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Gratitude! It is simply being thankful. A wonderful topic for my first blog over here. Being grateful will automatically wire our brain to find the good things that happened among the rest of the incidents of a day.

Everyday, even on the miserable days, write what you’re grateful for.

-Author and vlogger John Green

Let us say we have a really hectic, tiring, and hard day. But at the end of that, writing about what we are grateful for would get us more focused on the goods and leave out the bad outside the door.

Life gets more stressful and competitive with this era of the internet, where people share only successes online. We have too little time to worry about things that we might not have, rather than being grateful for what we have.

The best way that I follow is to write at least one thing that I am grateful for every day. It need not be anything big like a success in business or building a new home. It can be as simple as having a nice cup of coffee with your friends.

A gratitude journal is not only for tracking the things we are thankful for but also to take a look at during times when we feel like there is nothing to be grateful for. It could become a savior of hard times too, to improve the positivity within our minds.

Do not wait for a fancy journal or colorful pages to start writing; just write it down on any piece of paper or little notepads you find. When we look back at the journal months or years down the line, it would definitely show us how our brain has been evolved to see the best even during some tough times. Cherish the memories with gratitude!


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