11 Famous failures to success stories that will inspire you

11 Famous failures to success stories that will inspire you


A success story is a report of a remarkable achievement of victory by someone or something. When you achieve success despite all odds and all the unfavorable conditions crossing your way, then you set history in your life.

However, understand that success doesn’t just come to you by luck. Success is rather achieved by putting in tremendous effort. And as part of this journey, you tend to fail many times.

Despite many pitfalls and failures, when you ultimately succeed, that is what is really looked up by the world. People get inspired by such triumphs after one or more failures in life.

11 such famous failure to success story list that will inspire you to carry on in life are jotted down below.

  1. Amitabh Bachchan, a famous Hollywood and the biggest Bollywood superstar in India. He was rejected by many film directors and radio stations in his initial days of career. He faced 9 back to back flops and also went bankrupt at one point in time. He however succeeded subsequently by a television show named Kaun Banega Crorepati.
  1. Dhirubhai Ambani hails from Gujarat, India. He began his career as a clerk, underwent a stroke in 1986 when his body also paralyzed and couldn’t support his thought process. However with his hard work and efforts, his company ‘Reliance’ came to be the first Indian company to be featured in the Forbes 500 list.
  1. Narendra Modi was born in Gujarat, India, in a very poor family. He joined politics and served for 13 years as chief minister of Gujarat. Many people however feel that he failed in terms of delivering health, education, and overcoming poverty. But he never stopped his efforts for the people. He now heads the second-largest populist country in the world. He runs the office of prime minister in India.
  1. Donald Trump from America is the fourth son of a real estate developer. He witnessed much success from failure phases accompanying his father. He faced bankruptcy in his political enterprise and looked up as a wartime president. He now heads the United States of America in the office of President.
  1. Albert Einstein was born in Germany. He failed to speak until he was three years of age and couldn’t read until he was seven. With his dedication and focus towards physics, he won the Nobel Prize in 1921. His success story is marked by the invention of gas absorption heat pump and also the refrigerator.
  1. Walter Elias Walt Disney was one of the most creative personalities on Earth. He underwent a series of painful events and failures in life. He witnessed the World War I, went bankrupt, underwent a mental breakdown, and even loss of control over his creation Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. He subsequently came to be known as the best motion picture producer in the world.
  1. Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii, to an American mother and an African father. He is looked up as a failure model in not just being considered a black, but also on the foreign policy that he laid out. He is said to be the only successful president of the USA, who was born outside America.
  1. Michael Jackson was born in a small city of Gary in Indiana. His father was a local steelworker. He failed to grow under the protection of his father and family, all along with his childhood. But this personality grew up to be the king of pop music.
  1. J K Rowling began her initial days of career facing failures on the personal front, by being a jobless single mother living off unemployment benefits. She began her career as an author and had the zeal to learn from mistakes. She is the writer of the Harry Potter series. Her write-ups are translated into 73 languages. She is the first billionaire whose main source of income is writing.
  1. Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam was born in a poor family. His father was a boat owner. He was intelligent from childhood but failed to live up to his dream of becoming a pilot. He then grew up to be the eleventh President of India and is popularly known as the Missile Man of India.
  1. Colonel Harland Sanders is a seventh-grade dropout child. He tried many ventures but failed each time. Mr. Sanders had a couple of such famous failures in his career. He then began selling chicken at the age of 40. He opened up a restaurant but his recipe got rejected one thousand and a nine times before it finally got approved. Sooner his secret recipe named Kentucky Fried Chicken became world-famous and he sold his company for 2 million dollars. His face is still celebrated in the logos even today.

Understand that age is not at all a factor to try something new, irrespective of whether you face success or failure in life. By attempting and failing, you are in a way throwing light on an approach that wouldn’t lead you to success. Therefore, there is a success even in this failure. Get inspired by your own stories and many such untold stories. To inspire others as well.

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    Motivation has the potential to boost your progress towards your goal. The best form of motivation is the success stories. It keeps you motivated and engaged for long. However, some success stories are written in history's golden pages. With an engaging storyline, you'll feel as the protagonist. So, here are 8 success stories that will inspire you to the fullest.


    Who isn't familiar with ‘Apple,’ one of the world's renowned companies? Well, there is an inspiring story behind this billion-dollar industry. The founder, Steve Jobs, had a very hard time. With other 2 companions, the start-up was founded on Steve's garage. Nobody knew that this business will attain the greatest heights. Steve was fired from the company he worked previously. Later, he realized his inner potential and started working. He never portrayed failure as something bad. Rather, he made his failure to be his greatest weapon. Steve Wozniak and Roland Wayne were his companions. The relationship status between these three men was very strong. They trusted each other and joined to be the greatest digital company of all time.


    There is probably no office that runs without Microsoft. Founded on 4th April, 1975, this software designing company faced many challenges. The foundation of this company was set-up by two childhood friends; Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Long back when Bill was pursuing his degree, his talent was ignored. He was dropped out of the renowned Harvard University. Meanwhile, Paul already completed his degree in computer science. Despite being dropped out, he never wavered. But, the waves of failure was not over yet. His first company Traf-O-Data was one of the biggest failures in history. All the investments he made in 1972 were demolished in 1975. But, Bill was a man who created his destiny. Later, he joined hands with Paul. They both founded the biggest software designing company of all time. Paul and Bill are also a symbol of true friendship.


    This man is credited for the giggling of young children. Walt Disney, the most popular cartoonist of all time has tasted failure too. Series like Mickey Mouse and Donald are consequences of his determination. He wanted to join the army at a very young age. However, this idea was a total failure. In turn, he had to be a school dropout. Initially, he founded Laugh-O-gram studios. Unfortunately, this startup turned out to be a failure too. With all investments in vain, he went bankrupt. Such a tough situation gripped his life. Later, we worked in a newspaper agency called the Missouri newspaper. But, the tough times weren’t over. He was accused of low creativity, and was fired from the job. Well, this wasn’t sufficient to stop Walt Disney. In 1923, he went to Hollywood. Starting with Alice in Wonderland, he gained fame. Now, there is a billion-dollar industry operating in his name.


    If you aren't inspired till now, this story will leave you no chance. The world is indebted to Albert Einstein, the genius. His innovative and outstanding discoveries are beyond logic. Hard to believe, he faced failures too. Since childhood, he grew fond of music and logic. Till the age of 9, he couldn't speak properly. Slowly, he developed an affinity for mathematics. He found history and other literature subjects to be boring. This was why Einstein wasn't liked by most teachers. His remarks about failure is very positive. “Someone who hasn’t failed can't be successful,” he stated. This statement became a source of inspiration for all humanity. His dedication and interest in his field kept depression at bay. Discoveries like the energy-mass equivalence theory is a miracle. Finally, after crossing all hurdles, he won the Nobel Prize in 1921.


    Even the most powerful man faces failure. We all must've heard about Abraham Lincoln. He was the 16th President of the United States of America. Lincoln tasted failures consecutively in his life. Years passed and he kept degrading. It seemed Lincoln was never built for success. Standing on his feet, he started his startup businesses. But, the dark clouds of failure mongered in his life. His whole business went in loss in 1831. Depression overtook him after this huge failure. But, he managed to stay still. Five years after this incident, he went through a nervous breakdown. Even his body started to turn against him. Then, he thought to be the most powerful man on the planet. Winning a US presidential election was the only way. Well, he failed consecutively in this field too. Finally, in 1861 he was elected as the 16th President of the US. A man of unbreakable valor became the most powerful man.


    Ever watched the famous Harry Potter series? Incredible storyline, isn't it? Well, all the credit goes to J.K Rowling. Her extra-ordinary sense of imagination gave rise to the series. Out of her efforts, ‘Harry Potter’ broke Box office records. But no one knew that she faced failures too. During an event at Harvard, she described her experiences. She went through many personal trauma in her life. Her marriage was an unsuccessful one. After that, he was lonely and jobless. She couldn’t even imagine her life to be like that. Just imagine a life without a life partner. However, she managed to live that life. But her valor was stronger than her depression. Soon, the failure ignited the flame of passion within herself. This gave rise to the dynamic J.K Rowling. Like her, we must never let our heat of passion to cool down.


    Michael Jordan is probably the most popular basketball player. With a towering height, he has a towering personality too. Jordan faced difficulties since childhood. He was a player who knew the proper definition of failure. From his childhood, he had an affinity towards basketball. But, he had to pay the price for his passion. After many selection processes, he was rejected. Being short-statured in his early childhood was the main reason behind rejections. As time passed, puberty hit him. He gained an impressive height of 6’6”. Now he was back in the basketball court professionally. But, destiny had more hurdles for him. He missed over 9,000 shooting opportunities. This cost Chicago Bulls a loss of 26 matches. With heavy criticism, he thought to quit. Later, he realized that he was made for the game. With immense practice, he resigned from the lost fame. History won't forget Michael Jordan, one of the finest sportsmen.


    Back in the 1930s, the Bajaj franchise was founded by Jamnalaal Bajaj. This company manufactures two and three-wheelers in India. During the 1940s, Bajaj Auto become an essential part of people’s lives. Its high-performance scooters reigned the Indian market. Suddenly, there was a revolution in the Indian automobiles. The Italian and Japanese scooters started to enter the Indian market. Those companies offered more value for money options. They were able to understand the Indian market. Leaving Bajaj, people favored the foreign rivals. Time passed and Bajaj’s sale figures dropped. The company was on the verge of extinction. At that time, Rajiv Bajaj was the heir of the company. He created a wise plan to attract the customers. In 2001, Bajaj launched bikes instead of scooters. The company named the bikes as 'Pulsar.' These bikes were faster than its rivals and more fuel-efficient. Soon, Bajaj regained its former glory. This was possible because of the utmost dedication. Now in 2020, Bajaj is India's largest two-wheeler manufacturing company.


    There are instances in life where all hope is kindled. There will be no path visible. This is the time to get motivated. There was a great teacher who lived in the 3rd century BCE. He was a philosopher, economist, and a royal advisor to King Chandragupta Maurya. He stated, “Your life will be too small to learn from mistakes.” Well, this might sound impractical to many. He also stated, “Therefore, make a habit to learn from others' mistakes.” With this statement, the context seems logical. Learning from success stories is the same. We have an idea of the possible mistakes. If we are aware of these, mistakes will be less. In turn, there will be less chances of failure. Therefore, we must learn from their valor and courage.

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