9 Habits that changed your Life

9 Habits that changed your Life


A habit is that activity that you do regularly or as an addiction. Habits can be voluntary or involuntary. Habits that start at an early stage of your life are usually hard to give up, be it good or bad.

Certain habits even result in establishing greater philosophies in life. Certain other habits even end up spinning your life towards greater moments and for the betterment of not only yourself but also inspire your surroundings.

Listed below are a couple of habits that when adopted can change your life.

  1. Put yourself in the continuous learning curve.

You cannot master everything in life on your own. However, you can imbibe them and learn to spread your wings of knowledge either learning them on your own or by learning from others. But make sure you are growing by continuous learning.

  1. Develop a positive attitude.

Always start any task with the end result in mind. Visualize the completion of the work and relishing the results. This will inspire and motivate you towards giving your best in everything that you take up.

  1. Involve in arts and crafts.

Arts or crafting activity need not necessarily be a habit for you already. You can still try to put your imaginations and creativity on paper and do make some drawings. Also, try to grab some waste items and make something best out of them. Over a period of time, make this a part of your routine so that you can refresh yourself when not in a mood to do anything at all.

  1. Uplift your mood with music.

Music can for sure not only entertain you but also encourages you to rejuvenate your life to a greater extent. Of course, you have to be choosy about the type of music you pick, depending on your ambiance and schedule. When doing a monotonous job, you can have some light music or instrumental music being played around. You may at other times also listen to inspirational and motivation driven songs. With the lapse of time, music not only becomes a part of your life but also helps you change your life to greater positive possibilities.

  1. Dedicate time for wisdom in life.

You may be reading a lot of books or maybe doing a variety of tasks day in and day out. But knowledge alone will not run the show in your life. Learn life skills as to how you can conquer chaos or arrest a problem situation that not necessarily you, but someone around you might be facing.

  1. Seek timely feedback.

Whenever you do a task and arrive at a result, don’t just sit and compare your result with the desired results. The mechanism in which you try to work it out also matters. And this is something that you will not be able to assess yourself. In all such situations, preferably take feedback from others. Ask for the opinion of others who have knowledge in that area. This will improve your working style more efficiently and ultimately also improves your lifestyle.

  1. Spend time in solitude.

Every single day, give some time talking to your inner self. Listen to what your original person resting inside you has to say. Your brain may say something but your mind might read it otherwise. So, cautiously spend time with yourself and understand the pros and cons. Every task you pick up has its own effects and side effects. Watch keenly and decide appropriately. This will in turn uplift your life towards betterment.

  1. Override bad habits with good ones.

You must be having at least one bad habit in life, just like anybody else. You need to get rid of that bad habit, and the best way to crack this out is by simply replacing this bad habit with an all-new good habit. Yes, it will certainly take some time and you will have to accept the teething issues that come during the course but if you make it a point to follow it for just 21 days in a stretch, it means that you won over it now and forever.

  1. Keep yourself abreast of times.

Whatever field you may be in, you should not confine yourself to it. You have to give time to pitch into learning new areas of success and life around you. Explore all possible horizons. This will change yourself in the sense that you will now be more confident and will now have a go-getting attitude towards life and paths leading to success for the betterment of self and surroundings.

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