who actually identify their feelings and find reasons for that. High emotional intelligence will help you to know your own feelings.

4. They accept change

The people with high emotional intelligence accept changes as they come on their way. They will welcome the changes in their school and offices and also gain success anywhere in the world.

5. They set limits

One of the best 9 habits of highly emotionally intelligent students is that they can say yes and no clearly in any situation. Whether it is positive or negative, they can answer well in any situation and convince people about their behavior. They have clear communication habits rather than manipulating the facts.

6. You forgive others but do not forget

People with high emotional intelligence do not hold grudges and let go. They will forgive people for their small and big mistakes but do not forget. They will learn from their own mistakes and the results which they got by trusting other people.

7. They improve their weakness and know the strength

Students with high emotional intelligence know their strengths and they will work hard to make them better. They also know their weaknesses and strive hard to overcome them.

8. They don’t feel sad at jokes

One of the best 15 signs of high emotional intelligence is that you will not get offended often. The people will not be able to create hurdles for you and even if they do, you know how to come out of that. People with high emotional intelligence know their selves well and do not fear the world even if someone cracks jokes on them.

9. They make everything interesting

Whether it is office work or math homework, people with high emotional intelligence turn it into fun. Nothing seems boring to them and they love whatever work is assigned to them. Such people do every task with interest and create a positive atmosphere all around them.

10. They work and play both

Highly emotionally intelligent students do not study the whole day. They love studies and play both. They make a proper timetable and divide it into various activities such as studies, play, watching TV, and others. Doing all activities will make them a more perfect person than others.

11. They are attentive

Highly emotionally intelligent people focus well on work. They pay attention to every single thing happening around them. They see and listen rather than throwing blinding their ideas and opinions. In spite of thousands of distractions, these people will find a way to get successful.

12. They don’t see the negative aspects

One of the most appreciative qualities of students with high emotional intelligence is that they avoid seeing negative points in persons and things. They stop thinking in a negative sense. They also try to avoid negative thoughts and see more the positive side. At the same time, they help others and themselves too to remove the negativity.

13. They avoid negative people

One of 12 qualities of people with high emotional intelligence is that they remain at a safe hand distance from toxic people. They don’t let the negativity of such people to affect their work or studies.

14. They sleep well

The students with high emotional intelligence take a sleep of minimum of 8 hours at night. They give relaxation to their mind to preparing better for tomorrow.

15. They avoid comparison

The comparison makes humans sad and unhappy. But students with high emotional intelligence avoid comparing themselves to others. They will be satisfied and contented with their little achievements.


Being a human being, we all are born with strength, weakness, and imperfections. It is equally important for all of us to control our emotions in various places. These are 15 signs of high emotional intelligence which you will often see in people with high EQ scores.

Just like any other thing, emotional intelligence is a vital thing in our lives and it will definitely help each one of us to develop into a better person each day.

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