13 effective ways to improve the power of patience

13 effective ways to improve the power of patience


Patience is your ability to tolerate factors bothering you, be it internal or external. By being patient in life, you allow problems, delays, negative results, and sufferings into life without reacting in an anxious and aggressive manner.

You may have patience in you. But the same patience means different for you in handling different situations. You could be one who expresses more patience while dealing with acquaintances over strangers. You could be otherwise showing patience for things you love to do most, that those you wouldn’t want to pitch in.

Therefore, irrespective of what your nature of behavior is and what your personality trait is, you can still use the below listed 13 tips to increase your patience level.

  1. Park yourself in a calm ambiance.

You need to set yourself in a peaceful environment in order to increase the levels of your patience and tolerance towards circumstances.

  1. Practice the art of waiting.

Go and stand in waiting queues at billing counters. Master waiting to know tomorrow’s news on the television. Be blessed that with this waiting time, you actually are gifted by extra time by god. Use this extra time wisely, carefully, and consciously. Think of what next after this and plan your way ahead in life.

  1. Maintain robust relationships.

Accommodate healthy interpersonal relationships in life, to stay alive in terms of your endurance and persistence towards someone or something.

  1. Bust out your stress.

Practice stress-busting techniques to let go of all the pain you experience in life. By vacating the place occupied by stress, you get a lot relieved. Now fill this space with serenity and forbearance in handling situations.

  1. Invest time in house-keeping activities.

House-keeping and domestic activities are generally the never-ending ones. By involving yourself in such activities, you tend to develop a lot of patience in life.

  1. Stare at the wall clock and listen to the ticking sound.

Sit in front of a wall clock. Sit as close as possible setting silence all around. Now listen to how the second's hand keeps ticking and working effortlessly. Doing so will help you listen to your own heartbeat thereby improving your tolerance ability.

  1. Arrest your triggers at the first place.

Before you lose your temper, your body already warns you. Collect such firsthand information. Make a note of all these triggers. Work out ways to get rid of these symptoms first. Your levels of impatience are automatically arrested without you warning them anymore at all.

  1. Boost up your self-esteem levels.

Increase your confidence levels, by refining your skills. Have sufficient knowledge about the subject matter. Take more inputs and introspect for more insights. This way your self-esteem levels boost, improving your ability to gain the stamina to endure patience in life.

  1. Work ahead of time.

Always try to be available at least ten minutes before the schedule. Plan in a way that you do clear out tomorrow’s tasks today itself, at least one or two. You will be a lot relieved and feel free. You are now ready to accept situations the way they come. Time management is an important key to tolerance and perseverance in life.

  1. Change the approach in which you look up to things.

When something wrong happens or something didn’t come up the way you dreamt it as try to probe for the underlying reasons. Investigate from various perspectives and you will never get impatient in welcoming such situations in life.

  1. Give up on the attitude of ‘give it up’.

You cannot expect results as easy as you begin working. You are unsure of the number of steps that lead you to destiny. You might have walked for 9 miles in the dark but haven’t got your fruit of success. Still don’t give up. You never know if your very next mile in the journey has all the success in store for you.

  1. Shop online.

When you shop from an outlet, you get the item instantly. But when you shop online, you have to keep waiting until your order is delivered to your doorstep. This is a way in which you can increase your patience levels, as the delivery of the item is beyond your control.

  1. Spend time taking care of an infant or a pet.

An infant is new to the world and a pet cannot synchronize itself to all. So try spending time with them and your patience levels will automatically shoot up.

Finally, patience is something that appears simple for an outsider. But you generally undergo a lot of agony and pain, waiting for someone or something if you lack enough patience in life. Understand that waiting is a part of life.

Besides, you cannot always expect the results in your favor despite keying in an incredible amount of hard work. External factors also impact undesirable results. To overcome all these you need to have adequate patience in life. Tips to savor the same have been enlisted for you to follow and succeed in life.

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