Pursuing Happiness: Doing What Makes You Happy

Pursuing Happiness: Doing What Makes You Happy


Damn! Why always I'm unlucky? Is my happiness is on holiday?

Well, happiness is not that expensive as you think it is. Instead, it is the cheapest thing you can ever buy. Although, happiness doesn't have the exact definition for everyone. Someone gets happy, even if they get candy. While, for someone, a huge box of chocolates can't bring a smile to their face. The reason that makes you all happy differs from everyone's definition of happiness.

You can see the genuine happiness on a kid's face. They never get sad. Even if they are crying, when you bring something they love, they start smiling. And ultimately, you smile. However, being an adult only has a difference; you know the meaning of worries, and kids don't. But, in those worrying times, you should know your candy will bring a smile to your face.

Do what makes you happy. And trust me, it's not as challenging as you think. Well, this article is going to be one of your best reads as you will start realizing that happiness is as affordable as buying a candy bar.

What does happiness look like?

So, what is the face of your happiness?

Although happiness doesn't have a face, people usually give it a shape, let me say a look, and decide what will make them happy. I agree that you may get caught up in many things around you that make you forget real happiness. And, you set up something as your goal and link your satisfaction with it.

What does happiness look like?.png

For example, if you will buy a new house, you will be happy- your promotion, your car, and so on. These things make you believe that you will be satisfied only when you get all these things. And, even though these achievements make you happy, they don't last long.

Let me tell you, happiness is synthetic, that you either create or destroy. Yes, you heard it right. You are the reason for your pleasure and the end of your satisfaction. Maybe it doesn't sound sensible to you. But, your habit has the power to maintain your joy. And similarly, kill your joy. It is so simple to understand. Let me help you with this.

The happy person always keeps themselves around happy people. As they know, the negativity can kill their joy. They always prefer to distance themselves from people, who have always been sad, talk negatively, and think awful.

Happy people always get so glad in the joy of others. They don't feel jealous of someone's happiness. Neither, they talk anything wrong about anyone. As they know, these things are going to affect their happiness and not others. When you find joy in other's activities, you can be happy.

Happy people are optimistic about themselves. They never rely on others and don't make others the reason for their happiness. Well, you can't deny the fact that, as much as you keep hopes from others, you will be disappointed. And, it would help if you stopped doing it.

Again, happy people never miss a chance to praise someone who deserves it. Appreciating someone for something doesn't only pleasing for the other person, but you also feel happy. And, it is a good thing. At the same time, you should appreciate what you have. Never compare your life with others; that will make you feel the void in your life, leaving you sad.

Appreciate each element you have in your life. Maybe what you have is a dream for others. And, you are lucky to have it. Enjoy nature. It is the ultimate happiness source.

You also can find your happiness by spending money on others. And, it is a fact. Try out, giving a small treat to your friends, and see the emotion. Also, observe the feeling when your friend gives pleasure to you. And you will know the difference. Even research says that when you spend money on other issues, you are happier than spending money on yourself.

I lost my job, what should I do? I got failed, what should I do? And many more. There might be dozens of reasons in your life that make you sad. But, what you should have is a positive attitude. When you see things with a positive attitude, you start getting solutions rather than being stuck in a condition. If you lose your job, I'm not saying it's a good thing. But, even if you cry on it for the day, your job will come back to you.

So, what you do here is, try to find the solution for it. You can see what the reason for losing your job was. Was it your fault? Or, it was something another reason. If it was your mistake, you need to learn from it. Whatever the reason was, you should look at it as a motivation for getting another job with a more salary. A positive attitude teaches you a perception to look at various events.

So, let it be your choice to give a face to your happiness or not. If you give it, let it be such a face that finds pleasure in each tiny event. Else, anyway, happiness can't be filtered out from anything. It's everywhere. And it needs your point of view to look at it.

The real meaning of true happiness

As far as happiness is a pleasant feeling that enlightens your mood and makes you enthusiastic, it is also true that happiness varies from person to person. However, something like 'true happiness' has a different meaning, cause, and importance for other people.

The real meaning of true happiness.jpg

For someone, true happiness can be relaxing on a beach in Malaysia, where, for someone, losing weight can be the real meaning of true happiness. Someone can get happy on landing on their promotion they were waiting since along. This, even though the feeling is the same, the sources are different.

Happiness is not just a word, but it is an emotion everyone runs behind. No one wants to sit in the corner of their house and cry. But, instead of being realistic, you set some worldly things as the reason for your happiness. Happiness is an inbound emotion that made you bubble and delighted. It brings a smile to your face and makes it shine. If I have to say in simpler words, then happiness is opposite to sadness. And no one chooses to be unhappy.

No one can buy happiness. They can't earn or steal it. Everyone has a different outlook on it. So, let's try to know what can be the other form of happiness for others.

For an extrovert, happiness is going out with friends, having a word with others, and enjoying the company of others. Wherein, for an introvert, it can be having a cup of coffee, reading their favorite book, or watching a favorite movie.

A child may find happiness in throwing stuff all around the room. And for a rich person, it can be buying every latest gadget. For someone, it can be helping others, whereas someone may find happiness in enjoying their company.

Here in the above examples, you can the various forms of happiness. But in the end, everyone is happy with what they have or what they do. Happiness refers to forget your worries and tension and be pleased with your soul.

You should admit that, due to your busy schedule and busy life, you have forgotten the true meaning of happiness. And, these things are the simplest way to remind you that happiness is not a long journey, but it is your partner with you at your home. And, if you look for it, you will find it within you. And you don't have to look for it outward.

Do what makes you happy

As I said earlier, if you chase happiness, you won't be happy ever. Happiness doesn't come with something. Neither, it lies in something. Happiness is just a realization you need to realize.

Do what makes you happy.jpg

1. A good dose of gratitude

What it simply means is, when you show gratitude towards the other people around you, you have a sense of happiness. It may take some of your efforts to show appreciation for other people around you, but when you realize that you acknowledged someone for their work or success or achievement with the pure feeling, it makes you happy.

2. Give back

How much of your income do you donate to the noble cause? Some may do it. But, let me tell you, it's not only about contributing money to some organization or something. Giving back also refers to paying all the love and kindness back to those you receive from. Let it be your friends or family; you should give back what you take from society. It gives an immense please to you.

3. Daily meditation

Meditate daily. Meditation helps your self-realization. You can focus on your strengths and weaknesses. When you do it, you know what your muscles are. You start focusing on life aspects consciously. You improve decision-making quality. Overall, meditation is the proper way to be happy.

4. Laugh daily

It is said that "laughter is the best medicine." So, if you find a purpose to laugh daily, it ultimately makes you happy. When you laugh, oxytocin, and endorphins, the happy hormone releases. These hormones uplift you when you share an experience with others. Even when you smile, it places you in a better place. So, when you laugh, these hormones get releases to promote social connections.

5. Positive attitude

A positive attitude is the key to happiness. When you make your attitude like finding something Good in the worst situation, it gives you hope to start life again. Whatever the condition is, you see the opportunity in it. That gives you the strength to smile. Ultimately, it gives you a reason not to led down and be happy.

6. Spend time with loved ones

Whenever time you spend with your loved ones, it is the best time of your day. When you be with the people you love, it brings happiness to you automatically, and you don't need any other reason to smile. Let them be your family or friends; they are always the reason for your happiness.

7. Self-appreciation

I would say self-appreciation is a must. When you appreciate what you have, it instigates a smile on your face. Let me tell you are brilliant at painting; I appreciate your art. Not run for being excellent at study. Suppose you have a bike, be thankful for it. Maybe someone who has a bicycle is wishing to have a bike. And so on. Let it be the asset, the relationships, or the skills; appreciate them.

8. Spend some me-time

It's always the best moment when you spare some time for yourself. No comments, no judgment, no objections on your opinion; it is just you with yourself. And it is the best feeling anyone can ever feel. Of course, this feeling won't leave you alone without giving you a sense of happiness.

9. Do what you love

You always tend to do what is suitable for your family. At the same time, you start sacrificing what you love. Thus, stops enjoying your life. However, true happiness is lied to, doing what makes you happy. Sometimes, it's better to forget the world and think about yourself only. When you do this, you realize, happiness was just a step away from you. And you were hunting it around the world.

10. Do exercise

You may think exercise won't help you in your happiness, but it is the way to be happy. A study says, “Exercisers were more satisfied with their life and happier than non-exercisers at all ages.”

The secret behind it would be when you exercise, the workout releases tons of feel-good hormones. That leaves you with a sense of happiness. So, don't forget to have a session of 30 minutes of exercise daily.

11. Don't regret

Regrets kill you. It can be about the missing moment, wrong decisions made in the past, or relationships. Let them be. Even if you regret something that has happened in the past, it is not going to change. Else, it is just killing your present moment. So stop referring and enjoy the present moment.

12. Go on holiday

Who doesn't like holidays? Everyone wants to go on a holiday and enjoy their life. Sometimes it's better to take a break and relax. The holiday is the best way to do that. Select your most favorite place, and visit it. This is the best way to be happy.

13. Get rest

If you can't spare time to go on a holiday, use your weekends to get enough rest. Now, getting rest may have different forms for people. It can be simply sleeping for an entire day or watching a movie, having a body massage, and so on. Could you find a way to get rest and go for it? In the end, you will be happy.

14. Eat healthily

You might have heard that " you are what you eat." So, if you eat healthier food, it will be beneficial. And better health always invites happiness. When you eat junk food regularly, your body starts reacting in the same way. You start gaining weight and other health problems. That can never make you happy.

15. Don't care for yourself with others.

When you compare your life to others, you get disappointment only. Why are they more successful than me? Why only have they a car? Why do they have more salaries? Why are they happy? And so on.

When you compare your life to others, you forget that your book of life is different than theirs. Also, you don't know what they have gone through to achieve what they have. And so many things are enough to stop you from comparing your life with them.

16. Get your freedom

Who wants to be in a cage, like that bird you keep in your home? Not even that bird wants to be in the house, inside that cage. So, whenever they get a chance, they fly away from the cell and choose their freedom in the open air. You should find what your freedom is to fly over there and be happy the way you are.

17. Learn to forgive

When you keep someone's mistake to yourself and repeatedly repeat it, you are doing nothing but hurting yourself. On the other hand, when you forgive someone, you are simply letting go of the mistake. In short, you are erasing the bad memory that was hitting you. And now, you are left with the good memories that give you happiness.

18. Accept yourself

Self-acceptance is a must. Instead, if you accept yourself, you are the happiest person in the world. Whatever flaws you have, it's yours. And you can't deny them. When you learn the art of self-acceptance with all the scars you have, with spots, that people find irritating, no one can hurt you. And you know to be happy.

19. Enjoy the rain

How many of you like rain? Well, for many of you, it is romantic, while for some, it is the reason for sludge everywhere. However, it depends on the perspective of someone, how they look at it. But imagine yourself sitting on your balcony having a hot cup of coffee, and enjoying the rain. Amazing right? The combination of hot coffee and the rain always makes me happy.

20. Listen to music

As per the studies, music has won the title as the best way to cheer up. One can go for the exciting songs, to be happy. Surprisingly, in research, it was found that listing to sad music can make you happy. And, the study shows that 772, the person was happier after listening to sad songs. This is due to melancholy songs have more power to improve your mood.

21. Go for reading

You also can go for a read. Of course, I won't suggest you read any sad ending story. But, you can read that genre of books that you find most captivating and enjoyable. When you get involved with your reading, you start to be the story's character that impresses you the most. And, yes, reading can never disappoint you.

22. Take a walk

Take a walk with yourself. Observe people around you. Well, I always follow this tip to be happy. Especially when I'm feeling low, I prefer to go to a garden nearby my house and watch kids play, to elders having a laughter session, and also enjoy nature. Nature has the actual power to make you happy. Observe the birds, trees, animals and you can't remain sad.

23. Participate in fun activities

Fun activities may include a cultural program at your college or your colony on the occasion of any festival. You don't have to wait for someone to arrange such programs; you also can take the initiative and arrange such activities at your college or place. You will see people getting involved in the training and being happy with yourself.

24. Get into social gatherings.

Social gatherings are not always dull. Instead, sometimes, that is more exciting than you think. If you hide from being present at a social event, you miss the opportunity to collect the fun memories added to your memory files. Social gatherings may include family calls to gather, friends reunions, a function in your neighborhood, and so on. Find such events and why they are so happening for you.

25. Set goals

The feeling of setting a goal and working towards it to achieve it is the best way to feel motivated. When you are working and your mind is busy with any activity, you feel happier than being with an empty mind. And, when you start acting on your goals, you feel the ultimate happiness. And this feeling is beyond the world.

26. Write down about your feelings.

Have you ever tried to write down what you feel?

Many of you might carry a personal diary, where you pen down everything happening to you. Let it be about your first crush, your terrible memory, any accident, first achievement, and so on. When you write, it benefits you in two ways. One, you are keeping a memory of it. And other is, you are letting go of the burden you have that lightens up your stress. And makes you happy.

27. Spend money on others

It may sound stupid to you if I ask you to spend money on others. But it does work. It can be like, helping someone needy to fulfill their need. Let me say, if you see someone hungry and buy them food, you feel inner happiness. This happiness comes from the feeling of helping someone. Else, when you give a treat to others, it also can leave you with a sense of joy.

28. Spare time for friends

Friends are the best source of happiness. And their company always make you forget your worries and tension. When you are searching for joy, your hunt may always end up at your friends' food. So, call your friends, and arrange a gathering. Have a snack, and a lot of old memories, that are going to bring a smile to your face.

29. Have a party

Who doesn't like a party? Everyone does. If having a party can make you happy, then why not go with it. It's not always essential to give up on your time due to your work and ignore your party mood. When you are at a party, you forget about your stress. You only realize that you have to enjoy and be happy.

30. Be optimistic and realistic.

Humans can't stop hoping for others. Even if you take part in any competition, you hope you will be the winner. At the same time, you know, what is the reality, depending on, how you prepared for it. If you worked hard to be ready for the competition, you have a chance to win.

What I mean is, you practiced with the hope of winning. And, the realization of reality, depending on your training, indicates to you what can be the result. So, this way, you don't be pessimistic, not leave facts.

31. Keep learning

When you learn something, it boosts your confidence. As far as it is true, it also gives you the happiness of knowing something new. Although, learning is a never-ending process. And there are a lot of things in the entire world that you can't stop learning from them.

To understand this point, imagine the time when you took part in a dance competition in your school, and learn to face it for the first time. Wasn't it a great feeling? It works in the same way. And, you be happy.


If you think happiness depends on your goals, achievements, or other people you love the most, you are wrong. Yes, I agree that these things can be one of the reasons for your happiness. But, the real happiness lies within you. And it would help if you found it, which is not challenging for you. Do what you want to do in your life for the sake of your happiness. And you know what can make you happy. I hope this article helped you to understand the real meaning of happiness to you.

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  • oliver
    Oliver Walkerr
    118,139 pts

    Passionate about growth

    What makes people happy?

    It's the common perception that you look for your happiness in the external factors. Correct me if I'm wrong, you think, once you get promoted, you will be happy; once you start your business, you will be satisfied. And this once, never stop.

    What makes people happy?.jpg

    When you get promoted to the upper post, you also have more responsibilities and a higher salary. When you start your own business, you have the burden of running it and making it successful. Isn't it? So, happiness is never about accomplishing something. They can be the reason for your temporary happiness. But, can't last long. So, here I have enlisted some of the elements within people that help them be happy.

    1. Meaningful work

    Now, the meaningful refers, the work that engages you, and don't bother. You forget about the time and enjoy doing the work. A psychologist termed it as the 'flow.' Which means you get involved in a job, don't see the time. Such work can be writing, making music, gardening, practicing sports, and so on. The flow is achieved when you enjoy your work.

    2. Genuine relationships

    You have many connections in society; let them be of a family, friends, or a partner. And, somewhere, they are one of the reasons for your happiness. But, it is also true that they can't be the only reason for your enjoyment. At the same time, genuine relationships are the ideal ones that make you happy. And being with them, you feel strong mentally, which leads you towards happiness.

    3. Showing gratitude

    Try showing gratitude towards other, and watch out your feeling. I'm sure it will be one of the best feelings you ever felt. As simple as it seems, showing gratitude to anyone is essential for your happiness. Showing gratitude is a sign of a happy person. And, gratitude makes people happy unknowingly.

    4. Positive thinking

    I refer to positive thinking as the strongest trait anyone can have. When someone has a positive attitude, nothing can beat them. They have the strength to find good in the worst situation.

    This helps people to maintain their mental health and be conscious in any case. This, they are seen more with decision-making strength. A positive attitude helps you to be happy, as you can't see the worst condition.

    5. Showcase forgiveness

    Forgiveness stands in the second number when I list the traits to be happy. When you have the strength to forgive someone for their actions, it also helps you to clear up the burden you have.

    When you keep holding someone's mistakes to you, you also don't feel good and keep thinking about them. Whereas when you let go of the errors, you ultimately heal the broken relationships. And, it is the sign of your pure heart.

    6. Good health

    Suppose someone is not healthy, how they can be happy. Even if you have a chronic fever, you can't be enthusiastic like on the other days. The same principle applies to the connection of your happiness with good health.

    It is said that "a wise mind leads to a healthy body." And a healthy body leads to a happy life. If you are unhealthy for a long time and have to have medication daily, you can't feel fresh.

    7. Personal freedom

    Who doesn't like to be free? No one, right? Personal freedom is as essential as taking a breath of fresh air. If someone is restricted from doing something, they feel like being in a cage. Ultimately it affects their mind. And, if the reason is not happy, a person is not pleased. Everyone deserves personal freedom, and they seek it constantly.

    How to be happy with yourself?

    So, you finally get to the point where you realize that real happiness is waiting for you and with yourself.

    It doesn't matter how long you seek happiness in external factors; you will always find it in you. And, you are the only one with whom you can be most happy. So, here are some ways that are enough to make yourself comfortable in the presence of yourself.

    How to be happy with yourself?.jpg

    1. Appreciate yourself

    I have seen people appreciating others for their success and achievements. Whereas I hardly saw someone enjoying themselves for something. People often make complaints about what they don't have. But they never admire what they have, let it be an asset or the relationship. But, it's the golden rule to be happy is, appreciate what you have.

    2. Be with you

    You will be happier when you have your company. There can not be anyone who makes you happy. It literally can't be anyone, not your companion. When you spend time with yourself, you feel happiness beyond the world. This is the time that you are spending on yourself. And, in this time, you get space to think for yourself and about yourself.

    3. Perform meditation

    Meditation is all one practice that helps you meet yourself. Meditation allows you to start your day with a meeting with yourself. It helps you to be calm and thinking about yourself.

    It focuses more on the solution rather than on the problem. That leads you towards happiness. And, with this practice, it is you who finds the answer. Not any of the external factors. Which also means that you find your strengths.

    4. Always smile

    Always smile. A smile attracts smiling people and positivity towards you. It can be said that you are smiling would mean you are happy with what you have.

    Smiling doesn't mean you are hiding your awful feelings. Instead, it means you are dealing with them. Ultimately, you know nothing is more powerful than your inner strength. That makes you happy.

    5. Put your phone down

    The phone is a synonym for bad news. Today, everyone's pocket has a phone. And the phone has a world inside it. That also means you are carrying all the bad news happening around you.

    So, put your phone down, and spare some time for yourself. Even though the telephone brings your loved ones near you, it is not always essential to surround yourself with others.

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