English Grammar help and resources online

English Grammar help and resources online


Grammar forms the part and parcel of our lives. English is the language we come across several times every day. Whether it is drafting a letter or giving office presentation, we need to have proper command over the English language. A single grammatical mistake is a speech that can cause embarrassment and hence, you must be well versed with English grammar basics. Without learning basic grammar rules, you cannot succeed in becoming a master of English.

Until now, we had been learning grammar from books like Wren & Martin and others. But now, you have the comfort of e-learning which is nothing but internet learning. You can learn English grammar rules on various sites for free of charge.

How is Grammar important in your life?

Grammar is the base of the language. Without the knowledge of words, spellings, and pronunciations, you can make silly mistakes while speaking to others. Books might sound boring to learn grammar but when it comes to the internet, every student will love to study the grammar basics. Besides gaining expertise in English, grammar can help in many other ways.

Today, students, as well as office employees, prefer online English tutoring sites over thick grammar books. There are several online English sites and resources which help you in learning grammar.

Let us discuss the benefits of online Grammar tools and resources.

1.) Learn with comfort

Attending English lectures is quite a boring task for students. Instead of that, you can learn online English speaking course at home. Learning through online resources will create a more comfortable atmosphere. This will increase your concentration and you will gain an interest in the activity. You can even take a short break in mid of tutorials. Moreover, online tutoring classes will give you the flexibility to choose the timings.

2) Cost-effective method of learning

The Internet is the most affordable thing we can use to learn English grammar. While classroom courses charge you heavily for learning English grammar basics, online sites will give you free tutorials.

3) A playful way of learning

If you want to improve in English grammar, you should solve English grammar exercises available on the sites. Such online sites introduce the latest and interesting ways to make the subject more engaging for students.

There are various quizzes and games to check your knowledge of grammar. Joining classroom courses are not as fascinating as online English courses. In addition to this, students will get a better understanding of each concept.

4) Stress-free learning

We must have seen that students are not open to question their teachers in classrooms. Well, students do not feel hesitation anymore in online learning. As per the studies, the students feel easier to ask their doubts through the internet.

Furthermore, students get motivation by giving an English grammar online test. They can freely ask their doubts so that tutors will solve them clearly. Additionally, students will also ask for more information on new topics and concepts of English grammar.

15 sites to learn English grammar online

If you search the internet for some of the best English sites, there are many of them. But not all have the important tools and resources for students.

So, after checking all English online sites, we have listed a few of them below:

15 sites to learn English Grammar online


This is not a familiar one but still, it can work for those who want to learn grammar basics. This site has some similarities to other sites while some features are whole different ones from others. By giving you English grammar exercises, this site also provides other resources. It contains many tips on how to improve English with easy methods.

Additionally, this site will connect you to other grammar learners. You can discuss the different grammar exercises. The user interface of UsingEnglish.com is very simple and you can get different categories too.

UsingEnglish grammar exercises

Grammar Bytes

The next on the list is the Grammar Bytes website. It contains all grammar lessons and modules for better learning. You can also get answers to English grammar exercises. It has a decent user interface diving various Grammar terms, chapters, and modules.

You can test your English speaking skills by giving online exams. There are various notes of grammar that you can download on your devices. Furthermore, Grammar Bytes teaches grammar through online presentations. You will feel more relaxed while learning and asking your queries.

Grammar Bytes lessons


FluentU is the most convenient way to learn English grammar. It gives you the recordings to hear so that you can know the correct accent. It has a big library of videos that will help you in mastering the basics and advanced concepts of English grammar.

In addition to this, this site provides many examples to know the usage of grammar. It also has many definitions of grammar topics and terms. Hearing the videos will aid you to grasp grammar rules more precisely. You can also get many English grammar exercises and modules on this site.

Fluentu English Grammar

English Grammar Secrets

If you want a simple site for learning English grammar, English grammar secrets are the right pick. It covers all the grammar basics and advanced modules for beginners. Then it gives you regular exercises to test yourself. Moreover, you can also improve your vocabulary with the help of this site.

This site contains tips and techniques on how to improve English grammar. You can go through various lessons and exercises on this site daily. The user-interface of this site is very attractive for dividing all English grammar lessons, examples and exercises.

English grammar secrets

5 Minute English

5 minute English contains everything you need to gain proficiency in English grammar. Whether it is a school student or office employee, this site will give expert tips on grammar to all. It clearly shows all the mistakes one might make in grammar.

This site has individual grammar chapters such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, and others. You can learn various Figures of Speech and punctuation. Further, it has many exercises and assignments for beginners. This site will also give the meanings of English words and how to use them in different situations.

5 minute english exercises

British Council

The next on the list is British Council. This site makes English grammar learning more like a playful activity. It contains various means to teach grammar to students. You can solve various exercises to get a better knowledge of the subject.

Furthermore, it has many videos for grammar learners. Videos will give a clear idea of how to pronounce the words in real situations. It contains ways on how to improve English speaking skills. It trains the learners well in British English. It offers various topics of English grammar that you can select as per your choice.

British Council grammar learners

Perfect English Grammar

This is a good site to learn English grammar in an easy manner. When you visit the site, you will get each grammar topic from basics such as verbs, prepositions, nouns, and others. It further provides notes in PDF form so that you can download them on your PC and laptops.

Perfect English Grammar is one of the most excellent sites to speak and write English properly. It explains each topic in-depth and then gives you exercises to practice grammar. This site will help you in getting good marks in English paper.

Perfect English Grammar

English Grammar 101

We have been learning grammar from textbooks until now. But with the internet, you can learn grammar in a similar manner to your school classroom. English Grammar 101 is the site on which you can learn each grammar topic in textbook form.

After understanding the whole topic, you will get the exercises to solve. The length of the topics is short in order to save your precious time. This site will make English grammar interesting for the students and they can become well versed with every concept.

English grammar 101

Grammarly Handbook

Examples teach you grammar in a more professional way. On this site, you will get many examples of grammar topics. You can know how to use verbs, nouns, adjectives, and other parts of speech in sentences. This will further improve your language and you can write reports, answers, and essays easily.

Grammarly Handbook also shows the mistakes you made in writing. You can know where to use punctuation in the sentences. It has a simple user-interface so that you can quickly find what you want. By choosing the premium plan, this website will train you on how to improve your English writing skills.

Oxford English Grammar Course

This is a different site from others in many ways. On this website, you can practice grammar exercises. It has a community too where you can ask the queries. There are 3 levels on the site, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

You have to select the level. After choosing the level, the tutors will teach you every chapter. To check the knowledge, you should go to the exercise section and try to answer the questions. This will give you the confidence to solve exam papers.

Oxford English Grammar course

English Teacher Melanie

This website provides everything from grammar chapters to expert study tips. It does not confine English grammar only to the classroom but more than that. Melanie will teach English in a more professional manner by giving real-world sentences.

In addition to this, you can also get tips on how to speak English fluently. It will be helpful to you in school assignments and college projects. Moreover, this site offers audiobooks for learners. Through audiobooks, one can easily know how to use grammar in real life. You will get many other books by visiting this website.

English teacher Malanie

Alison English Grammar Courses

The interactive grammar section will engage the students. This website provides a unique style of learning grammar. It has many videos which teach you grammar topics in detail. There are many assignments for the beginners on this site. After learning every chapter, it is advisable to solve the assignment.

Many users around the world choose these courses. You can ask your doubts to others and in this way; the learning will be more entertaining for all the students.


Do you like quiz competitions? The English club will make grammar more like a quiz contest for you. It teaches you different concepts and terms of grammar. You can learn new phrases and clauses on this site. It explains grammar rules in a more convenient way.

You can get in touch with top-notch English tutors in the world. They will advise you to improve grammar by giving special tips. You will further get games and quizzes to check your performance in grammar. You can learn grammar with your friends for more interesting sessions.

EnglishClub grammar contest

English Page

The next on the list is English Page. From basic grammar rules to advanced concepts, this site contains everything. On this website, you will get numerous English grammar exercises. You can try these exercises for gaining a better knowledge of grammar.

This site will reduce the stress of memorizing every grammar rule and chapter. By solving exercises, you can practically use grammar sentences. It will further improve your speech and vocabulary in English. English Page is one of the best ways for beginners and advanced learners.

Englishpage key points

Daily Grammar

Daily Grammar is a simple yet superb site to learn Grammar online. It contains more than 400 grammar chapters from basic to final level. At the end of each topic, you will get a glossary for the revision of the contents of the topic.

This site also posts blogs to teach grammar concepts to students. It provides exercises that you can solve by using English grammar check online tools.

Learn grammar online

This site contains English grammar rules for both basic and advanced learners. It has all the chapters of English grammar such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and others. You can also leave your doubts in the comment section.

This site has quizzes and games to teach English grammar. You can improve both vocabulary and grammar with this site. Duolingo is available in the form of the app also.

Speak speak site has many English grammar rules and explanations. Besides that, the site also contains tips to improve your vocabulary. It gives you various types of exercises such as fill in the blanks and quizzes.


English grammar is not studying from a textbook but it also has importance in day to day life. Grammar plays a vital role in every task of your days such as preparing reports, speeches, and letters.

So now, you can use the following sites for learning English grammar rules and other chapters. They will create a beautiful learning atmosphere thereby making your grammar sessions more fantastic.

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