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23 body language tricks that will serve you well your entire life

1. Don't suck on your lips.

2. Use your hands while you talk.

3. Don't hide behind your hands.

4. Cross your arms—but only if among friends.

5. Keep the palms of your hands open.

6. Nod and tilt your head during conversations.

7. Take up space and don't apologize for it.

8. Keep your hands visible.

9. Plant your feet firmly on the ground.

10. Keep your coffee cup low.

11. Maintain eye contact.

12. Don't watch the clock.

13. Never slouch.

14. Adopt a firm handshake.

15. Avoid uptalking.

16. Keep your voice strong and smooth.

17. Keep things interesting and upbeat.

18. Initiate the handshake.

19. Exude confidence with the hand steeple.

20. Don't play with your hair.

21. Don't look down.

22. Strike a power pose.

23. Don't forget to smile!

The eleven ways to stop taking things personally

1. Question Your Beliefs.

2. Stop Worrying So Much About What Other People Think of You.

3. Recognize the “Spotlight Effect.”

4. Become More Confident.

5. Think: “Troll-Delete.”

6. Be Too Busy to Care.

7. Stop Giving Your Power Away.

8. Don’t Drink Poison.

9. Know your worth.

10. Let things go.

11. Don't jump to the conclusion

How to be more assertive
1. Expressing your opinion and talking directly
Assertive conduct approach in which you say what you need to mention directly, without beating across the bush.

2. Making eye contact with others
Eye contact suggests assertiveness. Avoiding eye contact is a manner to keep away from confrontation. The latter is passive conduct. Assertive conduct will even consist of effective frame language that diffuses negativity.

3. Taking responsibility for your personal mistakes
Because you get up to your beliefs, you furthermore may want to take responsibility for your mistakes.

4. Making positive everybody is on board with a decision
Assertive conduct will depart room for different people’s evaluations to make choices together.
10 skills that attract success

Here is the list of the 10 best skills that attract success.

1. Consistency

2. Listening

3. Honesty

4. Self-confidence

5. Punctuality

6. Networking

7. Excellent Communication skills

8. Time Management

9. Having Empathy

10. Adaptability

A millionarie's to-do list

1) Learn something new every day.

2) Look for new opportunities. Don't complain about anything.

3) Keep building streams of income.

4) Think for solutions, not problems.

5) Don't just save money. Try to invest money into multiple assets.

6) Track your finances regularly.

7) Don't waste time. Set a deadline for all work according to their priorities.

8) Aim high, dream it, believe it, and achieve it.

Dalai Lama defines a successful person

1. The real hero is the one who can vanquish his resentment or anger and hatred.

2. An open heart is an open mind.

3. The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation.

4. To be successful, we should try to become a better version of ourselves. We should try to improve ourselves from our previous self, not from other people.

5. The foundation of our life is the loving atmosphere of our house.

6. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

7. Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.

8. Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.

10 things to give up

1. Give up the habit of waiting.

2. Give up the excuses.

3. Give up trying to be perfect.

4. Give up doing things you know are wrong.

5. Give up feelings of entitlement.

6. Give up the relationship that wants you to be someone else.

7. Give up letting others decide what you can and can’t do.

8. Give up being a helpless victim.

9. Give up worrying about past failures.

10. Give up blaming everyone else.

Top 10 successful weekend habits

There are the top 10 successful weekend habits:-

1. They step away from their electronics.

2. They engage in physical activity.

3. They pursue a hobby.

4. They spend time with loved ones.

5. They do some good.

6. They keep their minds engaged.

7. They do something productive.

8. They actively relax.

9. They learn.

10. They do weekday prep

10 bad habits that drain your energy

10 bad habits that drain your energy are:-

1. Taking things personally

2. Holding on to the past

3. Always checking social media and emails

4. Constantly worrying

5. Entertain negative thoughts

6. Sleeping too much

7. Poor diet.

8. Complaining all the time

9. Overthinking every little thing

10. Gossiping and participating in drama

9 types of Intelligence are:-

1. Naturalist Intelligence

2. Musical Intelligence.

3. Logical-mathematical Intelligence.

4. Existential Intelligence

5. Interpersonal Intelligence

6. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence.

7. Linguistic Intelligence.

8. Intra-personal Intelligence.

9. Spatial Intelligence.

10 signs you are already successful

10 signs that we are already successful are:-

1. You love to learn.

2. You plan for the upcoming.

3. You make friends easily.

4. You have a desire to help people.

5. You have failed, but you’ve kept going.

6. You understand the power of no.

7. You wake up early.

8. You are not afraid to ask for help.

9. You know how to manage your time.

10. You don’t criticize, condemn or complain.

Why people give up - 10 reasons

10 reasons why people give up are:-

1. Expect fast results.

2. Stop believing in yourself.

3. Get stuck in the past.

4. Dwell on mistakes.

5. Fear the future.

6. Resist change.

7. Give up their power.

8. Believe in their weaknesses.

9. Feels the world owes them something.

10. Fear failures more than the desire for success.

10 signs of maturity

10 signs of maturity are:-

1. Small talk no longer satisfies you.

2. Sleep is better than going out.

3. You forgive more easily.

4. You are more open-minded.

5. You respect differences.

6. You don’t force love.

7. You accept the things you cannot change.

8. You don’t judge others easily.

9. You prefer to be silent than get into a pointless fight.

10. Your happiness doesn’t depend on others but instead on your inner self.

In life, travel through development is regularly a rough one. Like a kid maintaining a strategic distance from an immunization, we frequently stand up to lessons in character advancement. Whether fear is at the source, or we essentially savor in our combative nature, our behaviors tend to sustain into these relentless characters — which, most of the time, aren’t indeed who we need to be.

10 points to make progress

There are 10 points to make progress are:-

1. Break down big tasks and track subtasks.

2. Track your time.

3. Track your energy.

4. Track your progress.

5. Write in a Journal

6. Practice gratitude

7. Practice visualization

8. Find an accountability

9. Use your values for decision making

10. Know yourself

Everybody needs to advance, whether in life or trade. Possibly you need to memorize unused things. Maybe you've set certain objectives for yourself and need to remain on track while working toward, and in the long run, meeting, those goals. Perhaps you have got an enormous dream you need to fulfill.

10 points of rich mentality
No matter how much cash you gain, you'll continuously be destitute in case you spend more than you make.

10 points of rich mentality are:-
1. Have a financial growth mindset.
2. Network with other successful people.
3. Get outside your comfort zone.
4. Create multiple income flows.
5. Invest wisely.
6. Take calculated risks.
7. Focus on self-improvement.
8. Never completely retire.
9. Avoid overspending.
10. Take time to reflect.
10 points of poor mentality

10 points of poor mentality are:-

1. Spending money that they don’t have

2. Focusing on material Wealth.

3. Talking instead of doing.

4. Offering advice without any experience.

5. Never see the solution to any problem.

6. Always having an excuse.

7. Relying solely on others to reach the top.

8. Excited about work-life balance, Not work.

9. Surrounding yourself with negative people.

10. Asking for feedback but never using it.

How to build trust - 10 points
Belief implies that you just rely on somebody else to do the correct thing. You accept within the person's astuteness and quality, to the degree that you're able to put yourself on the line, at a few hazards to yourself.

There are 10 effective ways to build trust:-
1. Value long-term relationship
2. Be honest
3. Honor your commitments
4. Admit when you're wrong
5. Communicate effectively
6. Be vulnerable
7. Be helpful
8. Show people that you care
9. Stand up for what's right
10. Be transparent
10 ways to improve resilience

1. Find a sense of purpose

2. Believe in your abilities

3. Develop a strong social network

4. Embrace change

5. Be optimistic

6. Nurture yourself

7. develop problem-solving skills

8. Establish Goals

9. Take action

10. Keep working on your skills

10 ways to analyze people

How to analyze people:

1. Be objected and open-minded

2. Pay attention to appearance

3. Pay attention to people’s posture

4. Watch their physical movement

5. Try to interpret facial expression

6. Scan the person’s overall behavior

7. Notice the word and tone used

8. Watch people’s eyes

9. Don’t run away from small talk

10. Ask a direct question to get a straight answer

10 ways to become a better everyday

There are 10 ways how to become better every day:-

1. Do not make excuses

2. Let go of anger

3. Practice forgiveness

4. Be honest and direct

5. Be helpful

6. Listen to others carefully

7. Always be polite

8. Be yourself

9. Spend more time reading

10. Do exercise on a regular basis


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Positive thinking is an emotional and mental attitude that focuses on the good and expects results that will benefit you. It’s about anticipating happiness, health, and success – essentially, training yourself to adopt an abundance mindset and cultivate gratitude for your own successes and those of others.

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