How Many Hugs You Need a Day and why

How Many Hugs You Need a Day and why


I have seen a movie in which the hero always gives a hug to the sad person. He calls it a 'Jadu ki Jhappi.'

Though, a hug is indeed magical. Its magic is like working within a second. A hug is not secured for an occasion. It would help if you always had a hug when you are happy, excited, or sad. Your every emotion is expressed with the hug. Either, you can say, hug expresses your emotion.

A hug is a perfect way to comfort yourself. It speaks a lot in itself. Hug don't have words. But, its actions say more than the words. Hugging is the universal way of making anyone feel comfortable.

Even when someone is not likely to feel confident, your hug can make the person feel comfortable. A hug makes you feel good. Scientifically, it is proven that a hug can make you feel happier and healthier.

How many hugs do you need a day?

As per the family therapist, you need four hugs per day for survival. You need eight hugs per day, for maintenance and you need 12 hugs per day for growth. I know, it sounds too much of hugs. But, it is great to have as many hugs as you can. A hug is a proven way to relieve stress.

Many hugs are better than not having enough hugs. But, still, how many minimum hugs you should have a day? As per a study, you should have as much to get a hug to make your day better. Without uttering a single word, a hug will spread all the positivity in you and the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, most Western people, especially the people from America, are most likely to touch-deprived. In the United States, people live solely. So, their social involvement chain has a gap in many places. They are resulting in reducing social interaction and touching.

Also, in our modern society, touching others who are not directly related to them is not considered a good sign. But, if you want to relieve your stress, want to make yourself better, improve communication, and be healthier and happier, it is seen that asking for a hug or giving a hug can be a good start.

Of course, seeking others for a hug will make you feel uncomfortable. Then, you can start hugging your family and friends. Scientific Research has proved that a regular hug from a family can fill you with positivity.

A hug has also been a sign of emotional support. It is the fact that, when someone offers a hug, you get dynamic support. And probably, you will fully open up emotionally with the person. This is how hugging works. You find even know how essential and beneficial it is hugging.

Benefits of Hugs

1) Hugs Helps You Reduce Your Fear

The magic of hug starts from here - the best medicine to make your mind calm. Though a hug is a part of day-to-day life, you are not aware that touch or a hug can reduce fear.

Even science has proved it right. According to scientific research, a hug or touch can reduce people's anxiety. It fills the people with new positive energy so that an individual could feel safe.

A study has proved that even a teddy bear's touch can reduce the fear in an individual and feel comfortable for the existence. Isn't it amazing? So, whenever you feel terrible, find the closest one around you, and have a hug. Indeed you will feel relaxed.

2) Hugs Helps You Reduce Your Pain

A hug is a therapy that is perfect for each type of problem. Whether you are happy, sad, upset, excited, or in pain, a hug can relieve your pain from you and fill the confidence and relaxation in you.

As per a survey, there were eight people with Fibromyalgia; they had six therapeutic therapy. In the end, the result was surprising.

After the treatment, it was proved that the persons were from their pain due to touch therapy. Hug works in the same way. It will also use as a medical treatment and indeed help you to remind your pain.

3) Hugs Helps You Communicate with Others

Hugging is a proven effective way of communicating. Communication is usually done through words or facial expressions. But, touch is also one way to express your feelings and share.

The scientist has stated that touching the various parts of the body is an excellent way to express your feeling. The feeling could be anything, such as love, kindness, gratitude, happiness, anger, disgust, etc.

A hug is a part of touching. It can be the best way to express your feeling if you do not find the right words to describe your feeling.

4) Hugs Can Make You Happier

If you are sad, upset, or demotivated, or less confident, have a hug and see the magic. A hug plays a role as a supporter. If you don't want to have a word but still want to feel full of energy, find someone, like your family or friends, and hug them.

Oxytocin, which is also called a cuddle hormone in our body, is associated with our happiness or less stress. This happens because the chemical level rises when we hug or touch someone or sit closer to anyone else.

As per research, this hormone is very powerfully effective in women. Oxytocin also acts to reduce the blood pressure and the stress chemical norepinephrine.

Another study found that oxytocin's benefits were most potent in women who had better relationships and were getting frequent hugs from their romantic partners. In women, oxytocin gives them help when they use ones that are near to them.

5) Hugs May Boost Your Heart Health

Yes! You read, write. A hug can help your heart from working effectively. An experiment was conducted. Where scientists split a few people into a group of two.

One group was asked to hold their romantic partner's hand for 10 minutes, followed by having a 20-second hug with each other.

Another group of the romantic couple was only seated in silence for 10 minutes and 20 seconds.

After the study, it was found that the people in group one showed a more significant reduction in blood pressure level. Also, their heart rate was raised as compared to the people in group two.

So, this experiment proves that a significant relationship is right for you and your heart.

6) Hugs May Protect You against illness

Hugs in reducing stress. We all know how stress can make us sick. And, a customary hug can give you relief from this illness. A hug can help you to stay healthier than the person who doesn't have it.

Once, a study about over 500 adults was conducted, and it found that a hug can reduce the chances of falling sick.

Those participants who had a more effective support system was likely to get less sick and having fewer illness symptoms. In contrast, the participants, who have less supporter of negligible, they were often ill.

This is how a hug works, so whenever you feel uneasy or not feeling well, have a hug. It will help you feel good and energetic.

7) Hugs Reduce Stress by Showing Your Support

Whenever a friend or a family member is dealing with something unpleasant or painful in life, offer them a hug. Hug will not solve their problem, but it will give them the strength to face the cult situation.

Expert says that giving a hug to the person can reduce stress and make the person feel comfortable. It will also reduce the street of the person who is doing this. So, hug works in both the side.

In one research, in twenty heterosexual couples, men were given an electric shock. While the shocking process, the women were asked to hold their husband's arms.

Experimenters found that the parts of each woman's brain related to stress showed reduced action. Whereas those parts related to the rewards of maternal behavior showed more activity.

When we hug someone, to make comfortable, these parts of the brain gives a similar response as in the experiment.

In our life, many times, a challenging situation comes where we don't want any words of sympathy. Either we are not in the position to understand them. We want someone to support us without saying a word. A hug is the best way to say, 'I am with you.'

Hug don't have any language. But it speaks many things. You can express your every emotion through the hug. Don't wait for any occasions to have a hug, either don't lose a chance for the same.

That is why, whenever we met someone, a hug is being offered to show out our happiness. Now, you know how a hug is meaningful. So, now onwards, promise yourself to collect as many hugs as you can and give as many hugs anyone needs.

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    How many hugs.jpg

    Do You Know How Important A Hug Is For Everyone? If Not, Then This opinion Will Enlighten You.

    Did you ever have a bad day, and nothing seemed to be good for you? Have you ever felt down and just felt as though things are crushing you?

    And like it feels as though everything or anything is overwhelming you at a point? But then suddenly, someone offers you a hug, and everything starts to make sense.

    All of a sudden, you feel that things are okay, and the bad things that happened on that day don't affect you that much.

    More often than not, we seem to forget the importance of a hug. The hugs that we give or receive are not a huge gesture to most of us. And people deem it insignificant or not that essential thing. But one must ask the people who have experienced the difference a hug makes in a person’s life. Only then we will come to know of its importance.

    The instant you get hugged or hug someone, the energy it produces is so much positive. Especially when that hug is between two close people or loved ones.

    Not only that, a hug contains numerous positive effects on a human being. As per scientific research, when two people hug for longer, they create hormones called oxytocin. The hormones play a role in creating a bond between those people. It is responsible for the hormonal response to love and labor. That is why you feel safe and trust by the person you are hugging. These hormones make you feel like this. Therefore, hugging is considered as one of the main parts of human development.

    Hugs are one of the best ways to comfort someone else or yourself. Those are the actions that are wordless but still create such a huge impact on us. And it is just not for comfort only. You can just hug someone if you feel like (unless you are a stranger and makes them uncomfortable. That will be creeping). Hugs never are dependent on a reason or an occasion. You can hug someone irrespective of these factors. Your hug can even create confidence in someone or cheer them up when they are feeling low. All of these apply to you as well.

    Hugs are there to make you feel good. Even scientists back on the fact that a hg makes you healthier and happier.

    How Many Hugs Do We Need A Day?

    A human needs a minimum of four hugs a day in general. When it is about your mental health maintenance, there is a requirement of eight hugs per day. And twelve hugs are required for your overall growth.

    There are no limits as to how many hugs you will need to have in a day. But if we believe the therapists and their research, then the more hugs we have, the more it is better for us. Well, the more, the merrier.

    Sadly, this has become like a privilege for us nowadays. Since we are opting to have more and more nuclear families or simply decide to live alone, we are becoming touch-deprived. This is much of a problem in western countries like America.

    Besides, it is not always considered a good thing to even touch someone who is not related to you, let alone offer a hug. These are believed to be bad signs, especially for a girl. But in order to stay happy and healthy, relieve your stress, want to make yourself better, and improve communication, asking for a hug is always a good option. Just make sure to ask from someone who at least knows you personally.

    Friends and family are always a good option to go to for a hug. Like this, you are not going to make someone else feel uncomfortable asking for a hug and will also not feel uncomfortable and awkward yourself.

    It also indicates a sign of emotional support. When you offer someone a hug, or you get offered a hug, either way, it shows the dynamics and possibility of emotional support from the person who is offering one. Moreover, it will make you trust that person and emotionally open up to them. Thus ensuring and improving your mental health as well. This is the way a hug works.

    But there are also people who do not have anybody to ask this from, such as Keanu Reeves. You are going to find people who offer this kind of social service. These people will stand in some public place and offer you hugs for free to make you feel better and comfort you for whatever hardships you are going through. And more often than not, it works wonders on people.

    What Is A Good Hug? How To Give A Good Hug?

    Now that we have understood the importance of a hug in our lives, there arises a question of what is a good hug and how to give a hug like that.

    Hugs are a great way of dealing with stress and achieving the best mental health. But it can get awkward or go wrong if you fail to do it properly. Besides, it can also lose some significance or maybe not have the desired impact if it goes wrong.

    So, it is better to know how to do it properly.

      1. Make Eye Contact

      Making eye contact can build trust for the person who is offering the hug as it is considered as a sign of a more reliable, warm, sociable, and honest person.

        2. Approach Slowly

        This means that you need to wait for a signal to know that hugging them is okay. Or else, you can make the person uncomfortable.

          3. Reading Body Language

          This is making sure that the person you are offering a hug to is accepting your hug. Or it is just simply you forcing it on them.

            4. Opening Your Arms

            This might seem a little silly and obvious, but it shows them that you are allowing them to invade your personal space and being physically vulnerable too.

              5. Taking Deep Breaths

              This act allows both persons to synchronize their breathing.

                6. Lean In The Hug

                In order to get complete benefit from a hug, you need to lean into it more. Just be more careful as to not make the other uncomfortable.

                  7. Keep The Touch Light In The Beginning

                  Many people do not like to be touched like this immediately or do not like to be touched at all. Therefore, to ensure and maintain their comfort level on this, you need to start with a light touch. Just by this, you are going to know how much okay they are to be hugged.

                    9. Being Genuine

                    Do not have an ulterior motive behind hugging someone. The only intention you need to have for offering a hug to someone is to share a moment of warmth and bond. Or maybe to comfort someone. But nothing should be expected in return.

                      9. Length Of The Hug

                      The best hug should at least last for 20 seconds. It is the minimum amount of time for the emotional and physical benefits of hugs to start working. Ending it sooner can make things awkward.

                        10. Disengage Gently

                        Once the time is deemed proper to end the hug, do it gradually. Do not do it suddenly or abruptly. If possible, end it with a light touch on the arm or hands stroking. Or even a smile will be good. Most of the time, no words are needed once it ends.

                        How Long Should a Hug Last?

                        Another thing to know here is how long a hug should be.

                        As I stated before, while hugging someone, our bodies release hormones called oxytocin. This hormone makes it possible to trust the other person whose hold you are in. These are also responsible for decreasing stress levels and anxiety, therefore relaxing us. This hormone is also known as the “cuddle hormone.” When it is released after the twenty seconds of a hug, it also lowers blood pressure and reduces stress hormones.

                        So to conclude the question, longer hugs are better for the above reason.

                        Engaging in such gestures like cuddling or hugging enables us various important positive benefits that we can’t afford to live without. Those who have been in an affectionate relationship and have been into these gestures or touching more often, they are less likely to fall sick. Hugs are also considered to be pain relievers as well.

                        Stress is not good for health and invites problems like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Hugs are a sure-shot treatment to reduce the possibilities of such problems.

                        So you can start by hugging the family members or friends that are closest to you. And then, eventually, you can be generous with your hugs too. When you are unable to lift the spirits of people close to you or are unable to help them when they need it, then the best thing you could do for them is to hug them. This one can make you both feel tremendously better.

                        Different Types Of Hugs

                        Now, it may come as a surprise, but there are different types of hugs people give. And all of them do mean different things.

                        So, let’s not waste more time and get to know what are the different types of hugs.

                          1. Side Hug

                          When two people hug each other by entwining their arms around their waist or shoulders, it is called a side hug.

                          Usually, both the people stand side to side (hence the name) and use opposite hands off each other to hug.

                          This type of hug is more commonly done by acquaintances. Basically, with people you are not comfortable with and are not completely okay with hugging them, you just do not want to be rude. It is also a sort of encouragement style adopted to encourage someone without saying anything.

                            2. Friendly Hug

                            This hug is common between friends. In this type of hug, the people involved are hugging with their arms around a part of their torso or their neck, but their lower body is not touching.

                            This clearly indicates the lack of romantic or sexual relationships or possibilities. On most occasions, these hugs are really quick to end.

                              3. The Back Hug

                              Depending on the involved parties’ relationship, this hug can be romantic or parent-child hug. The majority of the time, it is of romantic nature.

                              If it is between a couple, then it is a way of bonding and physically staying close while viewing something at the same time. It is also the greatest hug for a parent-child to exchange. It literally indicates that I have got your back.

                                4. Hugging From The Waist

                                This hug is between romantic partners. The partners’ waist is aligned facing each other, and arms are wrapped around both their waists. They can easily look into each other's eyes in this position.

                                This hug is really intimate. Also, it is a way to provide possibilities of things going further like intensely gazing into each other’s eyes or for kissing.

                                  5. Bear Hug

                                  It is like a common hug. However, it is much tighter and closer than a normal hug and is done standing. Couples can also attempt this hugging while lying. That is called a love blanket.

                                  This hug gives the feeling of being safe and feeling warm, similar to being in a womb. lose friends, romantic partners, and family members can all appropriately hug each other in a bear hug. It is one of the most satiating hugs of all.

                                    6. One-Sided Hug

                                    In this hug, one is receiving the hug, and the other is giving it while facing each other. The giver stands more firm and supports the weight of the other, squeezing them tight, who is typically limp.

                                    It is one of the most emotionally supportive hugs. It is when the receiver is crumbling and needs an anchor to hold themselves both physically and emotionally.

                                      7. Heart To Heart

                                      Just as the name suggests, the people hugging each other do it in a way that their hearts are touching first. This hug is possible both whiles sitting as well as standing.

                                      This hug is for couples who want to be intimate with each other. It is also great for people who don't like hugging but want to appease a loved one who likes physical touch.

                                      Benefits Of Hugging

                                      We have already briefly discussed the benefits of hugging on a person’s physical and human well-being. Now, let’s understand them in more detail.

                                      Reasons Why You Need To Hug

                                      Makes Heart Healthy

                                      Oxytocin is released while being embraced in our bodies. It makes us feel warm and comforted. It also makes us trust the person more whom we are hugging. Hugs can regulate our heartbeats as well.

                                      Helps You Communicate Your Feelings Better

                                      The way we touch others or physically interact with each other is one of the ways we communicate with them. Touch is a much more personal and intimate language of communication. The way we squeeze someone’s shoulder indicates our support for them without saying anything. The way we hold hands with someone shows our intentions of never letting go.

                                      Similarly, the way we hug also communicates so many emotions and messages. It shows longing, comfort, emotional or physical support, or just pure affection. In this way, it expresses so many things which can be harder to say in words. And similarly, it ensures our emotional well-being so much.

                                      Helps You By Reducing Your Stress

                                      The number of hugs is directly related to the immunity system. In today’s time, people have to deal with a lot of stress. And because of the stress, there are a lot of health issues that we are facing today.

                                      As per the researchers, the people who were more engaging in hugs frequently were getting less sick in comparison to the ones who didn't. And even if they did get sick, their symptoms were less dangerous.

                                      Hugs Provide You With Unspoken Encouragement

                                      One of the most stressful activities for people is speaking in public. A study published in behavioral medicine shows who had a twenty seconds hug from their partners or closed ones before speaking experienced lower heart rates in comparison to those who had no physical contact.

                                      It Lowers Your Cortisol Levels

                                      One of the reasons why hugging encourages participants before a stressful activity, as such public speaking, is because hugging somewhat reduces the levels of stress indicators.

                                      There are reports that support the statement that hugging manages to decrease the cortisol in our bodies that are known as stress hormones.

                                      Your Oxytocin Levels Are Naturally Boosted Through Hugging

                                      Oxytocin is a hormone in our body that is named “cuddle hormones.” This is because it is important in a relationship to develop trust, comfort, safety, and bonding between the people involved. Through hugging, your brain naturally produces oxytocin in your body. This, in turn helps bonding and strengthening a relationship. It is also associated with the better health of our hearts.

                                      Hugging Is A Form Of Pain Reliever

                                      There are a number of ways that can reduce pain in our body through hugging. The first way is that hugging releases more endorphins in our system, Which causes pain to block significantly. The second way is to improve blood circulation in our body. This also acts as a pain reliever.

                                      It Helps You Feel Less Lonely

                                      In this age of social media and technology, we are definitely more connected than ever. It is just not in a very physical way. It is no surprise that we go on without much physical interaction for a very long period of time. It is one kind of isolation. This is not healthy for us and can get us depressed over time.

                                      Oxytocin is also called “social hormones.” The release of this hormone in our body while hugging can help us fight the feeling of loneliness and isolation. It also helps you feel more connected to others and trust other people as well.

                                      It Is Helpful For You To Handle Conflict

                                      Whenever you have conflicts in your life, everything turns bad for you. You are in a mess and loss. You do not know what to do to handle the conflicts. At least you are not completely prepared for it. And you are sure to feel overwhelmed and distressed over those conflicts. And, of course, those ugly feelings overflowing in your conscience certainly don’t help.

                                      A study has found out that if you receive a hug after those conflicts, preferably from a near and dear one, then you are capable of handling the ugly emotions in a much better way. So make sure to give or receive a warm hug if you get into a fight with someone.

                                      Hugs Make You Happier

                                      Oxytocin is produced in our body when we hug someone for 20 seconds. Scientists have found that it has a huge impact on human life, especially for women. Oxytocin helps in the reduction of blood pressure and also reduces the amount of stress hormones called norepinephrine.

                                      The ones who had a strong relationship and exchanged hugs with their partner had more of an impact of oxytocin in them. Besides, their partner, while holding or hugging their infants, oxytocin had a positive effect on people, especially women. It need not be explained that positivity is so much important to live happily. So the positive impact of oxytocin in our system can be a reason for us to be more happy.


                                      Hugging has loads of physical and emotional benefits to it. It is even for the people who do not like or are not comfortable enough with physical touch or gestures. It can vary from person to person depending on the relationship, comfort levels, and intentions of the people involved in hugging.

                                      If you want to feel better about yourself, want to reduce your stress levels, improve your communications and emotional well-being, and just want to be happier and healthier, then giving hugs can definitely be a great way to achieve that.

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                                      How Many Hug Do I Need A Day?.jpg

                                      How Many Hug Do I Need A Day?

                                      You may have heard about the benefits of hugging. But what exactly does it mean to be hugged? And how often should you hug someone?

                                      Hugging is an important part of human communication. It helps us feel connected to others, and it also has physical benefits for our bodies.

                                      Here's everything you need to know.

                                      There are different kinds of hugs, and each one serves a different purpose.

                                      The Types of Hugs.

                                      One type of hug is called an "embrace" or "bear hug." This kind of hug involves putting both arms around another person and holding them tightly. It's meant to comfort someone who feels sad or scared.

                                      Another type of hug is called a "hugging" or "cuddle." This kind of involves wrapping your arms around another person and giving them a tight squeeze. It's usually done as a greeting or farewell.

                                      The third type of hug is called "pinching." This kind is similar to a cuddle, except that you just touch two fingers together instead of squeezing. It is used when you want to express affection without being too intimate.

                                      The fourth type of hug is called a shoulder hug. This kind of involves leaning against someone with your arm across their shoulders. It's a friendly gesture that lets people know you care.

                                      Finally, there's the back pat. This kind of hug involves touching someone's back with your hand. It's used to show appreciation or support.

                                      When Should You Hug Someone?

                                      There are different times when you might need to give someone a hug.

                                      Here are some examples:

                                      ● When you first meet someone.

                                      ● When you see someone crying.

                                      ● When you feel sad or upset.

                                      How Often Should You Hug Someone?

                                      It depends on who you are hugging and why. If you're hugging someone because you care about them, then you probably shouldn't wait too long before giving them a hug.

                                      However, if you're just trying to make yourself feel better by hugging someone, then you should probably wait until you've had a chance to calm down.

                                      The Benefits of Hugs

                                      There are many reasons to hug people.

                                      One reason is that hugs are good for your body. Research has shown that hugging releases oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel happy and connected with others.

                                      Another reason to hug is that it helps you stay healthy. Studies show that hugging reduces stress and improves immune function.

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                                      Hugs per day.png

                                      How Many Hugs Per Day Is Healthy for Your Health?

                                      Hugging is one of the best ways to show love and affection to someone else. But what is the right amount of hugs per day?

                                      The average adult needs at least five hugs a day. This number varies depending on gender, age, and other factors.

                                      The Right Amount of Hugs Per Day

                                      According to the American Heart Association, adults need at least five hugs a week. However, the AHA also recommends that people who are depressed should limit hugging to two times a week.

                                      Why You Shouldn't Give Too Many Hugs

                                      There are several reasons why you shouldn't hug too much.

                                      First, hugging too often can cause stress and anxiety.

                                      Second, hugging too frequently can make you feel uncomfortable because you might not know how to react when someone gives you a hug.

                                      Third, hugging too often can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

                                      Finally, hugging too often can make you feel guilty.

                                      How to Tell When Someone Needs More Hugs

                                      If you notice that someone seems to need more hugs than usual, ask them how they are doing. You can also try giving them a hug.

                                      However, if you give someone a hug without asking first, you run the risk of making them feel awkward or uncomfortable.

                                      How to Know When Someone Has Stopped Giving Hugs

                                      There are different reasons why people stop hugging others.

                                      Sometimes, people just aren't interested in hugging anymore.

                                      Other times, they might not be able to physically do so because of an injury or other medical condition.

                                      In some cases, people simply don't want to hug anyone at all.

                                      How to Stop Giving Hugs

                                      If you want to give more hugs, you should start by asking yourself how often you actually need to hug someone.

                                      You can also ask friends and family members how much they would like to receive hugs from you. Then, try giving them as many hugs as you think they deserve.

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                                      How Many Hug Do I Need A Day? .jpg

                                      How Many Hug Do I Need A Day?

                                      Hugs are an important part of our lives. They help us feel connected to others, and they also boost our immune system. So why not give them a try?

                                      Hugging is a great way to show someone that you care. It helps people feel better when they're sad, lonely or stressed. But there's no magic number for hugs per day. The best thing to do is just keep giving them!

                                      Give yourself a hug every day.

                                      You don't need to hug everyone you meet. Just make sure you hug those who mean something special to you. And if you find yourself feeling down, take a moment to hug yourself.

                                      Hug someone else too.

                                      If you're looking for a quick pick me up, consider giving someone else a hug. Studies show that hugging boosts your mood and makes you more likely to smile. It's also good for your immune system.

                                      Hug a pet or animal.

                                      There are lots of reasons to hug animals. You might think that you need to hug a human being to make yourself happy, but studies suggest that you can actually do better by hugging an animal. Animals are known to provide unconditional love and support, so they will never judge you. In fact, research shows that people who hug pets tend to be happier than those who don't.

                                      Hug a child.

                                      If you're looking for a reason to hug a child, there's no better one than because they need it. Children are naturally affectionate, and they crave hugs. It's a good idea to start with a small child, as they won't take advantage of you and you'll be able to see how much they enjoy it.

                                      Hug a friend.

                                      There are lots of reasons to hug people. You might be feeling lonely, stressed out, or sad. Or maybe you just want to show someone you care. Whatever the reason, hugging is a simple way to make yourself feel better.

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