13 ways to get out of comfort zone

13 ways to get out of comfort zone


The Comfort zone is the boundary of the region within which you feel at home, safe, and at ease. By spending a longer period of time within this space, you tend to feel it to be your comfort zone. But understand that you have to get out of comfort zone and help yourself grow.

You have to come out of your comfort zone in order to explore a beautiful world that is waiting for you to come out. You enhance and improve in terms of your personality traits and behavioral attributes. You get to learn new skills and add talent to your pool of knowledge. You can let wonders work for you.

You in fact entertain and energize your life by coming out of the monotony world that you have been living in for long. You will stimulate your brain in attaining mental strength as well as good health.

Below is a list of 13 ways that you can try. By attempting and working these tips out, you will soon answer yourself as to how to get out of your comfort zone which then works miraculously back over you.

  1. Envision the results and visualize your celebrations.

In order to help yourself get out of your comfort zone and accept new challenges in life, you need to visualize the end results. And imagine the party time you are going through. This gives you enough motivation to think about coming out of your comfort zone.

  1. Understand your biggest fears and arrest them.

It is generally understood that “A known devil is always better than an unknown angel.” This is the reason, though you see opportunities beyond your strengths, you fear being contented with what you have. Therefore know your fears and curb them down first.

  1. Hold the hand of a partner who can help you during the journey.

You are scared to try something new. When you experience loneliness in traveling into a new path alone, take the help of a partnering friend who is willing to take the new path in your company. Both of you work in cohesion and drive for mutual betterment.

  1. Listen to inspirational talks and motivational speeches.

You lack the ability to get self-motivated. At times like these, inspire yourself by listening to talks and speeches delivered by successful personalities. Deploy these stimulating and encouraging lectures into your lifestyle and think new and for better.

  1. Approach with a positive mindset.

Carry positivity in mind and get out of comfort zone. Understand that there is something good or at least a learning in everything bad. With this attitude, move ahead in life to reap fruitful results.

  1. Feel good about your past successes.

Recollect and cherish your successes from the past. You are sure to live in the moment. Take the pleasure of binding yourself to these feel-good factors and move in life. Continue to repeat the process as and when needed.

  1. Try something new each day for a few days.

Not to worry about the big or small tasks, pick and do something new each day. Do something that you never did before. This drives the instinct in you to face bigger obstacles in life.

  1. Be practical in life. Put an end to the fear factor in you.

Think of fears you felt in the past. You do not fear them anymore. Because off late, you began to think about the practicalities. The same is going to be the case tomorrow with your fears of today. Therefore stay practical from this very moment itself.

  1. Travel distances to help yourself rejuvenate and rebalance your mind and body.

Switch yourself to a different geographical location. By moving to a new place, you tend to give rise to newer thoughts. New ideas and opinions and goal posts begin to get drafted in mind. All these pave the way to helping you step out of your comfort zone.

  1. Step into nature.

Spend time with nature. Spend time with plants and animals. You will soon realize how you are confining your life. By stepping into nature, you are actually stepping out of your comfort zone.

  1. Listen to music.

Listening to music rejuvenates and refreshes the mind. This also gives rise to refresh your thought process and revamp your lifestyle. You now begin to think of coming out of your comfy space and explore the world outside.

  1. Go spiritual in life.

Offer prayers to god. Engage in social activities. By releasing all your worries and fears from the mind, you tend to seek the helping hand of the eternal world. This in turn helps you to leave your comfort zone.

  1. Sit in isolation and talk to yourself.

Spend time in having a chat once a day with your inner self. Understand where you stand and what your goal post is. By listening to your heart, you define your life. And by defining your life, you work towards your well-being pulling self out of the boundaries you set it.

Understand that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This is when you arouse thoughts in mind for opening up many new opportunities in life. You even tend to challenge your past and live the moment outside your comfort zone. Thereby, you grow in life.

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    Build your mental strength and make yourself at ease when you attempt to get out of comfort zone. Help yourself by pitching into new habits in life.

    However, understand that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. You grow the moment you pull yourself into a new and uncomfortable world awaiting courageously to explore the new opportunities in life.

    Charge up yourself and try innovative things in life. Leave your comfort zone behind. And when you pick on a fresh and a different task, do not look for the outcomes or results. Work on the path first. Turn them on the fun side.

    If you fear of trying something new, do the same old thing in a different way. Expand your comfort zones and break your psychological barriers. Cross the limitations and set your mind free arresting your worries and distractions. Find below a list of 13 ways that help you get out of comfort zone and open up to a new world.

    1. Take a trip beyond your peripheries.

    Come out of your ambiance and your horizon. Explore new prospects. Check your abilities and strengths outside your sphere of activities. Unless you don’t try, you don’t really know what you are actually missing.

    1. Try a new hobby today.

    Give a spike to the creativity in you. Try out a new hobby like dancing to a tune or drawing a picture. With every dance step and crafting stroke of yours, you would want to look beyond your comfort zones. This is the simplest answer to your innate question as to how to get out of your comfort zone.

    1. Play brain games.

    Take the help of kids at home and around and understand the brain games they play. Indulge yourself for a few moments when you find the time. By exercising your brain, you will be able to handle real-time problem situations and invite challenges with a smile.

    1. Listen to success stories.

    A success story has a boundless amount of inspiration in it. By listening or reading these inspirational messages, you tend to get out of comfort zone. Look for possible ways in which you can transport such stimulating thoughts and help yourself call for opportunities beyond your comfort zone in your life.

    1. Expand your strengths.

    Identify your strong areas. Use these inherent strengths to help yourself walk beyond your comfort zones of life. Add on to your existing skills and talents in a phased manner and lose yourself off from your contentment grounds.

    1. Learn life lessons.

    You gain knowledge from education. But you gain wisdom from life. Learn such life lessons. Such a kind of coaching helps you refrain yourself from your confined boundaries. You may gain wisdom in life by conversing with elderly people and listening to their viewpoints on life, or from prints and electronic media.

    1. Enroll in a new course or training.

    Joining some coaching classes or undergoing classroom training and brainstorming workshops will all help in revising your thoughts in sticking to your comfort zone. Step out of your comfort zone as all these classes certainly cast an influence on you and help you come out of your defined space.

    1. Listen to inspirational songs.

    If you cannot give time to attending a seminar or reading an inspiring story or watching a motivational show, you may alternatively choose to listen to inspirational songs. With little or almost no exclusive investment in terms of time and money, you reap wonderful and long-lasting results. You also tend to throw yourself out of the comfort zone you are in.

    1. Pick an occasion to celebrate.

    Create an occasion and celebrate. Create ambiance. Burst out all your garbage of worries and welcome new ideas and thoughts. With fresh ideas, new goals are set. And as part of achieving these new goals, you tend to feel like you are stepping out of your comfort zone and look beyond.

    1. Organize your space.

    Organize your every belonging. Settle things down at home and also at your workplace. By creating a good ambiance, your focus improves. You begin to think big and approve your thoughts that want to wander beyond your skillset.

    1. Arrest your fears.

    Identify at a first-place what you fear of most. Understand that before you fear, there should be some trigger popping up. Arrest your fears by identifying and arresting these triggers. With self-esteem and boosted levels of motivation, you tend to pave way for entering a new zone.

    1. Keep your gadgets away while pursuing your goals.

    You are highly focused when you set your goals. Similarly, you should keep this momentum going till you achieve your goals. Keep off all that which distracts you from your path, especially your gadgets which always keep pulling your attention and disturbing you from the path to progress.

    1. Learn from nature.

    Nature teaches us so many lessons in life. Spend time with flora and fauna. Watch their life. Learn from them and grow for your betterment by counseling your mind to switch to newer peripheries.

    Understand that changes are inevitable in life. But nothing happens overnight. Cook up your things and give it time to reap results. Examine and re-examine your thoughts, ideas, and opinions and set yourself in the direction of progress.

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    To create something valuable, we must sacrifice something. For many, their comfort is their foremost priority. These people can only dream about success. When it comes to achieving it, they are inactive. Well, this is a serious problem that needs supervision. Therefore, this post will ease your effort to a great extent. It reveals to you 7 effective ways to get out of your comfort zone.


    Everything starts will a small step. So, make the effort to put this step forward. A large proportion of people have become lethargic. Gradually, this has turned out to be a social issue. Hypocrisy can also be an outcome of lethargy. Some people like to put their advice and opinions forward. However, this is an excellent initiative to respond. But those people fail to validate for themselves. This is the ultimate form of hypocrisy. To avoid this, start moving forward. Initially, it might be tough for many beginners. Therefore, you can be slow but, keep moving. As time passes, inactivity will be eradicated from your lifestyle. Keeping the logic in mind, proceed.


    Easy paths are traveled by ordinary people. If you want to get out of your comfort zone, choose difficulty. Doing this will break your lethargy into partial fractions. First, you will realize the toughness of life. This will create a bit of shame for you, within you. In turn, it will create a certain urge to work. However, this feeling is important to get out of your comfort zone. Secondly, tough ways will make you tougher. So, you'll be benefited next time you opt for a general way. Making you more resistive, choosing the complex path is a wise idea. Therefore, always choose the road less taken.


    If you are appointed a work, never deny it. Doing this will make you more inactive and lethargic. Besides, denial of productivity is very inauspicious. A noble human being must always deny denial. Formulate a habit of saying ‘yes’ to Once you've given your word as ‘yes,’ you'll be more conscious. For your word’s sake, you'll always move to work. And, where there is work, there isn't any place for lethargy. Besides, denial kills all good possibilities. When there is an absence of possibilities, there will be no opportunities. In turn, you won't be able to step out of your comfort zone. Therefore, never say no to opportunities.


    Chill, and get yourself ready for a thrill. To be in your comfort zone, might be boring sometimes. Since, it comforts you, to make an effort seems difficult. But life has more objectives for you outside. Like a small frog in a well, you are in the same state. When your comforts become your hurdles, it's quite tough. This is because you cling on them. And, there is no way to move further by clinging on your hurdles. Due to this reason, you need thrill in your life. Lace your shoes, grab your bags, and go for an adventure. There is a different fun in breaking your limitations. So, never miss that opportunity of having fun. Take a companion, if you feel all alone. All you have to do is experience exhilaration.


    Your comfort depends entirely upon you. It is also possible to expand your comfort zone. Let us understand with an example. For an Olympic runner, waking is his comfort zone. This is because he is an expert in the ultimate form. This makes walking, a mere effort for him. Similarly, this case is valid for you too. If you are perfect in the ultimate form, you’re expanding your comfort zone. There may be different areas of interest of many people. Irrespective of that, build yourself towards perfection. This perfection will be the main reason behind an expanding comfort zone. With more practice comes perfection. Therefore, practice in the correct procedure.


    Many are not aware that, fear can cause lethargy. Just think, how comforting it is without fear. You may be peaceful, but life isn’t. Sometimes, your worst nightmares may turn real. Where will you run that day? Therefore, you have no either option to face it. One may wonder about the possibilities. Well, it is not as easy as it seems. You have to take the proper charge of yourself. Have you ever been afraid about the past? No, you didn’t. This is because it is quite impractical. Remember, you are only afraid of the future. In other words, you’re afraid of what isn't real. Fear is when your mind keeps playing tricks. So, take a deep breath, and live in the present.


    Every human is stuffed with a unique ability. Similarly, you have an ability too. Never think yourself to be less than your rival. However, many are not aware of their abilities. As long as you don't realize, it won't work. So, rather than identifying yourself to be useless, work. The moment you are exposed to work, you're identified with your passion. This will encourage you to work more. Such encouragement will expand your comfort zone. This will also make you realize about your responsibilities. Once you are aware of that, you are lethargic free. Hence, you can be out of your comfort zone easily.


    Actually, the real essence of life can be understood outside your comfort zone. Being comforting, doesn’t mean it's safe for you. It has a firm grip over your mind. This makes you a slave of your own mind. It is the time when you are taking instructions from the mind. However, this might prove to be a very dangerous situation. To avoid that, you must idolize your favorite character. Learn the strategies they used to get out of their comfort zone. In this way, you will never feel short of any motivate on. To help yourself engaged, follow these 7 mentioned ways. Surely, you'll be able to break the bars of your comfort.

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