How can you change yourself if you are not happy?

How can you change yourself if you are not happy?


Happiness is your condition of being happy irrespective of the underlying reason. Happiness is when you enjoy a pleasant state of mind carrying a positive set of emotions that could even level up from just about being happy to as much as exhibiting intense joy. When you excel at something or are satisfied, your mental well-being will feel happy.

Happiness could be the result of your own actions or is something that someone downloads to you. But, if you are looking for long-lasting happiness in life, then you have to work hard and screw your habits in a way that the results are out-pouring to your utmost satisfaction. Your habits trigger you from time to time and decide whether you should be happy or not. Therefore, first and foremost, understand what you really want and work towards in that direction, if you really want to drive home happiness in life.

You may not feel that sense of happiness for a long time in life. Here is how you can change yourself and spin towards happiness by following the below pieces of advice.

  1. Make a list of all the hobbies and habits that turn you upside down and drill you down to sadness. Break the habits that make you unhappy. Rather than adopting a new habit permanently, it is much easier to give up on an existing bad habit. Just to check yourself on this, you may start by giving up just for 21 days. The very moment when you start adopting this, you reap happiness. Above all, you realize that on day 22, you had already arrested your bad habit once for all.
  1. Don’t hang on with people who always have a negative mindset, who love to complain and crib over others all the time. Sharing a table or a conversation with such people implies you are increasing the distance between you and your happiness. So, always engage yourself either with like-minded individuals or with those who are better off than you and who truly inspire you towards betterment in life.
  1. Be more sociable. Expand your network of people. Reach out to more individuals and exchange conversations. You will be a lot more relieved and refreshed. You will welcome new thoughts and ideas. New, you will begin to think afresh as if just born to rule the world. Your happiness will increase manifold. You will start looking at your life from a different perspective. You will launch to turn all passing by opportunities towards you.
  1. Work with a positive mindset. Do exercise, do yoga, do meditation, do fitness, or do anything else that unleashes the hidden positivity in you. Remember that you are born with a positive mindset already, just that you have to dig deep to bring it up to the surface. Once you turn to be optimistic, it is now time that you never look back again.
  1. When you are in a troublesome situation and your mind wagers in doubt, fix the problem first, not the blame. You may very easily make someone else responsible for this sick situation, but understand that the true reason is different. Spend time to analyze and work out the ground realities rather than just blaming someone, which is the easiest thing you could do. If you blame others for things that happened bad to you, you will be in so much pain and in an uncontrolled state of mind that you are potentially driving yourselves just in the direction which is exactly opposite to happiness. Quick fix this.
  1. You are not born to impress anyone. Don’t fake yourself to the world by wearing those in which people like to see you. Be yourself. Put on your comfort and professional outfits at work. Have a pleasing personality. Carry a smile that should come from the heart. When people like you for what you are and accept you the way you are, this is what drives happiness to your heart and home. Understand that faking doesn’t last long. But relationships do.

To conclude, you should set goals in life. Set achievable and suitable goals basis your personality trait. Set an action plan and work towards your goals. Because goals are what that give you hope for tomorrow. And tomorrow is what you look up to be happier than today.

Understand the bottom line that you cannot repair your past, nor can your anxiety change your future. The one thing which is under your total control is your present. Live in the moment, good or bad. Face and accept present moment whole-heartedly. You know that your past won’t leave you despite your countless attempts. But your future can totally be shaped by you, with your own hands. Work towards being happy today and happier tomorrow.

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