Good Habits for happy, prosperous, and more productive in life

Good Habits for happy, prosperous, and more productive in life


A habit is an act of yours that defines you. Habits are somethings that you do regularly, either consciously or unconsciously. Habits can be good or bad, depending on how you and your neighborhood perceives it to be.

Primarily, good habits are those set of personality traits that assess your physical and mental well-being carried out for your own betterment. Good habits are generally correlated to the levels of your self-control and self-discipline.

While motivation is something that kick starts your dedication levels for becoming better today over tomorrow. On the other hand, good habits are somethings that keep you going and maintaining and standardizing your philosophies for betterment day after day, without your conscious intervention.

You are looked upon by the world by the habits you possess. The state and quality of your life are determined by your habits.

Here are a couple of such good habits that you can choose to follow for being more happy, prosperous, and more productive in life.

  1. Begin your day with a structured to-do list. Always make it a habit that you don’t just dive into your routine without a plan in place. Prioritize your entire set of activities for the day and work in order of top priority. You feel at ease working as per plan, rather than just messing up things by multi-tasking, without a defined goal in mind.
  1. Track your progress at the end of every single day. Each day you must be doing so many varied tasks that most of them do not get closed the very same day. There may be tasks that spill over for subsequent days and need your attention. Keep a track of every such activity. Tracking helps you with being more productive and trustworthy.
  1. Set aside things that worry you. Every other day, you may have disturbing thoughts passing by your work. Remember to follow that whenever you are occupied and engrossed in your work, your worries won’t dare to flash you. Just keep doing your work with full focus and attention. This way you can trash off all the hardships that distract your mental peace and productivity at work.
  1. Take intermittent breaks to rejuvenate yourself. Do pause in between works. Refresh yourselves once in a while. Grab your favorite snack or drink to re-energize your mind and body. Get back to work with your energy levels doubled. You will be able to work more efficiently and effectively, generating more productivity and with the utmost quality.
  1. Seek help at times of need. You are just like any other person. No person is fully skilled or has that abundance of knowledge in every stream. You can be a jack of all, not a master of all. So understand that you might need a helping hand at times. It is ok to take help so long as your motive towards delivering the best results. Make it a habit and you will excel in every work that you take up.
  1. Maintain an ideation index journal. Every moment your mind wanders miles. Your every problem, every opportunity, every difficult situation, and every exploration out of the box gives you loads of ideas. You may not be able to implement all ideas but yes if you can maintain a journal and keep listing out as and when some idea strikes your mind, you will at least have the chance to look back at a later stage and try working on it.
  1. Keep an eye on your expenses. Do not spend overmuch on unnecessary items. Make it a habit to save at least 40 percent of what you earn. Savings move into investments and further multiplication of wealth. With such a wealthy and peaceful life, you will be able to spend time and resources on improving yourselves.
  1. Shop with a list in hand. Make a list of all items you need to buy. Go and grab the items that you need only and not anything that is put up on display. Plan your resource management wisely.
  1. Maintain healthy and harmonious relationships. You are a social animal and need to mingle with people around you. Offer help and seek help. Maintain robust relationships and work in cohesion to give collective useful results.
  1. Stay healthy mentally and physically. Have a proper diet. Do regular workouts. Inculcate outdoor and other brain-boosting activities. Play memory and brain games. Keep yourself fit and strong and coach yourself with good habits in life for the betterment of self and surroundings.

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