3 good habits that will change your life

3 good habits that will change your life


Transformation is when you are aiming to switch towards good from the bad. Transformation of life involves targeting a good life from a not so good life.

Transforming your life also implies changing your thought process, your style of action, the words you use, your faiths, and beliefs into a brand new life for the betterment of self and surroundings at times. During the process of transformation, your habits play a crucial role.

Three habits that can transform your life completely are quoted below.

  1. Give up bad habits

You may be having many habits just like anybody else in this world. Undoubtedly, you may also be having bad habits in you, because of its human tendency that we get easily attracted to bad things in life over good things.

Bad habits are costly, time-consuming, and above all, prevent you from heading towards your life ambitions. The primary reason why it is so hard to break the bad habit is that your mind is already used to it, and your brain signals for more such carvings. So, you first need to identify the causes of your bad habits.

Understand one thing that bad habits are generally the result of either stress or boredom. So, just get rid of your stress by employing good stress-busting techniques and avoid boredom by being occupied with some of the other useful tasks all the time. Teach yourself how you can arrest these causes, and your problem is half solved.

Having said all that, the underlying secret method to quitting a bad habit is to simply replace it with a new habit. But this time, be sure you choose a good habit in replacement for the bad one. Every single step that you take towards getting rid of the bad habit is actually the step that you are taking towards an all-new life. You are actually working towards transforming your life completely.

Another ideal way to seeking such transformation is by putting yourself in the company of others who do not have this bad habit in them. Join them, listen to what they have to say. Invite ideas for improvement. Be the old you, the one who didn’t have this habit during the early stages of life.

  1. Become mentally strong

Mental strength forms the crux for all the actionable items you carry out day in and day out. Irrespective of whatever goal you might have set for yourself, you will, for sure need that mental strength from within, to get there.

Whenever a pain point flashes your mind, do not get distracted. Just say it to yourself that you have something important to do now and convince your mind to schedule thinking about the pain area for later. Keep postponing your thought process about your worries. This will instill excellent mental health to you.

At times, you can also choose to switch doing your favorite tasks, like watching your favorite movie show, spending time with your loved ones, listening to your favorite music, or gardening if you like, or eating your favorite food, and enjoying nature, etc. kind of activities. The bottom line is to distract by all possible means your focus and attention from a worry mode, and sliding up towards a happy mode.

  1. Offer help

You live in a society where you have people all around. Together you all achieve success by being sociable, helpful, and cooperative to each other. Offering help to others implies not just driving home happy, but also sharing your happiness.

By helping others, you tend to build a robust relationship with the other person, and such kind of help is sure to come back to you.

Take time to smile and express gratitude to others, including strangers. If the smile comes back to you, you feel immense joy within. This, in turn, motivates you to change for a better tomorrow.

Given an opportunity, try to volunteer for some useful event. Helping strangers really makes your day. People around you may be looking for help. If you happen to encounter any such instance, just jump into the situation and offer help, though the other person may be a stranger to you.

Not necessarily help be termed in monetary aspect or physical aspect all the time, you can even offer help by giving your time and allowing them to talk. Be a good listener. Because a person who is experiencing grief may not at all times be looking for materialistic matter.

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