Finding a Good Math Tutor


If we go to the history of education, Math has always been a nightmare for some of us. Most of the students struggle a lot while studying mathematics. They give up too soon thinking that it's not something that in which they can be a master. But in fact, it is only a state of mind.

Every student can succeed in the subject of mathematics with the help of good support and guide. There are many math experts, who are willing to share their knowledge with weak students. If any concept is not quite clear or if a student skips any lesson once. It is possible that students may face difficulty to understand the next or remaining topics. You will need to strengthen your base. Understand all the concepts and formulae before moving on to the more difficult problems.

Reasons for not performing well in Math:

It is okay if you are struggling to do well in math and, practicing a lot but not getting expected marks. Think about the reasons, and you will overcome this problem. There are several possible common reasons that you are not able to score well in math.

1) Lack of enthusiasm:

Math, in fact, is an interesting subject. Don’t make it a mentality that math is a boring and typical subject which requires lots of time to understand. Once you start solving problems and get correct answers. You will find, it becomes fascinating and fun to keep on solving new problems. But if you see your enthusiasm is slipping. If you are losing interest, you definitely need the help of an excellent tutor.

2) Lack of motivation:

You need to motivate yourself if you want to score well on this subject. Few of us can motivate ourselves. Maybe some of us can get inspiration from our teachers, guide, or parents. By doing this students can concentrate more on their studies. They can speed up their recent activities. Remember, no one can motivate you better than yourself. Consider what speed up you and get a tutor who uses these tips. This will definitely increase your strength and willpower.

3 Tips to Succeed in Math:

1. Be confident:

Confidence is a must if you want to achieve anything in life. Be confident that you can achieve good marks and do your best to make it true. Have a positive attitude and focus your mind on positive outcomes. Confidence is a great power that will make you more productive. It will motivate you to achieve your goals.

2. Proper schedule:

Never make it too complicated. Plan what and how to study. Make an appropriate timetable for all your daily activities. Before going to bed, make your plan for the next day. Waking up with a proper plan will make you more productive. Every day, set your target about how much you should study in a day and always try to achieve your goal. Decide how many hours you can take to reach your target. Study for the same by controlling your daily schedule and managing your time.

3. Get support from parents:

Let your parents know if you need a tutor. If already taking tuition and you do not understand the taught concept. If you need any other kind of help in your assignments. Whenever you are having any trouble in math, move to your parents, and share your problem with them. Parents will definitely help you by asking your tutor for ways to provide you support and guidance. If required, change the method of teaching. Parents can encourage their kids by giving them time to do their homework. They can provide them the right place to do their study.

Besides these, there are many other reasons that may be contributing to work as in your study.

Before finding a Maths tutor:

Before going for a search of your tutor, you must consider these relevant points. It may help you to find an excellent tutor. First of all, decide what kind of help do you need. Help with homework or better scores in your subject, or improved general skills or study skills, etc.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the right person for help. So, have a look at these points:

a) What motivates and interests you.

b) How much money and hours you can spend on tutoring?

c) Inquire with neighbors and met for an opinion.

d) Can you deal better with women or men?

e) What skills of a tutor should match your needs?

f) How many hours will you be available?

g) Do you prefer an online tutor or home tutor?

How to find a good Math tutor:

Finding a good tutor and selecting the right person to help you with your high school can be a challenging task. Once you decide that you need a tutor, take your search. You want someone who is perfect and trained. He has an excellent reputation and can provide lessons in an appropriate way for you. Some tutors are accessible at fixed timings. Whereas some others can meet with flexible timings according to the student. Before selecting a tutor for your subject, it would be helpful to follow these points:

Choose a tutor who makes Math fun:

A good tutor always makes every possible attempt to make learning a fun game. Neither he should be very strict nor very lenient for students. Try to find a friend in your tutor. Then it would be too much fun to learn and understand those tricky problems. A friendly tutor can make your word problems too easy. The tutor should adopt such ways of teaching that makes students feel like tutoring is not a punishment. Instead, it is to help them succeed in the examinations. The more a student enjoys understanding, the more he learns.

Opt for an experienced tutor:

When you are looking for a math tutor always keep in mind that the tutor's experience matters a lot. Past experience in tutoring is still recommended. When seeking out a math tutor, that experience should include the level of the material you are covering. Choose an experienced and knowledgeable tutor. If most students of a teacher are getting success in their exams year by year, select that tutor. A proficient teacher will not only answer your questions but will also solve your problem. He will cooperate more than the classroom teacher. He covers all the concepts taught in school on time. Most of all give the child a positive attitude and motivates them all the way.

Past performance of students:

Have a look at how much other student’s performance has improved in the past examinations taught by the tutor you are opting for. What methods he is using to teach a student. Contact them and find out whether the tutor uses standardized tests, results, or assessment methods to explore your weaknesses and power. Only go for a tutor if you feel that he/she will be able to help you score well in the exams. Don’t waste your time by selecting the wrong tutor.

Use an online tutoring platform:

Nowadays, the tendency of online coaching has got esteem, as it saves lots of time, energy, and money too. This is one of the best methods of study by sitting at your home. It becomes easier to short out a suitable tutor from the long list of math tutors available. If you are not finding a math tutor according to your need there are many other ways to get help online. There are a number of websites that offer lessons or videos to teach math concepts. You can also study online by a subject expert. Who will solve your problems one by one through e-mail or via video call? All you need for this is a laptop or a mobile phone and an internet connection.

Effective communication skills:

A professional tutor always has good and effective communication skills. He helps others to learn excellent communication skills. He knows how to explain the problems in the best way and solve them that meet the student's expectations. You must be comfortable with your tutor if you want to be successful.

Track your progress:

Keep watching your performance and see if your grades are improving. Be patient, and if, after a particular time, you don't see the desired improvement in your study. If you feel a negative attitude, then it is the right time to look for another tutor. Also, talk to your tutor about your past and present scores.

Free Resources:

Tutoring, especially if you do it on a weekly basis, can be too expensive. Hence, there are many free math websites that offer lessons, games, or a combination of both. There are many YouTube videos available that explain the concepts without having your money spent. Before that, it is necessary to know what you want. Then investigate the skills, experience, commitment, and personality of the tutor.

Find A Tutor Near You:

To reduce the time and travel expenses that wasted in going to coaching and coming back, the math tutoring center near to your area will be an ideal option. For that, check out the local newspapers in your city. Many good tutors list their credentials there. You can also call in your local branch of a learning center. Often, they know of students who have had success with certain math tutors. They may be able to offer some good suggestions.

Some coaching centers provide online tuition as their prime way of coaching. You can also ask your local libraries, universities, or community centers and colleges if there is any program available. Often there are weekly programs happening in many places. Try asking your neighbors, other students of your age. You can take suggestions with the academic counselor for private tutors in your area.


Determine the rate you may be willing to pay to your tutor. Charges may be different according to the locality, tutor's experience, position, and knowledge. Sometimes an expensive tutor may be a better option for you. He may be more effective in meeting your needs. Some teachers may charge less and help you understand in a better and easy way. Usually, the tough topic takes time to set. So, should be prepared for the extra payment for excess tutoring time. Beyond the cost itself, consider the payment policies of the tutor. What form of payment your tutor accepts, and when he wants it to receive. Likewise, know about their cancellation policies too. If they need prior notice or so.


Always keep in mind that the best way of learning is through practice. Practice more and more that will ensure better results. Work hard and try your best to succeed as hard work is the key to success. Math needs practice. The best teacher will provide you with a guide on how to increase distinct skills to solve mathematical problems. With the help of a good tutor, you can perceive your topic better.

Finding a math tutor online can help you overcome your problems and that too without wasting your time and money. Daily inspection is the best way to know that you are performing the best in your subject. Hence, take regular tests to measure your performance. Also, check the level of improvement in your performance.

If your search is right and you have found a good tutor. He will definitely help make you pretty smart in mathematics. And the math course will not be a challenging task for you anymore. Some of the time, small classes and single student teaching process are good to increase the advantage of math coaching. You can get a good teacher, but if that teacher is out of your timing and schedule then there is no use of it.

So, find a tutor whose timing matches your schedule. Also, if you are delaying the process of getting your tutor, you increase your risk of losing confidence. Hence, students need to be very attentive while studying mathematics. They should find a good tutor on time.

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